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Publication Order of Thomas Caine Books

Thomas Caine stars in this series, that is penned by Andrew Warren (who also publishes the books himself). Andrew Warren is an enthusiast of spy fiction. This is something that came in handy while he was working on the series. The series is from the thriller and spy genres, and started in the year 2016, when “Tokyo Black” was released. It was also Warren’s first novel that he had ever released.

“Tokyo Black” is the first novel in the “Thomas Caine” series and was released in the year 2016. Thomas Caine has gone back to the shadows after being betrayed by his own handler, and then left for the grim reaper. Thomas has left his past as a CIA assassin behind. He works as a smuggler, and does not make much money at it. Mainly, he just wants to hide out from his past in the sinister underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. Thomas is set up for a crime, one he did not do, by the local gangsters. He is back in the clutches of the CIA. His masters tell him that he can either rot in a Thai prison (something that will be like hell) or he can work on a dangerous mission in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo should be much more like a neon-like metropolis. He goes on a hunt of the daughter of a CIA asset. Thomas learns that there is more to the mission than he thought. Japan’s Security Bureau, a group of rogue CIA operatives stand in Thomas’s way. Hiding in the shadows is a group called Tokyo Black, a terrorist right wing cult. They show their loyalty by burning Yakuza tattoos off of their skin. Is Thomas going to be able to shut this enemy down before they start an international conflict.

Fans of the novel enjoy the way that Andrew Warren uses realistic details (that he has warped to serve his needs) with the escapist and atmospheric styles into a great novel. By mixing the two schools of writing spy fiction, it shows the strengths of the two worlds that spy fiction has. Warren also is able to take the care and attention to the quality of writing a novel that is required. This puts him in a rare place as an indie writer. The execution of his story was a great thing. Warren has created a unique identity and feel that sets it apart from other spy novels.

“Devil’s Due” is a novella that is set before the events of the first novel in the series. It was released in 2016. Human traffickers set off a bomb in a Thai market while it is crowded. It sets off a set of events that bring Caine out of the dark. A new syndicate has kidnapped the only person that Caine swore to protect. He is going to wage a one man war so that he can get her back. Thomas has to take on the Russian mafia, as well as one criminal who is so insane that he thinks that he is the devil. Is going to be able to use the deadly skills that he has to defeat his new enemies? Or how about help out a good cop save some girls that have been kidnapped before it is too late?

This story, some readers feel, has a fast pace, and is quite a story that goes and introduces Thomas Caine. Some are impressed with Andrew Warren and how much he is able to pack into only 120 pages or so. In the story, there is no clear cut black and white, but just shades of gray. It all comes to the finish. It is a great ending that feels right. This story makes you think you know what is going to happen, but then things take a turn and go in a different direction. Andrew is able to use a tried and true formula to tell the story, but adds in his very own spin, too.

“Red Phoenix” is the second novel in the “Thomas Caine” series and was released in the year 2017. Thomas went through a lot. One thing being, was that he was forced to watch his partner be killed. He is able to find the person that did all of that to him. Revenge may be too costly for him, this time. The target tells him that Thomas’s partner had a son, who is now a young man. The son’s name is Sean. Sean finds himself in danger. Thomas is going to try to save him. To do that, he will have to go through the cities and villages in the most populated country on the planet. The People’s Republic of China. There is a dangerous conspiracy that Sean and Thomas find themselves in. Struggling against a triad gangster that is mad for power, NSA killers, and escape from a black jail. All of these are things that Sean and Thomas must do if they would like to survive. There is a deadly double agent that serves as the most dangerous enemy that Thomas has. This agent stalks them from shadows. He does not know the agent’s name, or their motives. They are one hundred percent effective at killing. Red Phoenix, their code name, is the only name that Thomas has for them. Is he going to be able to reveal the killer’s identity before they kill Thomas?

Fans of the novel find that the plot makes the read a thrill ride. You will be on the edge of your seat when reading a book by Andrew Warren. This novel shows that “Tokyo Black” was not just a fluke, but something that he can repeat with future installments. Andrew Warren really takes you and plants you into this world. His writing is very vivid and descriptive that you are able to picture the story in your mind. He does a great job researching the novel, but still giving readers a good amount of escapism to boot. The novel even features interesting characters that have depth, are well drawn, and act like real people do. Even the bad guy in this is a very human guy that is not just bad for badness sake.

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