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Three Magic Words Books In Order

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Publication Order of Three Magic Words Trilogy Books

A Forever Thing (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Three Magic Words by Carolyn Brown

Three Magic Words is a romance trilogy created by American romance author Carolyn Brown. Brown is a passionate author with lots of experience in writing having published over eighty-five novels under the historical and western romance genre. She has been featured as a USA Today and New York Bestselling Author. She currently lives in Davis, Oklahoma together with her husband.

She also happens to have authored more books under the romance and historical genre which have been highly listed on Amazon and also saw her receive the bestselling author for several titles.

A Forever Thing

A Forever Thing introduces the Three Magical Words. Lyn sawyer is that kind of lady that believes that love is more than just saying “I love you.” A man has to offer more and promise to be there forever. She moves to Florida to take care of her grandmother who is in ill health. The forever thing that she has always longed for comes to at a time that she was not thinking of the same.

Theron had no intention of ever falling in love again after his marriage failed. The experience of his failed marriage put him through a lot of pain that made him put the issue of falling in love again at bay. He currently worked as a fulltime ranch owner, part-time cop and an elementary school principal. Having given up on love makes him put away the issue when he occasionally bumps into Lyn.

From the first encounter, there is a spark that is lit between the two but consequently denies the possibility of its happening. She has moved to Texas to take care of her granny in Florida and also for a job at an elementary school. From the start, she gets into contact with Theron which spikes something that throws the two into confusion though they feel that something is pulling them towards each other.

The two occasionally met on the wrong side, and though they start blaming each slowly, they feel that the odds are somehow bringing them together. Theron has been hurt in the past while Lyn is ever dreaming of a man that will make her dreams of love come to life. Love grows between them in the midst of the odds that they meet creating a relationship that none of them thought would exist.

It is funny, full of surprises and scenes that will leave you laughing. Carolyn is an expert in romance stories. Her story is one that feels too true to be a fictional one. Simply, it is an excellent read.

In Shinning Whatever

The second book in The Three Magical Words series is In Shining Whatever. Hart Duncan was what Kate Miller would call the love of her life. However, he had no interest in a long-term relationship with Kate breaking her heart. He comes back into her life but she has no interest in him and trusting him will be an issue. Hart has come back with one intention-making Kate the love of his life.

Hart, previously a rider and now a rancher, has his eyes on Kate. However, Kate is that girl that is hard to understand, more of baggage than she was as a teenager when she first caught his eyes. Kate and hart are never getting along easily especially from the fact that trust between them is broken and ones broken is hard to rebuild. Neither of the two is willing to take a shot at things though they are attracted to each other.

Maw Maw, Kate’s granny and other relatives, come up with a plan to leave the two on an island with no phones, internet, electricity, and water. All that they have is each other. The mission of this step is to make the two figure out what they want and work on it as all they have on this island is each other. All that they need to do is settle their past and decide on a path to take as it is already clear the two have something between them that is love.

The start of this book throws you into a mystery but as it progresses the romance, fun and humorous scenes make you read deeper into the story. She takes the reader into the life of each character, creating a conflict which is then solved to give that one piece that will leave them wanting more of the book.

Life after Wife

Last in the Three Magical Words trilogy is Life After Wife. Sophie and Elijah receive a ranch each talking half of the property. Sophie is determined to take the entire property, but Elijah will not bow down to this offer. A conflict ensues seeing them get closer rather than parts.

Sophie has suffered a loss after the death of her husband, a famous televangelist who left him a mass of wealth. Her aunt also left behind a huge part of a ranch with which they share with Elijah. Elijah is former military personnel having served the country for twenty years. Sophie is the rude type of lady that has no value for Elijah. However, he has lived to know this ranch as the only place that can be called home after many years and will not bow to this offer.

Life after wife combines twists and turn to create antagonism between the two characters that develop a remarkable story. Sophie is one sassy, arrogant and rude character who cares only of herself and who has also suffered under her late husband. Love is one thing that turns things to the unexpected direction, and through the twists, funny episodes, and the two end up together. It is more like Maude matched them before death, and her matching works out in the end.
Be prepared to go through a story that will make you hate some of the characters but eventually fall in love with them in the course. It is a story that will make you laugh, feel sorry, angry and in love. Carolyn Brown is that author that gives her readers something that is un-puttable-down.

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