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Publication Order of Thomas Lourds Books

The Atlantis Code (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lucifer Code (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Temple Mount Code (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oracle Code (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Thomas Lourds series is a series of well known adventure and thriller novels written by one of the reputed American authors named Charles Brokaw. It is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2009 and 2012. All the books feature the main protagonist as Thomas Lourds, who is described by author Brokaw as a world famous linguistics professor from Harvard as well as an archaeologist who is always on the lookout for thrill and adventure. The stories depicted in the books follow the adventures of Thomas Lourds as he goes on to uncover several historical secrets related to different religions with the help of ancient artifacts. Author Brokaw began writing the series in the year 2009 and also published its debut book, titled The Atlantis Code, in the same year. This book was also the debut book of the writing career of author Brokaw. As per the author’s website, the series is still going on as he is working to bring up a new book very soon. As the series progresses, Thomas Lourds is shown getting thrust into finding various ancient artifacts which lead him to uncover historical and religious secrets. The character of Thomas Lourds as a linguist professor and anthropologist was critically received with mixed reviews. After the release of the first book, the Publishers Weekly said that the readers will get their pulses racing because author Brokaw has relied more on narrow escapes and shootouts than the plausible details related to archaeology for carrying the story along. The Kirkus Reviews was reported saying that in spite of the lumbering pace, the chase scenes and excellent descriptions by Brokaw keep the readers held until the last page is turned. Several other literary magazines referred the character and the story as a fun filled roller-coaster ride. The first book’s story was compared with the likes of Indiana Jones. It was even labeled as a derivative and entertaining, but escapist description.

The initial book of the Thomas Lourds series was released under the title of ‘The Atlantis Code’. It was published by the Forge Books publication in the year 2009. At the start of the story, author Brokaw has shown that the thrill seeking Harvard professor, Thomas Lourds, and the Catholic Church’s ultrasecret branch face one another in a race to find out the secrets of Atlantis, the lost city. In the ruins of the enigmatic and technologically advanced ancient civilization seem to provide a lot of fame, power, and fortune to their discoverer. However, the civilization also holds some earth-shattering secrets related to the human race’s origin that could have a great impact on the present situation if revealed. While the world famous archaeologist and professor, Lourds, is busy with the shooting of a film which dramatizes his scientific achievements and flamboyant lifestyle, satellites track down the ancient ruins of the Atlantis city along the coast of Spain. And when Thomas Lourds comes to know about this, he understands what it means exactly and the promise that it holds for him if he is able to discover the ruins before anyone else. The Catholic Church also enters into the race and seems to go at any length to beat Thomas Lourds in finding the lost city’s ruins. The race to get to the ruins first is also considered very important because it is a world known fact that whoever will control the Lost Continent will have the world under his command. In order to tackle Thomas Lourds in the race, the Catholic Church sends its brutal branch of violent cults known as the Elders. They seem to know it very well that if the secrets of the Atlantis city come out, they will threaten and destroy the purpose, message, and foundation of the Church in the time to come.

Another well known book published in the Thomas Lourds series by Charles Brokaw is entitled ‘The Temple Mount Code’. It was released by the Penguin publication in the year 2011. The primary characters described in this book include Dr. Lev Straus and Thomas Lourds. In the opening sequence of the novel, it is depicted that the dashing linguistic professor named Thomas Lourds gets summoned by one of his old friends named Dr Lev Strauss to come to Jerusalem. He is asked to examine a text that seems to have origins in the ancient times. It is later learned that the ancient document is also wanted by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is believed many people, including Ayatollah Khamenei, that the document possesses a hidden secret which, if uncovered will help the owner to control all the world activities as well as enable him to wage a global war which has never happened before. When Thomas Lourds arrives in Jerusalem, he goes on to find that Dr. Strauss has been killed and his house has been ransacked. But, he does not lose his hope to find the dangerous ancient document. Thomas Lourds is assisted in his search by a beautiful graduate student of the American-Iranian Jewish origin, named Miriam Abata. The two race against time to acquire the dangerous document before it falls into the hands of the wrong people.

Thomas Lourds intends to save the civilization with that document while the enemies look to make wrong use of it to destroy the peace of the world. Just like the previous novels of the series, this one too appeals to all those readers who have a taste in reading about history and adventure. The description of treasure hunting is very well given by author Brokaw. Overall, the book appears to be a perfect read for the fans of Brad Meltzer, Steve Berry, Dan Brown, and James Rollins. Once again author Brokaw has painted strong characteristics to the vivid characters. The main protagonist, professor Lourds, is shown having immense sex appeal as a renowned linguistic. The plot shows the same formula that there is a secret artifact that holds immense importance. Thomas Lourds pursues it and at the same time deals with the others who want to use the artifact wrongly. And as usual, he is saved by the lethal females from all sorts of harm. The beautiful females seem to be smitten over by the boyish charm of Thomas Lourds. A number of critics lauded author Brokaw for his excellent description of the plot and characters. The fact that the story begins in China and then moves all the way to the Himalayas and then to Jerusalem, was well appreciated by one and all.

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