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Publication Order of Thunder Point Books

This novel is about acceptance, man has realities in life he has to face and here, Hank Cooper has never had a place to call home and stay for long, and for good. He left home as a very young, fresh nineteen-year-old teenager. He was not the settling down kind of guy, and the longest stint he’s had in one place was in the Army being a helicopter pilot. He’s always ready to roll and flexible. He doesn’t mind changes and just went on with life, reaching adult age without obligations and taking it easy, exactly how he wished it to be, conveniently living in his comfort zone. He has travelled the world and saw beauty in every corner, only giving him more inspiration and keep on wanting more of it. However, life is full of surprises, there came a circumstance where he had to attend to some unfinished business of a deceased friend, arriving in a small, ordinary town which turns out to be nothing ordinary for Hank. Something incredibly unexplainable and cannot be resisted happened to him, the simple yet beautiful town where everything fit together, encountering a beautiful woman, a little boy, with mixed feelings of responsibility and something in the town drawing him back in and people seeming to tug him back, all he would want is run away from it, but he just can’t and still he stays in the town of Thunder Point.

About the Author

Robyn Carr, the author who has earned and ranked #1 on the New York Times bestseller list many times, is the creator of Thunder Point as well as the popular Virgin River series. Her last seven novels written, including three of the Thunder Point novels have all claimed the 1st slot in the New York Times the first week it was on sale. Notably, her September 2013 Thunder Point novel, The Hero, debuted astoundingly as #1 position in seven of national bestseller lists, namely, New York Times Mass-market and E-book Fiction, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, Bookscan, and New York Times Combined Print/E-book Fiction bestsellers. This Las Vegas author acclaims that it took her thirty years before she finally met this huge success, for she began writing when her children were merely babies and first published in 1978. Robyn has a unique voice and certain way with words that keep readers attached to her book, becoming valuable instruments for people dealing with emotions and real-life issues, mainly for women as it falls under women’s fiction, having a blend of romance while addressing sensitive issues such as health risks, domestic violence, or post traumatic stress, in a comforting and helpful way. She touches the hearts of those families left behind by the men and women who served in the military and risked their lives, her books help them cope and is also for anyone currently in search for fulfillment in their quest for love, all these giving more strength and encouragement for women experiencing the same or serve as a positive inspiration for them.

The Wanderer

The first book in the novel series Thunder Point, named after a place in Oregon. This new series is riding on the success of the one that came before it from the same author Robyn Carr, which is the Virgin River novels, and hopes that you will enjoy more of the genre coming from the same author. The wanderer being mentioned is the protagonist and main character of the story Hank Cooper. Hank just thought that Thunder Point is just a place on the map for a brief stopover, but as the book comes along it changes the way he thinks about it. The first of eight novels would ease you into the genre and introduce to you one by one the characters and their backgrounds. Being a small town that Thunder Point is, the locals are warm and friendly and soon they have a connection with the main character. Enter Sarah Dupre, a search and rescue helicopter pilot and the book soon turns it up and the sparks start flying. This is a trademark Robyn Carr writing, and it shines with her careful writing, branching out multiple story lines and merging them into a whole. Robyn Carr promised the same type of warmth, laughter, and love that she had crafted in the first series the Virgin River, and the promise was upheld and kept when you read through it. In the book, Hank is tied up in the place because he was given the titles of a beachfront place that was a bar and a bait shop. It is a very down to earth book and all of the characters had a personal touch and a distinct personality. The Wanderer has nailed the contemporary romance genres right on the head again with the first offering and folks expecting greater or more of the same from the first series will not be disappointed.

The Newcomer

The Newcomer is the title for the second book of the Thunder Point series novels and follows a different protagonist or main character, the deputy sheriff Mac McCain. The title of the book is slightly misleading, because Mac is not new to Thunder Point, and has long established himself in the town and has deep roots with everyone living in it. Mac’s single dad status might be finally coming to an end as he and longtime friend Gina James develop a romance through sharing of experiences and challenges of raising adolescent daughters. Looking at the second book at a glance might lead you to think that all of the dwellers in the Thunder Point community will be on the spotlight eventually. The two lover’s budding romance is suddenly thrown into confusion and chaos when Mac’s ex-wife suddenly shows up in town unexpectedly and starts the complications. The plot and storyline are definitely grounded in reality, with trials and tribulations such as drama and heartbreak. Mac and Gina’s story sometimes takes a step back and allows their daughter’s angst and teenage problems to come to the forefront for added perspective and depth. When the first book did the job of fleshing out the backstory, the characters and their connection, the second book deals with the sad reality of lost love and heartbreak, and may have been too long in lingering over this aspect, setting up a depressing and concerning mood instead of the feel-good love story. If you find yourself reading the summary and relating to it, feel free to pick up a copy of the book and start the adventure.

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