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Publication Order of Inspector Jack Oxby Books

The Da Vinci Deception (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cézanne Chase (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Faberge (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Friends of Billy Hudnut (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author of mystery thrillers, the writer Thomas Swan has built himself a highly impressive reputation over the years, creating a backlog of work that would be the envy of many a writer, famed as much for his suspense filled plots and narratives as he is his characters. Creating a name for himself throughout the industry he’s managed to produce a legacy that’s seen him through a variety of different roles creatively, landing on him being the writer that he currently is today. Known for his combination of edge-of-your-seat style narratives and dense and intricate mysteries, he’s still bringing in readers today, with his writing career running just as strong as it ever was.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the United States, Thomas Swan was always a story-teller at heart with a natural gift for narrative structure, as he nurtured his passion for both reading and writing from an early age, crafting mysteries and thrillers, a talent which he honed over the subsequent years. Taking in inspiration from his surrounding environment, he took observations and ideas, working them into his material with confidence and ease. With a clear love of history and conspiracy, this can easily be seen reflected in his later work, as many of his subjects draw upon this early interest, carrying across their ideas and concepts.

Well educated as well, he would not just hone his skills through experience, but also through learning academically too, all before going on to undertake a number of role, all of which gave him the insight and the foundations required with which to build his novels from. For some time he also acted as the president of the Mystery Writer’s of America in their New York Chapter, something which would also give him a level of standing alongside his work. This, in total, allowed him to start becoming the writer that he currently is today, with a wealth of work behind him.

Working as the vice-president of an ad agency for some time as well, he gained some insight into the world and practice of copy-writing, before going on to work for as the senior advertising executive for American Express for a period of time as well. After this he would also work as a television producer, as well as undertaking the role of copy-writer, all of which helped him to focus on the craft of narrative and writing, building up for his career to follow. This would then lead to him finally becoming a full-time writer, finding the success he had been looking for with his Jack Oxby series.

Now living in Short Hills in New Jersey, he still currently writes to this very day, putting out more books on a regular basis. Gaining both critical and commercial success, he’s managed to build himself a worldwide brand, with fans flocking from far and wide. As his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, it appears that this is a trend that’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon either.

Writing Career

Bringing out The Da Vinci Deception in 1990, Thomas Swan arrived on the literary scene with the first in his Jack Oxby franchise. Following the eponymous inspector as he takes to a new mystery with each subsequent book, he’s brought out three so far. There have also been republished novels, such as The Cezanne Chase, which was the second in the series and was brought out for the Kindle.

He’s also been translated for countries abroad, as he has gained international appeal over the years as well. There’s also a stand-alone book titled The Friends of Billy Hudnut, which he brought out separate to his Jack Oxby series. With both critical and commercial success it’s easy to see why he’s gained such a following throughout his career, as his books continue to draw in readers from far and wide.

The Final Faberge

Originally published in 1999 through the Onyx publishing label, this was to be the third and final installment in the Jack Oxby trilogy, as it concludes the previous two. Carrying on directly from where the last book both left off, this continues the adventures of inspector Jack Oxby and his various investigations undertaken. Capturing once again the style and the tone of the previous two, it provides readers with more of what they want with its effective use of atmosphere and suspense.

Traveling all across the globe, Inspector Jack Oxby is given an assignment that will challenge him unlike any other previously has; find the Faberge Imperial Egg. A mysterious object that is only rumored to exist, the case is given to him by an art collector who is renowned around the world, in an attempt to see if the inspector can ever retrieve it. Apparently commissioned by Rasputin for his beloved Alexandria, the egg may or may not exist and it is up to Oxby to travel from New York to London to Russia in order to locate it. Will he be able to find the egg? Does it even exist? Who holds the secret to the final Faberge?

The Friends of Billy Hudnut

Originally published on the 22nd of June, 2004, through the iUniverse publishing label, this was to be a standalone work for Thomas Swan. With it being a complete departure from his previous Jack Oxby series of books it works in establishing a new set of characters, chiefly its leading protagonist, the eponymous Billy Hudnut. Using humor and character to evoke a sense of nostalgia, it works in setting up a new style and tone to what readers of Swan may be used to with his other novels.

Taking place in 1936 it is set in a time just prior to the second world war and Billy Hudnut is quickly growing up as he watches the world unfolding around him. As news of Germany’s expansion sows discontent and fear, there’s also the shadow of the great depression which everyone has just emerged from. Not only that, but the black minister Zebedee Mapeson along with his flock is being targeted by the bigoted Reverend Paul Gates who aims to close his Baptist church. Will Zebedee be able to hold out against the bigoted Reverend? How will the looming war effect them all? What will become of the friends of Billy Hudnut?

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