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The Thomas Kydd series is a series of novels based on the historical fiction and adventure genres, written by the well known English author Julian Stockwin. The series consists of a total of 15 books published between the years 2001 and 2015. All the novels of the series revolve around the life of the main protagonist Thomas Payne Kydd. Set during the time of the late 18th century, it shows a young Kydd finds himself on the battleship named Duke William, where he learns all the qualities of a true soldier. Originally hailing from Guildford, Kydd had the dream of joining the Royal Navy. The series began in the year 2001 when the first novel named Kydd’ was published by the author Julian Stockwin. On the whole, the Thomas Kydd series gives an insightful and sensitive description of a normal person’s rise to prosperity, distinction and fame in the age of fighting through sailing in the sea. Kydd is shown as rising from a pressed man to a prime seaman and from the command of a crack frigate to the highest rank in the Royal Navy. The series gives an authentic sea experience of Thomas Kydd and makes the readers understand the tale of wisdom and valor. For the exclusive adventurous descriptions of the life of Kydd, the series is also known by the name Thomas Kydd Adventures. The series is still going on and it is believed that author Julian Stockwin has a projected target of writing a total of 21 novels in the series. Even though the novels are written in the form a series, each one of them can be read separately in the form of a complete story independent of the other novels of the series. The Thomas Kydd series has been written by author Julian Stockwin as a close account of the real events in the historical age of Fighting Sail and shows the gradual rise of the main character Thomas Kydd from a common pressed man to the rank of the Admiral in the Royal Navy.

The first novel of the series was published in the year 2001 by the Scribner publishing house under the title of ‘Kydd’. The plot of this novel is set in the historical era of the year 1793 and revolves around the life and activities of the main protagonist Thomas Payne Kydd. In the opening sequence of the novel, Thomas Kydd is introduced as a young man from Guildford, who used to earn his living through wig making. After some time, as the period of the Fighting Sail comes near, he gets seized forcibly by the press gang in order to work as a pressman by becoming a part of the ship Royal William which had the crew of 98 gun line of battle. After getting seized by the crew of the royal ship, Thomas Kydd is forced to go through the harsh realities and training of the fast life on the shipboard. The ship gets sailed immediately into the sea shattering all the hopes of Thomas Kydd to return back to his normal life. Despite the dangers of the battle and the difficulties of life that he goes through on shipboard, Thomas Kydd begins to admire and respect the courage and skills of the seamen. He becomes so much impressed by their hard work that he himself decides to complete the full training and become a true sailor.

The novel is unique in its own sense as the main protagonist is just a common pressed man and not any officer as shown in the most nautical fiction novels. In the beginning of the story, it is depicted by the author Julian Stockwin that all of Europe is set ablaze with war during the end of the 18th century. The Prime Minister of the country at that time, Pitt seemed to be under a lot of pressure from the highest authorities in the realm in order to prepare his naval force and make an active move in the sea. Pitt was appointed as the Lord Warden of Cinque Ports by King George III and as a holder of that prestigious position, he was responsible for the coastal defense of the country. In response to the extreme pressure that he goes through, Pitt dispatches a group of seamen to go the French coast in order to press gang the ship with ordinary people for manning the ship. And in the activity, Thomas Kydd also gets seized and is taken across the sea to be a part of the crew of the battleship named Duke William. The novel is said to have launched the unique and interesting writing talent of author Julian Stockwin. It also laid down the foundation of a thrilling series based on the real life events of the historical age of the 18th century. The dramatic events described in the novel were found to be a classic way of storytelling. It is also rich with a lot of action, page turning narration and a number of exceptional characters.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2002 by the SCribner publishing house. It was titled ‘Artemis’ and continued to show the adventurous life of the main character Thomas Payne Kydd. After the description of how Kydd was kidnapped in the first novel and forced to join the crew of the tempestuous battleship Duke William, author Julian Stockwin has written this novel to show the vengeance of Thomas Kydd as well as his thrilling naval adventure. In addition to Thomas Kydd, the novel also gives the description of another character named Nicholas Renzi, who is the sea-mate of Thomas Kydd. Both of them are required to sail to the Far East through the 18th century crack frigate named Artemis. The novel also gives an account of how Thomas Kydd’ s voyage becomes a perilous undertaking in the age of fighting sailing ships. They go through a lot of difficulties, including mutiny, shipwreck and a confrontation with a deadly French frigate, but none of them become successful in thwarting the Artemis and its crew members. Soon, Thomas Kydd receives an urgent message from his home, which threatens to end his sailing career and keep him trapped on shore for the rest of his life at the time when the real journey of Artemis was about to begin. The novel is believed to be filled with a lot of mesmerizing thrills and suspenses as well as giving a vivid detail about seafaring in the Napoleon era. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too received a lot of praises for its unique storytelling and classic narration by the author Julian Stockwin.

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  1. JohnNicholson: 2 years ago

    Let you know when I have finished my first novel. John 4💂‍♀️

  2. George shiels: 2 years ago

    A brilliant gripping series and we can’t wait for the next volume to be released. We’ve had to fill in with the Holbrook and Carlisle series and then Alan Lewrie but the three series complement each other so well. Sadly Dewey Lambdin is no longer with us so more pressure on Kydd to keep us enthralled. We could use a good nautical dictionary to make life easier

    • Vivian: 2 years ago

      I also loved these books, along with the Lambdin books. To help, I purchased a used copy of Falconer’s Marine Dictionary.

  3. barry brown: 2 years ago

    Please wait while i put down my cutlass!!, Thank you for transporting me back in time every page i read of the Kydd series. Please keep the books coming. I am on the third time round since 2005 and love collecting tgem.


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