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By: A.J. Tata, Anthony Tata

“Threat” is a series of popular adventure fiction novels by American author AJ Tata. Tata published the first novel of the “Threat” series “Sudden Threat” in 2008 in the still ongoing series of novels. AJ Tata who often goes as Tony Tata and formerly Brigadier General Anthony J Tata, is a man that has worn many hats over his long career in the military and in civilian life. However, he is best known for the “Threat” series of fictional novels inspired by his time serving in the US military. Tata went to the United States Military Academy where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981, before he went on to serve fro twenty-eight years. He went to the Catholic University of America for his International Relations Master’s degree and got his masters in Military Science and Arts in Strategic Planning from the United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies. He got a fellowship at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, where he was a National Security student. He had a checkered military career as he was Deputy Commanding General of American troops fighting the Afghanistan War and also served in the 82nd Airborne Division as commander of Fort Bragg, Deputy Commanding General and brigade commander of several divisions. For his exemplary performance, he got many awards the most prestigious of which were the Bronze Star and the Combat Action Badge. Outside the military, he was Secretary of the North Carolina Transport Department between 2013 and 2015. He was also COO of the Wake County Public School System and the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Most of the proceeds of the “Threat” series of novels go to the USO Metro DC Hospital Services fund. The fund was set up to provide financial assistance to military personnel wounded in combat. AJ Tata has donated more than $30, 000 to the fund from the sales of the novels. Apart from providing financial assistance to wounded military personnel, the author has been the recipient of several literary awards over the years. Among some of his most prestigious is a nomination for Best thriller at the 2016 Barry awards. The fast paced novels draw comparisons with Tom Clancy military thrillers though the military background of Tata adds more edge and credibility to the stories he tells. His thorough knowledge of military procedures and equipment also comes in handy. His other series of novels the “Captain Jake Mahegan” series has also been a bestselling series going up to position six on the Barnes and Noble charts. Tata’s novels have also received starred reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly for their creative plots and innovative characterization.

The lead characters of the “Threat” series are Matt and Zachary Garrett, two brothers that both served in the intelligence services and the US military. Matt had been one of the best investigative hunters that had been assigned to search for the elusive terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. Matt has always suspected that something is very wrong in the intelligence agencies as he often got transferred to different assignments just as he was about to crack his cases. Most of the time the reason given was that his expertise was needed on something more important. Over the years, he decided to journal his concerns which turns out to be quite a gold mine of information for when things go hairy. The two protagonists work alongside Meredith Morris, a spunky character that analyzes researches and presents information to the two characters who act on it. The “Threat” series of novels tells of the familiar addictive thirst for influence and power that may be found in the leadership of every nation and country that often leads to tragedy. Unlike any other writer Tata dives deep into the intrigues of international politics that are driven by evil men that are not subject to any of their citizenry or the authorities. For many of the evil men that populate and control the events of the world in which the novels are set, the ultimate aim is individual power and satisfaction above anything else. The Threat series of novels offer a realistic approach to war by sharing the feelings of the protagonists in addition to the action sequences.

“Sudden Threat” the first novel of the Threat series of novel is an exhilarating novel that introduces the lead protagonist of the series Matt Garrett. Matt has just been reassigned from a highly sensitive terrorist case just as he was closing in for the kill. He is withdrawn from Pakistan and sent to the Philippines where he is assigned to a low value target. But while he is working, he finds the wreckage of a C-130 in the jungle that offers more questions than answers. Inside the wreckage is Special Forces paratrooper whose name is not on the manifest. He soon finds himself entangled in a match for resiliency and wits in the dark and wet jungles of Mindanao. The people calling the shots are a secretive group of Washington DC groupies who direct the military. They fight against Islamic extremism and the resurgence of the Empire of the Sun that is fueling the need for expanding the Global War on Terror. The novel is an uncanny thriller that will have the hair of any reader stand on end with its incomparable suspense and all out action.

“Rogue Threat” the second novel of the series makes for some of the best thrills of all the novels of the “Threat” series. Matt Garrett is called up by the president to help find a fleet of unmanned aerial drones that had gone missing. Matt gets to work but things go wrong when his jet is commandeered by a high ranking terrorist, even as one of his former targets appears on the scene with a startling link to his brother. It soon comes out that the terrorists have taken hostage one of the best nanotechnology scientists in the world and have used his knowledge to locate, track, and destroy the drones. In the meantime, they have been launching series of deadly attacks deep inside the US. With the attacks so successful the citizens are now in a near state of panic, as it emerges that they may have the capacity to unleash a weapon of mass destruction. But in all this Garrett believes someone closer to home may have more to gain from all the chaos.

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