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Threadville Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Threadville Mystery Books

Dire Threads (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Threaded for Trouble (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thread and Buried (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Living Thread (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Threadly Sins (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Threadville Mystery series is a popular cozy mystery series written by one of the noteworthy Canadian novelists named Janet Bolin. It is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2015. The main character introduced by author Bolin in this series is Willow Vanderling, who lives in Threadville, Pennsylvania, United States. Willow is shown as the owner of an embroidery shop called In Stitches. As the series progresses, a number of other supporting characters having important roles in the stories are described by Janet Bolin. At the beginning of the series, author Bolin has described that Threadville has everything that a small village needs, including a yarn shop, a fabric store, a quilting boutique, notions store, as well as the brand new boutique of Willow Vanderling, In Stitches. Willow becomes excited when she comes to know that her embroidery shop has become a hit among the tourists. A number of tourists show the eagerness to learn embroidering from Willow at her shop, using the latest techniques, softwares, and machines. Seeing Willow succeeding with her shop, the zoning commissioner of Threadville becomes jealous of her. Because of his bullying nature, he is not liked by the people of the village. Everyone wishes for his transfer from the village or an early death. But, when he actually turns up dead, Willow Vanderling faces a lot of trouble. At first, she becomes a suspect in the murder and then the business of her shop begins to experience a downfall. In order to clear her name and get her shop to bloom once again, Willow Vanderling starts looking for clues. She desperately searches for the real killer and wishes to bring back peace in her close-knit community of Threadville. When Willow was about to set up her embroidery business initially, she was very much excited. But, Mike Krawbach, the zoning commissioner, was the only one among all the other villagers who did not seem to be a fan of her shop. And when Willow Vanderling plans to renovate her wonderful cottage located behind her shop, he denies her permission to do so. Later, Mike makes attempts to have Willow’s shop knocked down to make way for an ATV trail. When things become too far from being tolerable, Willow decides to put up a fight against Mike Krawbach. However, she never thought that he would end up dead right after announced her decision to fight against him in front of the whole village. And Willow also never thought that Mike’s dead body will be found in the backyard of her own cottage.

One of the most successful written and published in the Threadville Mystery series by author Janet Bolin is titled as ‘Threaded For Trouble’. It was released by Berkley publication in 2012. The central characters mentioned in this book by author Bolin include Willow Vanderling, Darlene Coddlefield, and Haylee. At the start of the story, author Bolin once again described Threadville in Pennsylvania as a village famous for its craft work. Darlene Coddlefield is introduced as one of the participants in the national competition of sewing. She goes on to emerge as the winner in the competition, following which she is asked to visit Willow Vanderling’s shop known as In Stitches to collect her prize. As declared in the competition, the winner was supposed to get a top of the line embroidery and sewing machine, Chandler Champion, as the prize. Willow seems more than happy to present her with the heavy machine as her winning prize. But, the triumph of Darlene Coddlefield remains very short lived as she is found dead under her own sewing table. It appeared that her death occurred because of getting crushed by the huge sewing machine. As the news of her death spreads in the whole village, the villagers come to know that she did not die due to a freak accident. Surely, there was someone who had a thing against Darlene and wanted her dead.

The long list of suspects in the murder of Darlene Coddlefield includes her own husband, who works as the fire chief in the firefighting department of the village. So, to find out whether or not he was behind the killing of Darlene Coddlefield, Willow Vanderling and her best friend named Haylee decide to volunteer as firefighters. They go on to do sleuthing so as to unravel the truth. Soon, one more death occurs in the village because of a similar crushing by another Chandler Champion machine. When Willow and Haylee come to know about the second death, they think that they have landed themselves in a great trouble. Now, they are required to find the murderer as soon as possible and prevent another innocent victim from getting killed. The killer seems to be tracking down each and every movement of Haylee and Willow Vanderling, and if they don’t catch him soon, they might end up becoming his next targets. This book was nominated for the Bony Blithe Award in the year 2013.

Another well known book written by author Bolin in the mystery series is entitled ‘Night of The Living Thread’. The Berkley publishers published this book too in 2014. Bolin has shown the lead characters in this novel as Edna Battersby and Willow Vanderling. The opening sequence shows that it is the time of Halloween in the village of Threadville and it is expected to turn spooky due to killer dresses, ancient curses, and zombies. As October begins, a number of visitors begin to head towards the celebrated and tiny village of Threadville, for attending the crafts fair based on the Halloween theme of zombie retreat. At around the same time, the wedding of one of the best friends of Willow Vanderling named Edna Battersby is about to take place. Willow decides to play a friendly prank on Edna before her wedding. She joins her gang fellow embroiders of Threadville and builds and extravagant hoop skirt, consisting of music and lights. But, a bizarre event takes place in which the extravagant gown gets implicated in a suspenseful murder near the village lake. Now, once again Willow Vanderling faces the tough challenge of unravelling the killer. She is required to follow the trail of light in the darkness by delving into the old Egyptian curses and move through the haunted graveyard in Threadville to find clues related to the murder. An she must find the killer quickly or else she might end up becoming the next victim in another fashion-styled murder.

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