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Publication Order of Theodore Boone Books

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer / Young Lawyer (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Abduction (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Accused (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Activist (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fugitive (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scandal (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Accomplice (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer was the first novel by John Grisham for young children in middle grade and it is also the first series about Theodore Boone. This book publication is based and centered on the alleged murder of Myra Duffy and her husband, Pete Duffy is on trial being the suspect since they had million dollar life insurance. Theodore knows the truth but is afraid to testify in case of being arrested as he is an illegal migrant. Thus, this book brings out and clearly adresses social issues such as illegal immigrants and homelessness. Theo knows the truth about the key witness and the killer is on the verge of being set free since there are complications which involve bringing the witness to court.

Theodore is an intelligent child as he disobeys rules such as hacking into computer systems to help solve crime and seek justice for the innocent. He is an average 13 year old but is obsessed with law and cannot make the future decision of whether he will be a judge or a lawyer. His both parents Marcella Boone and Woods Boone are both lawyers hence mostly dreams of being a trial lawyer one day. He also offers legal advice and referrals to his friends, classmates and adults because he is well-knowledgeable about Law and connections to other lawyers. These issues that Theo faces includes: his friend whose divorcing parents are fighting over her custody, a brother in custody for possession of drugs and another one facing family eviction and there house is being foreclosed.

John Grisham, a famous author in legal mysteries has developed subjects and plots that draw in the reader. Through john’s publication it is easy to witness how Theo wants justice to be served, the truth known and his prior knowledge to the limits and boundaries of the law. This book series enables readers to enjoy the twists and turns as they try to solve the occurred mystery and plenty of action within the book series. This book series is asset of breathe-taking dilemma. Theo is faced by the challenge of wanting to assists his friends same time remain and stay within the law. He struggles to protect his witness identity, knowing that he is at high risk of deportation but then he also wants justice to be served.

The book series is built and weaved by the author in some legal basics and students of law can be able to learn and appreciate the courtroom. It has an excellent climax towards the end of the story. Theo does not know what actions to take and he is the only person who has answers for the trial in court. He has plans of telling the truth to the illegal cousin of his friend and allow him to testify on the witness seat. Without this decision, Pete Duffy will be released though he did something wrong. To ensure justice is served, he involves his parents who are both lawyers and on the last day during trial they talk to the judge. The judge gives a verdict and decides to postpone for four months so that the witness prepares and gets more comfortable.

Theodore Boone: The Abduction is the second book in the Theodore Boone series published in 2011. Theo’s friend is abducted in Stratford and he goes out looking for her. April disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night and no one seems to have clues. As the police investigate the room, they believe that her lost cousin abducted her. Her lost lives Theodore distraught and he goes to seek advice and support from his uncle. Occurrence of lack of investigation makes Theo to use circumstantial evidence and Facebook to find Aprils real kidnapper, her father. This book is fun to read given the extreme dosage of action. it is more mature and it also deals with discoveries of an escaped convict who wants to trade information for leniency and divorced parents and entails how Theodore is a heroic character using his proper skills and knowledge to save his friend.

This novel introduces legal and social issues in a way any school class can absorb and brings out the major theme of unhappy home life, self-absorbed parents and feeling of abandonment from kids. Theodore is always trying to do right at a tender age and as a reader, he is admirable.

Theodore Boone: The accused is the third book in the series of Theodore Boones published in 2012. It opens to the murder of Pete Duffy. Theo is granted permission to be in court by his teacher and is expected to report back to class the court proceeds. This book addresses issues that affect the young including: hacking of computers, divorce in families, bullying act in schools and internet safety measures. Theodore becomes a center of a plot and is victimized with his reputation on the line. The book covers a well depicted theme and plot that is centered at the character from the beginning to the end.

John Grisham makes the law easy to understand through its relations to cyber-security and school privacy. Theodore’s locker is broken into and a set-up is made on him. Two lost laptops are found in Theodore’s locker by detectives and he knows very well he did not see them there in the morning and he also did not commit any robbery in the store. The detectives had received an anonymous tip that Theo is the thief. This book brings out the challenges that Theodore goes through which include a suspension from school which also gives him time to figure out who is targeting him. His books are easy to relate with in real life events hence making him an execeptional writer admired by various upcoming Novelists.

John Grisham wrote a fast-paced knowledgeable book series with an exciting character, Theodore Boones who is smart, likable and a hero who is self-driven and determined to always achieve the best. This book series brings out many exciting mysteries which are all realistic.

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