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About Thien-Kim Lam

Thien-Kim Lam is a talented author who brings life to stories featuring Vietnamese protagonists. Her characters often break free from common clichés, offering readers a fresh perspective on diverse experiences and identities. With each tale, she constructs vibrant settings and relatable journeys that lead to satisfying conclusions. Her writing invites audiences to explore nuanced narratives that challenge preconceived notions while celebrating cultural richness.

Lam possesses a knack for creating captivating stories that are not only enjoyable but also resonate deeply with her readers. Her ability to create entertaining plots filled with humor and heart makes her books a delight to dive into. Her protagonists are crafted with care, ensuring they’re fully rounded individuals whom readers can root for. The journeys these characters embark on are both memorable and inspiring, often illustrating the power of love and perseverance.

She has a gift for storytelling that is further amplified by her skill in weaving engaging narratives that keep her readers invested from beginning to end. Her writing style is both accessible and evocative, making it easy to get lost in the worlds she creates. Her stories spark imagination and beckon the reader to follow along on adventures filled with passion and discovery. It’s this combination of engaging storytelling and her dedication to character development that marks Thien-Kim Lam as a noteworthy voice in the romance genre.

Early and Personal Life

Thien-Kim Lam’s journey as a writer began in the vibrant Vietnamese community of Louisiana, providing a rich tapestry of experiences that she draws upon in her storytelling. The distinctive culture she grew up in has left an indelible mark on her work, offering readers a glimpse into a world woven with the threads of her heritage. This background has undoubtedly played a key role in shaping her voice as an author, lending authenticity and depth to her stories.

In her commitment to the literary world, Thien-Kim Lam extends her knowledge and support to writers of color, nurturing their growth and helping to amplify their voices. As an EDSE certified sex educator, she imparts a nuanced understanding of relationships and desire into her writing, enhancing the realism and relatability of her characters. Furthermore, with Bawdy Bookworms, she boldly merges erotic narratives with playful exploration, delivering a unique experience that celebrates sensuality and storytelling.

The impact of Thien-Kim Lam’s work and her dynamic involvement in the wider writing community have attracted the attention of acclaimed media outlets. Recognition by Jezebel, Bustle, and Entertainment Weekly underscores her relevance and influence in the romance genre.

Meanwhile, being featured in Oprah Daily spotlights Thien-Kim Lam’s success and affirms her status as an inspirational figure who bridges cultures and crafts captivating tales that engage the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

Writing Career

Thien-Kim Lam embarked on her literary voyage with the publication of ‘Happy Endings’ in 2021, a book that swiftly garnered acclaim and was celebrated as the Washington Post Romance Novel of the Year. The success of her first novel established her as a fresh and vibrant voice in the romance genre, showcasing her ability to craft stories with emotional depth and cultural resonance. She continues to build on that momentum, writing stories that enthrall and delight her growing base of readers.

Lam’s subsequent work, ‘Full Exposure,’ released in 2023, was a poignant homage to her Vietnamese roots in Louisiana, artfully blending the spirit of Mardi Gras with romance. This narrative stands as a testament to her skill in creating immersive experiences that pay tribute to her personal history and community.

With ‘Something Cheeky’ published in 2024, Thien-Kim Lam’s writing career would show no signs of slowing down, as she keeps penning compelling narratives that promise to captivate readers with each new book.

Happy Endings

Thien-Kim Lam made her authorial debut with the stand-alone romance ‘Happy Endings,’ which hit shelves on April 22, 2021. The book was brought to readers through the publisher Avon. Lam’s first novel quickly found its place within the reading community, thanks to its well-paced narrative and engaging characters.

Trixie Nguyen is set on making her sex toy business thrive, proving her worth beyond the traditional expectations of her Vietnamese parents. She’s starting anew in Washington DC, but a surprise encounter with her ex, who once broke up with her via Post-it, complicates her pop-up’s success. Andre Walker didn’t expect to find Trixie in his struggling family restaurant, yet their mutual need for success ignites an unconventional idea to combine their ventures, stirring old passions.

As their businesses begin to flourish and their connection deepens, an exciting career opportunity for Trixie threatens to undo the fragile bond they’ve rebuilt.

Readers looking for a fresh voice in romance will delight in Thien-Kim Lam’s ‘Happy Endings.’ The novel captivates with dynamic characters and a plot that balances ambition with the complexities of rekindled love. The unique setting and premise offer a charming backdrop for a tale of personal and romantic growth.

Lam’s debut provides heart and heat in equal measure, making it a highly enjoyable read.

Full Exposure

Thien-Kim Lam continued her literary journey with ‘Full Exposure,’ released on February 21, 2023, as her latest stand-alone romance. The novel joined readers’ collections through Avon publishing once again. With this publication, Lam further established her presence in the genre, captivating fans and new readers alike.

Josie Parks, a dedicated boudoir photographer, takes an impromptu trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras after a cancellation leaves her questioning her creative spark. Unexpectedly, she crosses paths with Spencer Pham, a former corporate drone turned filmmaker documenting his family’s unique role in Mardi Gras history, after a parade mishap leads them to urgent care. As Spencer shows Josie the authentic side of the city, their collaboration on his documentary reveals a chemistry that challenges Josie’s methodical nature and Spencer’s easygoing approach.

With their connection deepening amidst carnival excitement, they confront the dilemma of balancing their ambitions with the unexpected romance blooming between them.

‘Full Exposure’ blossoms as a standout in Thien-Kim Lam’s repertoire, weaving romance through the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans Mardi Gras. Her adept storytelling charms readers as two creative souls, Josie and Spencer, collide in a serendipitous cultural dance. This romantic journey explores the entanglement of career aspirations and heartfelt connections with a touch of festive spirit.

Readers are sure to find joy in the delicate balance of dreams and affection in this engaging narrative.

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