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Publication Order of Three Books

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
With Everything I Am (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild and Free (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Three by Kristen Ashley is a series of novels by one of the most celebrated American novelists of our times. Kristen Ashley is a best-selling author with more than 60 romance titles to her name. She is a hybrid author, which means that she publishes her novels in the traditional formal and independently. Over the years, she has sold more than three million titles and her novels have been translated into more than fourteen languages. Her novels have won several notable awards including the best Romantic Suspense at the RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for “Law Man” and a Reader’s Choice Award for “Ride Steady” from Romance Reviews. She is currently working with Passionflix to adapt the novels “Three Wishes” and “The Will into movies”. While she writes mainly in romance, the major themes in Kristen’s works are a strong sisterhood, family and friendship. In this regard, she has created the “Rock Chick Nation”, a series of programs she believes will promote a strong female community and give back to her fans.

Kristen Ashley was born in Brownsburg, Indiana in a house where she lived with her multigenerational family. Her home was in the heartland of Indiana, in a small farm among the likes Whitesnake, REO Speedwagon, The Everly Brothers, and Glenn Miller. She went to Purdue University following in the footsteps of three of her forebears. She lived in Colorado for a while before relocating to Phoenix Arizona where she currently lives. Before she became a full-time author she was an executive officer at a charity where she worked for the best part of eighteen years.

The first novel of The Three series is “Until the Sun Falls from the Sky”, which features Lucien and Leah Buchanan. Lucien is a protective and overbearing alpha that has been living under the strict edicts of the vampire world from which he is rebelling. He wants out so that he can have everything with Leah, a rebellious, feisty, endearing and vivacious woman. She wants nothing to do with serving the vampires even though her family has been serving them for centuries. The leads in “With Everything I Am”, the second novel of The Three series are Callum and Sonia. Callum is an alpha werewolf prince that saves a blond human child he finds roaming the woods that he does not know is destined to become his queen. Sonia is a gifted woman with heightened senses and special abilities that have made her live a lonely life in fear of people finding out that she is different. The third novel of the series “Wild and Free” stars Abel and Lilah. Abel is a wolf that had been abandoned as a child and had learned to run without a pack thinking he was all alone. He thought he could never love until he met the loving, vivacious and strong Lilah, the daughter of biker that believed in following the heart and choosing your own fate.

“Until the Sun Falls from the Sky”, the first novel in the series introduced Leah Buchanan. She is a member of a very important family that has been providing concubines to the vampires. The concubine usually keeps masters satisfied and fed with their blood and in return gets protection and luxury from the vampire. Leah hates the concept but it’s a tradition that has been kept alive for five centuries to prevent war between vampires and humans. Lucien had always known that Leah has a rebellious streak in her and had marked her out two decades ago, determined to break and make her submit to him. Leah is not one to be easily convinced, and even after signing a contract is still planning to escape or murder her vampire. But Lucien is the ultimate alpha male and every day Leah is finding it hard to resist him. But when she falls for him, she learns that their relationship is going against the laws of their age-old contract. But their connection is something special and even as they are unaware, they are the first of the three who will kick off a chain of events to fulfill a prophecy.

In “With Everything I Am”, the second novel of The Three series, the leads Sonia and Callum met when Sonia was a child and Callum an alpha wolf prince. Sonia never knew that the wolf she stumbles upon in the woods is going to be her future king. She had always had gifts that most people did not have such as having a way with animals and sharper senses. She also had vivid dreams about her puppy that brought her a man she calls a handsome wolf. It turns out that her handsome wolf is Callum who has known her for years, even as she was oblivious. He is forced to save her and then has to tell her that he is a king and that they are destined to mate. She would have none of it and tries to leave but she finds the man to be irresistible. He is a natural alpha used to getting what he wants when he wants it, though he gets his match in Sonia who has fire and does not listen to everything he says. Still, he likes her a lot and the more she stays with him, the more he is sure that Sonia is his soul mate.

“Wild and Free”, the third novel of the series is the culmination of the journey to fulfill the prophecy of the three. Lilah has for a long time felt an emptiness in her soul, which drives her to move to Serpentine Bay, a small biker town where she hopes to find some adventure. New in town, she is attacked by a wild pack of immortals. Her savior is a handsome, incredibly strong and powerful stranger. Abel is a biker badass that is irresistibly drawn to Lilah even as he freaks her out. He had always had an empty hole in his soul and had been searching for someone to fill it. Could she just be the one to fill that void in his soul? Together they soon realize a strong connection that has to be nothing but destiny that has brought them together to fulfill the prophecy of the three. They are soon joined by the Callum and Sophie and Lucien and Leah as they team up to prepare for the big confrontation that will destroy an enemy that threatens mankind.

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