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Publication Order of Malcom Winters Mystery Books

Heirs Apparent (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Connubial Corpse (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cosmic Killings (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Fortune (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Serendipity: Seemingly Random Events, Insignificant Decisions, And Accidental Discoveries That Altered History (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Thomas J. Thorson
Thomas J. Thorson is a mystery author best known for his debut novel Serendipity. While Thorson majored in English, he chose the courtroom instead of the pen, and for decades, the talented writer worked as a lawyer. However, the writing bug caught up with him years later, and Thorson is now concentrating on publishing more work. His other novel, Heir Apparent just like Serendipity, shows Thorson’s unique style and excellent story-telling skills. If these works are anything to go by, it is clear that the author’s future in his writing path is bright. Thorson is a father to three daughters, and in his free time, he enjoys traveling and making different ice-cream flavors.

Heirs Apparent
Heirs Apparent tells the story of Malcom Winters, a man racing to catch a notorious killer and gain his revenge. Malcom comes with a criminal past, but he decides to reinvent himself. To make this possible, Malcom gets himself a new name randomly picked from a used book store, and he takes a trip to Nashville to buy some forged documents for his new identity. In Nashville, he meets Frye, a woman who lives in Chicago. On a whim, Malcom follows her back to Chicago, and he chooses to start a new life here. Thanks to the credentials that come with his stolen name, Malcom secures a job as a creative writing professor. Everything is going great until Frye is murdered, and a cryptic message about something that happened a century ago is left on the murder scene, written using Frye’s blood.

Starting with the cryptic message, Malcom has to rush against time to try and solve this mystery. With him is his colleague Vinn, a brilliant science professor, and a chef who says that he is in witness protection for trying to kill Fidel Castro. Malcom will uncover a strange murder spree and expose himself and those close to him to the killer. Malcom and Vinn will find themselves entangled in a tight web of violence and greed, and this creates a rift between them at some point. As the tension rises, these two will realize that failure to unravel the mystery means the end for them, and there is no telling what the killers may be up to in the future. While you don’t read much of Vinn, Rebecca, and Leo, these three add a lot to the story.
The author tells this story through complicated characters, all with questionable pasts, but compelling nonetheless. Twists and turns are in plenty, and the tension between Vinn and Malcom helps add some intrigue to the story. Together with his new-found friends, Malcolm manages to unravel the mystery and deal with the killer before it is too late. The author expertly handles the killer’s identity, and the race to the finish line is quite exhilarating for all parties involved. In a writing style that is anything but ordinary, Thorson expertly weaves this intriguing story while revealing character insights and backstories in small yet potent doses.

Heirs Apparent is a thrilling story characterized by meticulous prose, a well-paced plot, and characters that will stay in your mind. The book is slightly less than 200 pages, making it perfect if you are looking for a fun, fast read. Quirky characters are in plenty as well as wonderful details about each of their past lives, choices, and loved ones. The Chicago setting is perfect, and when combined with the unique storylines, it turns this book into a memorable one.

Serendipity shows how history is filled with instances when fortune changed the course of critically important events. By highlighting different events that happened in the past, the author tries to argue that the world we see today would be different, were it not for chance, accidents, or pure luck. Each chapter in this book sets an important event in the way it happened while raising questions on how things would be different if something did not occur at just the right time. How would our world be different if some important events did not go the way they did, or did some leaders not take the steps that put them in the limelight?

The focus here is not just on major events. Thorson highlights the many times his family had to move in the course of his childhood and tries to see how different his life would be if he did not have to move as often. By reading Thorson’s story, it is easy to see the unintended consequences that come with something as simple as a move. Every person’s choices can change human history, and most of the time, the consequences are not intentional.

This book provides an entertaining and fascinating way to learn new things. Do you have an idea how the first chewing gum come about? How about the significant moments that have gone to have such an impact on our current world? Get to read about the lives of actors, writers, journalists, scientists, and statesmen and the pivotal events that have shaped their lives. This book reminds us of just how hard it is to predict the future. By chance, tragedy, or luck, our lives can change in an instant. In his impeccable style, the author pushes the reader to live more consciously since today is all that is guaranteed. It is clear that Thorson has done his homework and presented his arguments in a quirkily creative way.

Serendipity is an intriguing collection of stories that actually happened. The author turns historical anecdotes into page-turning mystery by writing about the different scenarios that would have arisen if things did not happen as they did. Do you know the connection between Hitler’s failed ambitions in arts and the person he later becomes? How about the invention of cornflakes and toys, to mention but a few? Reading these stories makes it easy to see how chance has shaped our world both at a personal and global level. Thorson narrows time periods and themes, taking the reader through different subjects and assorted eras. This is a perfect book if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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