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The Boy Who Cast No Shadow (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ink Readers of Doi Saket (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Day the World Turned Upside Down (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Know How the Story Goes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Unfit for Eden: A Postscripts Anthology 26/27(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some of the Best from, 2013(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Apex Book of World SF 4(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eleven(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Thomas Olde Heuvelt is a Dutch author who was born on 16 April 1983. Heuvelt best performing novel is HEX, which has been translated into nine languages and has been sold to more than fourteen countries including the United States, Brazil, and China. Some of his short stories have been nominated and won the Paul Harland Prize and Hugo Award for the Best Novelette. They have also been nominated for a World Fantasy Award and the Hugo Awards. Ole Heuvelt attended the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen where he studied American Literature and English Language. He also attended the University of Ottawa; thus Thomas had to spend a few months in Canada. In a majority of interviews, Thomas mentioned that his childhood heroes were Stephen King and Roald Dahl, who created a love for dark fiction and grim. Later on, he discovered works of various contemporary writers such as Neil Gaiman, Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Yann Martel all of whom the author recalls as his greatest influence.

Thomas penned down his very first novel, De Ovoorziene when he was sixteen years old. The novel was published in the year 2002 with a small press. Two years later it was followed by PhatsAmnesia, which is a 600-page novel that combined horror with satire and humor. Ever since the year 2008, Thomas’s novels have always been published Luitingh Sijthoff. Ole Heuvelt is an award-winning author who has been awarded the Harland Award on multiple occasions in the year 2009 and the year 2012. His short story was translated into English and was published in the UK by PS Publishing. In the year 2013, an e-book The Ink Readers of Doi Saket was released. Due to the books immense success, it was nominated for the World Fantasy Award and Hugo Award. In the year 2016, Thomas’s book HEX was published in the United Kingdon by Tor Books and in Australia by Hodder and Stoughton. Critically acclaimed author Stephen King twitted about this book terming it as totally brilliantly original.

Best Thomas Olde Heuvelt Books

If you are a mystery lover, then you may have read stories about cursed people and haunted houses, however, it is exceedingly rare to find a story about a curse and a cursed town, and this is exactly something that Black Spring has. For more than 350 years, the residents of Black Spring have always been hiding a dark secret from the rest of the world. Is it high time that this story should be revealed? Hex pulls the reader into this story quite serenely, while in the process adding chills to the book’s proceedings as the story slowly unveils the unfortunate events, which led to the death of Katherine van Wyler, a woman who had been accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death because of the witchcraft. Katherine, in turn, cursed all the residents of this small town in numerous ways, one of them being that she wanders around the town and also she can appear in the house of different people.

Katherine is not an apparition, but instead, she is a solid human being. Kathrine’s appearance is exceedingly haunting with her mouth and eyes are sewn together so as to prevent greater devastation of death and madness. This book has been set in the present day, which means that the town has to ensure that Katherine is kept hidden from other people, but also means that they should enforce the various rules and regulation, which ensures that the town is safe at all, times. This book has several prominent characters; however, the author begins by first introducing the readers to the Grant Family, whom a majority of the events within the book have been instigated by. Jocelyn and Steve had moved to Black springs several years ago, not understanding that they are never going to move to another country ever again.

Some of the difficult choices that this couple has include whether they should have children or not since they understand the choices that their children would have to make. Their children Matt and Tyler appear to be finely adapted. However, Tyler is at an age where he has constantly been thinking about his future since he is a young and idealistic man who believes that this curse could be broken. Numerous strong themes are going throughout the book especially when it comes to pushing boundaries, being an individual and also rebellion. The supernatural aspect of this novel is exceedingly haunting, the horrors and scares are unexpected. However, the novels underlying aspect is evil within humanity. Katherine’s van Willer’s backstory is exceedingly tragic. Her curse is bound by revenge; however, she is in deep control of this.

This novel has been split into two main sections; the first part of the book mainly builds on, thereby giving the reader information on how this curse works and also about the town. Furthermore, we also get to know about several ordinary folks, who not only hide but also protect each other’s secret all in the name of keeping their town safe. The second section of the book is adrenaline packed and hard hitting especially when it brings out the outrage and full depravity of mob rule. The Boy Who Cast No Shadow is another excellent read from Thomas Olde Heuvelt. This is the story of a young boy, named Look who has as skin that does not cast a shadow. Thus, the boy is not able to take a photograph, be photographed, or be seen in the mirrors.

Look becomes friend with a boy called Splinter. Splinter is made of glass, a glass that in some way acts as a mirror. Because Splinter is made of glass, his body is exceedingly fragile; therefore his parents go to the extremes so as to protect him from any danger. Looks assists Splinter to run away from home and be able to find happiness on his own. With that said, this is a bittersweet story of boys who had to grow up differently from all the other boys of their age. Through their disabilities and shortcomings, they were able to forge a friendship that is true and long lasting. This is an excellent read that will keep you entertained.

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