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Nick Pirog is an accomplished American author.

He was born in Denver but now lives in Lake Tahoe along with his dogs, Potter and Penny. He knew that he wanted to be a writer from a young age, ever since he read Matilda as a child. He did not get around to writing until after he had graduated in 2003 from Colorado State.

His first book to ever come out was Unforeseen, first in the Thomas Prescott series. The author admits that he was a very young and immature 22 years old when he wrote that one. He says while he doesn’t always love every part of that book, part of him has to admit that some of the lines are very funny and it’s that ‘joy of creation’ that keeps Nick writing.

Nick says that many different authors have shaped his writing, from Michael Crichton to Nelson DeMille and John Grisham and Janet Evanovich. He jokes that he’s not the character of Thomas Prescott, even though he has the same sense of humor and very blue eyes. He does say that he has a temperament that is more like Maddy Young.

Nick says that God is a big part of his life and he is blessed and feels lucky to have the gift of writing.

Unforeseen is the first book in the Thomas Prescott series by Nick Pirog. If you have been looking for a good mystery thriller to enjoy, give this debut in the series a try!

Thomas Prescott is a retired homicide detective, and he’s dragging his feet when it comes to reading the best-selling book Eight in October. It’s a true crime thriller that is telling a story based off a series of murders that happened in October of the previous year. The reason why is that it was Thomas’s case, and he doesn’t necessarily want to be reminded of all of the details.

The book called Tristen Grayer The MAINEiac. The serial killer is thought to be dead, but there’s no way of telling whether that’s the case. But here, only Prescott is the one privileged with the truth. Grayer is alive out there somewhere and hiding in the shadows. Thomas can’t be all that surprised when the first of October sees Tristen rise up and kill someone. And not just anyone. Someone from Prescott’s past that means a lot to him.

All of a sudden it’s like time is repeating itself for Prescott. But now it’s the women that he is closest to in his life that are being targeted by Gayer. Prescott recruits the help of Dr. Caitlin Dodds, a medical examiner, and the author of the book Alex Tooms to help him. Together they must do what they can to try and catch a killer before it’s too late. Will Prescott be successful? Read this book to find out!

Gray Matter is the second book in the Thomas Prescott series by Nick Pirog. If you liked the first book in this series, check out the second one too!

Thomas is having a rough time in life right now. His girlfriend left him and he is spending time on holidays alone. On top of that, there’s someone out there that is trying to kill him. So his love life has fallen apart and Thomas decides that there is no other thing that he should do but to change up the scenery.

He decides to go to Seattle, the place that he went to a decade before after the deaths of his parents. As he is getting settled in there, he happens to see a body floating around in the cove behind his old home. It’s a woman, and as it turns out, an important one: the governor of Washington. Thomas is shocked and wonders who the killer could be.

As the suspense grows and more twists start to appear, Thomas finds that he is being thrown into the center of one of the largest murder investigations to take place in the entire history of Washington state. He’s going to have to face down the demons from his path and along the way he might just find that he has turned up a new enemy for himself. One that he suspects might not even be human and has hunted down men for years, since nearly the dawn of time. Can Prescott survive this and figure out who killed the governor too? Read this suspenseful novel to find out!

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