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Three Sisters Island Books In Order

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Publication Order of Three Sisters Island Books

Dance Upon The Air (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven and Earth (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face the Fire (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Three Sisters Island is the name of a series of paranormal romance novels written by Nora Roberts. The books follow the exploits of three women who must come to terms with their supernatural connection to the Three Sisters Island.

This is as they maneuver the landmines and obstacles of love and romance.

+The Story
The Three Sisters Island series is a bit deceptive when it begins. ‘Dance Upon the Air’, the first novel in the series, introduces readers to Nell Channing. When she first sets foot on Three Sisters Island, Nell knows that there is more to the location than meets the eye.

Something about the island keeps calling to her. Nell escaped an abusive relationship. She had to fake her own death to get away from the man that had threatened to kill her.

She didn’t know what to make of the Three Sisters Island but she was determined to start over. And she did just that, experimenting with the catering industry, making new friends, earning loyal customer base and even catching the eye of the local sheriff. But then her past came back to haunt her, forcing Nell to fight like she never had before to secure her future.

‘Dance upon the Air’ initially plays out like the typical contemporary romance. Nell is just like any other heroine in the romance genre with a tragic past. She meets a handsome gentleman who promises to protect her from her demons and that opens the door for a romantic entanglement fraught with arguments, misunderstandings and plenty of sex.

It isn’t until she finally settles down on Three Sisters Island and begins to carve out a new life for herself that the supernatural undertones of the three sisters island series finally emerge.

A long time ago, three witches used their individual elemental powers to create the three sisters island. They did so with the hope that the island would provide sanctuary to other witches looking to escape the Salem witch trials.

They themselves found refuge on the Island and for a long time they lived in peace, regulated by a strict code that forbade them from using their powers to harm others.

But then love came into the picture and split them apart. Each witch found a man to romance and died as a result. By the time the three sisters island series starts, centuries have passed since the founders of the island died.

Legend says that the island is under the thrall of a curse. Only the descendants of the three original witches have the power to break that curse. And if they fail, the Island will sink into the ocean.

Each book in this trilogy focuses on the magical and romantic trials of one of the three descendants of the original three witches. Each heroine is burdened by their own unique brand challenges.

Nell, the protagonist of the first novel, is the most ignorant of her magical gifts. Before she came to the Island, Nell didn’t even know that magic existed, let alone the fact that she might be a witch.

She spends her book trying to overcome the anxiety that comes with engaging in an intimate relationship with another man after being physically abused for so many years.

Ripley Todd, Nell’s sister-in-law, is aware of her powers. The heroine of the second Three Sisters Island book, Ripley chose to abandon her powers. By the time readers meet her, she has chosen to steer clear of the supernatural. Her hesitation is challenged when she falls for a professor who loves all things magical.

Mia, the last of the descendants of the three witches who created the island, is the most powerful of the bunch. Unlike Nell, she’s always known about her powers. But unlike Ripley, she never abandoned them.

Mia’s trials revolve around the emergence of Sam Logan, a fellow witch and the man who broke her heart so badly she never thought she would ever heal.

Each of these heroines only begins their journey when they meet the man of their dreams. They each realize that they have a role to play in breaking the curse before the Island sinks but they are unable to play that role until they deal with the aches and pains that have kept them from finding love.

The Three Sisters Island books have been described as light reading. The stories they tell are simple and straightforward. The romance builds up slowly and there is plenty of sex along the way.

+The Author
Nora Roberts, a bestselling award-winning author born in 1950, has written more than two hundred novels over her lengthy career. Dabbling in romance under pen names like Jill March, Roberts comes from Silver Spring in Maryland.

The writing bug did not bite her when she was a child, though she loved to tell stories. In fact, it wasn’t until she got married, had children and became a proper homemaker that the author finally decided to experiment with writing, though at the time she merely wanted to keep herself busy.

+Dance Upon the Air
Nell Channing came to the Three Sisters Island to start over. Her husband terrorized her for so long that the only way she could get away from him was to fake her death.

The Three Sisters Island quickly proves to be the one thing Nell realizes she has been missing all her life. Not only does she start a new business but Nell finds love with the local Sheriff.

However, Nell knows that she can never give herself to him, not completely, not with the demons haunting her every move.

+Heaven and Earth
Ripley Todd thought she was happy. She could get any man she wanted and her work as deputy-sheriff on the three sisters island was perfectly fulfilling.

If she had a quarrel, it was with her special powers which she never truly wanted. They scare her more than anything, which is why she has worked so hard to forget her witch ancestry.

Her attempts at steering clear of the magical prove difficult when Mac, a researcher, comes to town. Mac is very interested in the myths and legends of magic and witchcraft on the Island, and Ripley seems to have piqued his interest.

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