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Publication Order of Third Soul Books

The Testing (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassins (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood Shaman (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The High Demon (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Child (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Outlaw Adept (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Paladin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tomb of Baligant (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Most books we read but some novels change our perspectives in a way that we can never comprehend. With an aura of awe, we look back at the books that defined our earthly views and transported us to worlds we had never imagined. These books transcend our lives and influence a generation of literary appreciation. One such series that qualifies for extensive novel review is the third soul written by Jonathan Moeller.

Jonathan draws a lot of inspiration from the role playing games he took part in while in high school. In these games, Jonathan began noticing patterns in the positions he took as he most often would be trusted to twist the narrative and define how the participants end would look like. In his novels, Jonathan leans towards contemporary fantasy where our world overlaps with another one to create a connection that only genius can accomplish.

For inspiration, Jonathan leans on literary greats including; Dave Barry, Harlan Coben, and Timothy Zahn. In the Third Soul series, the author comes out as a master at picking bits of each of the literary genius’s excellence points and weaving these into one of the most engaging series ever presented before an eager audience. He has this unique ability to engage you from the start and keep you feeding on his hands extended into the novels.

In the first book in the series: The testing, Jonathan introduces us to the world of Conclave, a dominant order of magicians who recruit Rachaelis into their craft. Rachaelis, with a veil of secrecy, must now endure the test presented to her to be accepted as a member. The testing is famed for creating silent codes among members who pass it and disappearing people who cannot endure the rigors required.

As Rachaelis suffers the pain subjected to her body and mind, she also has to contend with the tension in the city between the different classes of inhabitants including the nobility and the have-nots. Rachaelis uses her intelligence to undergo the demanding tests which feed into her soul and conscience. In the struggle to overcome the tests and wear the badge of honor, Rachaelis is forever in suspense as regards what the future holds for her she only has one option, and that is to overcome the tests since the only failure allowed is death.

If the characters must win in this series, it is due to the magic of teamwork rather than the single power woman effect you would expect in a fantasy novel. The ability to incorporate collaboration in a genre so expectant of a single towering superwoman is a definite distinguishing trait for Moeller. The character themselves are a mirror reflection of society spanning; an ambitious young student, a risk taker worn out by his adventures, and demons.

In the strict hierarchy of sorcerers that Rachaelis has to adapt to, swords are the soulful companions. The excitement packed between the covers of this book is undoubtedly promising to be dispensed with in one read as the characters develop more concrete foundations and their actual motivations are laid bare for the readers to evaluate.

The Third Soul Series moves to the assassins as the second sequel to the book. In the Assassins, Rachaelis is triumphant over the testing ordeal she had to endure in the first book. The excitement in the assassins of drawn from the enemies she made while undergoing testing. These enemies lurk in the shadows ready to pounce at the chance of killing her for the mistake of belonging to the Conclave, she must skillfully navigate life with her newfound powers.

The plot gets hazy when we realize that the assassin’s dark master is desirous of having Rachaelis alive. These orders keep her walking with her head over her shoulders in search of peace and a place to practice her new found skill. The prayers offered to the demon by the Jurgurs for her body seem to work to her disadvantage as she struggles to shake off the numerous challenges lying in wait for her at every turn. We can only commend her training and the powers she obtained from the Conclave.

The pace used by Jonathan in these series is not for the slow-hearted as thriller after thriller is unleashed with the turn of pages. The mix of swords and sorcery is fantastic in this series that is sure to keep you glued to the sofa. The revelations made are just not for the faint hearted as Corthains dad is set to work with him on the next series and hints of the villain working at the behest of the great demon are dropped. Marias analytical skills are also brought to the fore providing an investigative twist to the relationship.

In the following series, Rachaelis has set upon to track her tormentors and especially her enemy: blood Sharman Maerwulf. The aim is to ensure that she utterly destroys him before he can use her body as a vessel for his master the great demon. What she does not comprehend is the amount of force that the great beast and Maerwulf send after her. The plots get even more twisted with Rachaelis mounting a solo fight back against the mighty army.

As the series winds up, Rachaelis is forced to use the mental training she endured in testing to overcome the wrath of the great demon. This is the realization of the betrayal by Araspan, whom she discovers to be guided by corruption more than any semblance of morals. She is forced to take a risk against everything she has ever worked for and believe in so as to save Araspan.

Most of the fans of the third soul are calling for the series to be turned into a film perhaps for the excitement and thrill it promises on an audio-visual, and we only hope that the movie makers will heed this call and satisfy the wishes of the majority. The series holds the promise of an explosive thriller in particular against the backdrop of a growing fan base.

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