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Therese Anne Fowler is a popular American writer of historical fiction, romance, and contemporary stories. She is particularly well known for writing the novel, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. It was published in 2013. This novel has been adapted into a TV show by Amazon Studios and Killer Films. Actors David Hoflin and Christina Ricci have portrayed the lead roles of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald. The TV series is given the title, Z: The Beginning of Everything and was broadcast in January 2017. In addition to this, author Fowler has penned several other wonderful books in her career, including Reunion, A Good Neighborhood, Souvenir, Exposure, etc. She is happily married to novelist John Kessel and lives with him and her sons in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Author Fowler was born on April 22, 1967, in Illinois. She has always believed a good story’s magic works wonders. Fowler learned this at the age of 4 when she first started to read. Following her school studies, she indulged in various other things and shifted her focus away from academics, reading, and writing. Several love affairs also followed in between. Fowler became a single mother at the age of 30. When she realized that she needed a college degree to find a better job to look after herself and her child, she joined the college. A few years later, Fowler earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject of sociology. After this, she decided to try her hand at fiction writing instead of going for any day job. It was always her dream to do fiction-writing and had become an itch she was desperate to scratch as she felt the time was just right. But, before writing her first story, Fowler obtained an MFA in creative writing. This was followed by creating stories exploring the culture of families, their nature, mistakes of the family members, and their desires.

Fowler’s books have succeeded in entertaining a large number of readers throughout the world. They have managed to get noticed by the prominent literary critics and reviewers, who have spoken good things about them. This allowed author Fowler to establish herself in the ranks of the noteworthy authors. She looks forward to writing a lot more books to entertain the audience and continue on the path of success.

A popular book written by author Therese Anne Fowler is entitled ‘Reunion’. It was released in 2009 by the Ballantine publication. This women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and chick-lit novel is set in Key West, Florida, and features the lead characters in the roles of Blue Reynolds, Mitch Forrester, Julian Forrester, and several others. The novel follows a story of heartfelt drama involving daring passion and buried secrets. Initially, it is depicted that Blue Reynolds is the host of a celebrity talk show. She is very popular in her field and her show is at the top of all daytime TV shows. Blue is a smart, down-to-earth, and funny woman. She has a huge fan-following. The world thinks that she has achieved everything in life. But, the secret she that has kept hidden for the last 20 years is not known to anyone. If this secret comes out, it would destroy her reputation, her career, her image, and everything else that she has worked so hard to achieve over the years.

Twenty years back, Blue had given birth to a son and gave him up for adoption illegally. Since then, she has been thinking about her son and regretting her decision every day. Now, she has asked a private detective to find out her son’s location. Blue is well aware of the consequences of her action and still moves forward with the plan. For one of her on-location shoots, Blue visits Key West. There, she comes across a former lover named Mitch Forrester. Blue Reynolds agrees to help Mitch launch his TV series as a kind gesture for the affection and romance they had in the past. However, this decision requires Blue to deal with the disapproving son of Mitch Forrester, Julian. Blue and Julian have just nine years of age difference. He appears to have become emotionally battered after spending several years in dangerous places as a war photographer.

Julian finds it difficult to get back on good terms with his father, and the presence of Blue in their lives makes it even more difficult. It comes as a shock to Blue when Julian reveals that he has a desire to be with her and indulge in a passionate romance. Soon after, it is seen that scandal and serendipity collide and the story takes a surprising turn as the power of family love, self-love, and romantic love transform regrets and pain into second chances and new promises.

Another wonderful novel penned by the author is known as ‘Exposure’. It was also published by Ballantine Books in 2011. This young adult, contemporary romance novel features the primary characters as Amelia Wilkes, Harlan, Anthony Winter, and Kim Winter. The book opens by showing that Amelia Wilkes has a strict father, who doesn’t allow her to keep friendships with boys and date them. She is a talented, high school senior student and doesn’t fear the words of her father. Amelia indulges in a secret romance with a classmate named Anthony Winter. As their love deepens, they begin to envision living together forever and decide to reveal their love to their parents after Amelia turns eighteen. The secret love affair of Anthony and Amelia is known to his mother, Kim, who teaches at the same school and keeps the secret to herself. However, the romantic couple’s secret gets revealed when Amelia’s father discovers Anthony’s naked pictures on Amelia’s computer. And within a few hours, he gets Anthony arrested.

Despite the frantic protests of Amelia, her father, Harlan goes on to make Anthony’s life a living hell. He uses his influence with the media and law enforcement and wealth to label him a man who preyed on the innocence of his daughter. A zealous prosecutor tries to turn the matter into a case of ‘sexting’ and portray Anthony as a villain in the eyes of the public. Soon after, the investigation turns into something more destructive and disturbing. As the events move out of control of everyone and the story becomes national news, Anthony and Amelia take a dangerous and bold step to make things clear and bring an end to the madness completely.

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