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Publication Order of Thea Kozak Books

Chosen for Death (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in a Funhouse Mirror (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at the Wheel (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Educated Death (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Paradise (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Liberty or Death (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stalking Death (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Warmed Over (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Schooled in Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Comes Knocking (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Sends a Message (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Thea Kozak book series is an intriguing series of mystery, crime fiction, suspense, and thriller stories. This series consists of 8 books in total released between 1994 and 2017. It is written by an established American author of mystery novels named Kate Flora. The author has created the chief female protagonist for this series as Thea Kozak. She has described Thea Kozak as a successful businesswoman and an amateur sleuth. Over the course of the novel series, Thea Kozak is seen as indulging in several mysteries every now and then. She is always in a race to get to the bottom of the truths and unravel the mysteries. The settings of the books are done in New Hampshire, New England, Hawaii, Maine, and several other places in the United States. Other than Thea Kozak, author Flora has mentioned several more essential characters such as Helene Streeter, Andre Lemieux, Sandra Jones, Ginger Stevens, etc. Each of the books penned by Kate Flora in this exciting series is quite intriguing, thrilling, and suspenseful. They have successfully reached out to a large number of readers in many parts of the world.

Kate Flora has described Thea Kozak as a woman, who has always remained strong in her life in all sorts of situations. She has experienced the ups and downs of life from very close and has never chosen to back down in times of crisis. Thea Kozak takes great pride in knowing that she has independently turned her life in the direction of success. Usually, Thea Kozak is not known to be the one initiating a crisis, but she often ends up cleaning the messes left behind. Thea seems to have become good at it as she has had enough practice while dealing with the brutal murder of her sister and her husband’s shocking death. In times of all the tragedies, Thea Kozak has managed to keep her heart and mind intact, and has used the pain to provide help to others. Even though Thea is tough from the outside, she has a tender mind. In spite of going through several bad timings and unexpected twists & turns, Thea has not walked away from people in trouble. She has come across many dead bodies in her path, but has never looked weak or terrified. With all such qualities, Thea Kozak is portrayed as a courageous, independent, brave, and strong woman.

Kate Flora is an award winning writer of nonfiction, mystery, suspense, and crime novels. She hails from Maine and is known to have penned some wonderful novel in her literary career. So far, she has created two novel series, Thea Kozak series and Joe Burgess series. As a child, Kate used to read a lot of books by visiting libraries in Maine. She wished to create an enchanting and compelling world, similar to the ones she used to come across in the stories she read. However, Kate Flora found a different path after growing up and ended up earning a law degree. Following her degree, Kate started working in the office of the attorney general Maine. She used to take up cases involving battered and abused kids. Kate was also a Human Rights Commission representative. She believes that her career in the field of law taught her everything that needed to know as a writer of crime stories. Kate spent some years doing private law practice before taking up writing on a serious note.

When Kate Flora stayed at home to look after her kids, she quit her law career and started attempting to write stories. Kate spent the next 10 years struggling to get her manuscripts selected by editors of publishing companies for publication. Finally, it was her first book featuring Thea Kozak that saw the light of the day and there was not turning back for Kate Flora after that. So far, Kate has written and published 18 books, 13 of which are contained in the Thea Kozak and Joe Burgess series. Besides this, she has penned a suspense thriller novel under the pen name of Katherine Clark. Kate has collaborated with Roger Guay and Joseph Loughlin to write stand-alone books based on police procedurals. Her book, Finding Amy, has received nominations for Edgar Award and Maine Literary Award. It has also been optioned to adapt into a film. Kate’s short stories have appeared in a few anthologies. Her Joe Burgess books have won the Literary Award. Numerous other short fiction and nonfiction stories of Kate have been finalists for prestigious awards like Anthony, Derringer, Agatha, and Edgar. Kate Flora has founded Crime Bake, a yearly mystery conference of New England. When not writing, Kate likes to spend time in her garden, kitchen, and indulge in other exciting activities.

An intriguing novel of the Thea Kozak series written by Kate Flora is entitled ‘Liberty or Death’. The Tom Doherty publication released it in 2003. This book features the central characters as Andre Lemieux and Thea Kozak. The story begins by showing that Thea Kozak is about to get married to her long time lover named Andre Lemieux. Andre works as a state trooper and is also the one who helped to find the truth related to the death of Thea’s sister. Thea trusts Andre with all her heart, and he in turn helps her to stay strong. On the day of her marriage, Thea hears the devastating news about Andre’s capture by some unknown forces. Thea begins to investigate Andre’s disappearance and learns that he was last seen in one of Maine’s small town that is known to be the center of conspiracy theorists. The best thing that Thea could do is to wait and let the authorities carry out their job. But, she is not the one to sit back and wait for things to become well. She decides to take it upon herself to save the love of her life and overcome the adversity that seems to have threatened her safety and sanity.

Another exciting mystery of the series is called ‘Death in Paradise’. The Forge Books released it in 1998. Author Flora has set the plot in Hawaii and has described Thea Kozak at the center of a suspenseful mystery once again. The plot starts by showing Thea Kozak going on a trip to Hawaii for attending an educational seminar. Thea looks forward to this exciting trip as she not only wishes to turn the conference into a grand success, but also enjoy a relaxing holiday on the Hawaiian beaches. However, her plans get shattered when the chairwoman of the conference ends up dead. She is discovered strangled to death like a call girl. Thea Kozak tries everything in hand to prevent the conference from turning into a chaos. In the process, she learns some shocking motives behind the woman’s murder. The list of suspects grows too long and it becomes difficult for Thea to handle the pressure. With chaos spread all around, Thea realizes that she can find peace only by catching the culprit and unravelling the mystery.

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