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This Is Crazy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Wild (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Forever (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ne jamais coucher avec un sportif: Les règles du jeu, T2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“This Is” series is a set of novels by Natasha Madison, a chick lit and romance novelist. The bestselling author is married with her own children and spends much of her time chauffeuring her children around. Despite having to run errands and do all kinds of acrobatics, she is always comfortable in her heels. She can often be found helping her husband as some sort of PA charged with scheduling business trips. Writing is something that she enjoys doing given that her characters will go and do whatever she likes unlike her children or her Labrador. “This Is Crazy” the first novel of the “This Is” series was first published in 2019, even though she had already made her name with other series of novels. She now has more than thirty five novels spread out across several series.

The “This Is” series is a spinoff of the “Something So” series and tells the stories of some of our favorite characters from those novels. They are emotional reads that tell of strong alpha men and beautiful women who fall in love with them. The stories are full of emotion and heart with themes of healing, redemption, facing obstacles and overcoming, love and romance. In “This Is Crazy,” the debut novel of the series, Zara is expecting her longtime boyfriend to make a marriage proposal but finds herself dumped and soon after sees her man waltzing with another woman. She contacts Evan, her ex and pro hockey star to go to the upcoming wedding with her. In the second novel, the chemistry is intense and the sparks fly from the moment Zoe meets Viktor. But the only fly in the ointment is that Viktor is in recovery and has been told to stay off new relationships. Zoe had also once upon a time decided she would never date hockey players but their attraction threatens to unravel everything. The third novel of the series is the story of Mark and Vivienne. Vivienne had vowed never to fall in love again after she was burned in a previous relationship. But she loves the company of men and hence has come up with rules to protect herself. But everything goes out the window when she meets professional hockey player Mark.

“This Is Crazy” the first novel of the “This Is” series is the story of Zara Stone and Evan Richards. All her life, Zara had vowed never to date a hockey player because she had seen and lived their lifestyle and never liked it. Her father is a hockey super star and her brother skippers the most successful NHL team in the United States. Her brother in law is also a notable player in the league. All the men she knew that played hockey had very complicated lives and she did not want that for a man she dated. Instead she found a scholar and was ready for the marriage proposal when he told her he was breaking up with her. Not three months had passed when she looked him up on social media and saw that he was engaged to be married and vowed not to let him get away with it. She was going to show him that she never did need him in her life. Evan Richards was just about to break his point record from the previous year to become the best player in the league and was riding a wave. But then he got a tweet from Zara Stone the hockey princess saying he should come with her to crash the wedding of an ex. He thinks it would be a fun night out with a beautiful girl and the worst that could come out of it was a public relations nightmare. He was good at games and pranks but then the crazy idea she had is morphing into something neither of them was looking for.

“This Is Wild,” the second novel of the “This Is” series is the story of Zoe and Viktor. Zoe had grown up surrounded by hockey players and one thing she never wanted to do was date or settle down with one of them. She was so busy climbing New York City’s corporate ladder as a successful realtor that icing was the last thing on her mind. She was never interested in anything that would get in her way and dating was just one of those things. Viktor was her client then he became her friend and then something else. He had always been a go-getter and got drafted third overall into the National Hockey League. He played hard but over time also got into partying hard. Things got so bad that a week after he got into rehab, he was traded. He intended to make the most of it and come out better than he was when he went in. One of the rules of his program was to keep off new relationships and he intended to keep their relationship professional until one decision late at night changed everything.

“This Is Love” the third novel of the series tells the story of Vivienne and Mark. Vivienne had vowed that she would never fall in love and she had kept her vow very well so far. She had her heart broken once and it was such a painful experience she did not want to relive it. Mark was supposed to be a one night stand like many of the other men she had been with ever since her vow but then she was back for seconds and soon after thirds. Her guard had slipped and soon after she lost count of how many times she had been with him. Mark had always been called Private Mark because he is so secretive. He had danced around Vivienne for two years until he managed to get her right where he wanted her – under him. Now that he had succeeded in his mission, he was never letting her go as he wanted to build something great with her. But how wrong he was – they were not on the same page. While she was convincing herself of the temporary nature of their relationship, he had been busy falling in love. But he is never one to give up and walk away.

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