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Thursday Murder Club Books In Order

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Publication Order of Thursday Murder Club Books

The Thursday Murder Club (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man Who Died Twice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bullet That Missed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Devil to Die (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Thursday Murder Club is a mystery series by Richard Osman. It features a group of pensioners, Elizabeth, Ron, Joyce, and Ibrahim, set to start solving the mystery surrounding murders from past cases. Living in the posh Cooper’s Chase retirement village, they soon start getting current mystery cases to solve.

The Thursday Murder Club is the first in the Series by the same name. Four senior citizens tease their brain power as they try solving cold murder cases from police files that the leader, Elizabeth, secretly acquired. She is a woman looked upon for her mysterious and shadowy background.

This Thursday club majorly focuses on old cases which weren’t solved but soon, when a murder is committed close to them, they can’t ignore the challenge. As per the name, they meet every Thursday to keep their aging brain cells functioning.

Joyce is a sensible and quiet lady who recently arrived in the retirement village after being a nurse for years. The luxurious village is a home for many residents who were formerly at the top of the praised professions. She was soon recruited into the club upon relocating. Through her journal, the reader learns about the members’ activities and meetings, accompanied by wine-drinking and baking.

Ibrahim is a retired psychiatrist and a logistics man. Ron is a union man who was earlier known as Red Ron in the media. PC Donna de Freitas is recently to the club from London met. She prefers solving murders instead of living in her current boredom and thought joining the Thursday club would be great.

As she gives a talk to the club, her agenda is overturned by the group of manipulative and cunning members. The members meet every Thursday hence the name coopers Chase. It’s a peaceful neighborhood where nothing much goes on.

This continues until a murder occurs within the community, and four of its elderly residents decide not to mind their business. They feel they can help solve the case after discussing past unsolved crimes.

They have some unofficial database since their former member was Penny, and now a comatose has been replaced by Joyce. However, Penny’s devoted friend, Elizabeth, can access the files and use them well.

They want to use some of the skills they’ve learned in past cases to solve this real live one. A developer, Tony Curran, for nearby properties is found killed. The four members are lucky to have been given some limelight by a young female cop named Donna on the key clues of the murder case. They are ready to take advantage of the information to cross any line and enter the restricted areas where the police can’t reach them.

Due to their influence, they can get through to Donna and access policy information. They are ready to trade in what they discover with Donna and DCI. However, they can do it at their discretion and at their own convenient time.

One body turns into multiple bodies as more start dropping. What more could the club ask for now that the cases are live and present? Soon things get personal and devastating as all the cases come close to home.

Richard Osman creates a tight plotting with lots of secrets and their reveals with a touch of a comic, making it a delightful story. It breaks from the dark and horrible fare of crime fiction and mystery. Even though the connection between the elderly sleuths and the police might be in disbelief, it turns out amazing.

When a story involves elderly people, the readers expect medical issues, loneliness, physical disability, grief, and loss to be the major themes. This is a great recommendation if you are looking for a thoughtful, intelligent, offbeat, engaging mystery.

The Man Who Died Twice is the second in the Thursday murder Club series. With their mix of humors and smart minds, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim join hands to stick their nose where they aren’t invited. This time, they are looking forward to recovering diamonds worth twenty million pounds and a murderer.

The club members unite with DCI Chris Hudson and PC Donna De Freitas to solve the mystery. Donna and Chris try putting an end to the drug queen Connie Johnson’s murderous operation as Ibrahim soon becomes a victim of a brutal street attack.

On the other hand, a person from Elizabeth’s past needs help, bringing her former life as a covert agent with MI5 into the light. She has received a letter from a former colleague with a long history who has made a huge mistake and needs help.

She is contacted by an agent she worked with, stating that he has gotten into serious trouble after stealing a diamond worth $20 million from the mafia. The two are more connected deeper than we see at first as she decides to help him find a safe house to lay low until the heat is over.

He is involved in the stolen diamonds and is getting lots of threats. All the events and those involved soon get entangled in the mess. Now it’s up to the Thursday Murder Club members to try and figure out using their smart brains and other assets.

As more bodies pile up, Elizabeth enlists Ron, Ibrahim, and Joyce to hunt the murderer. In case they find the diamonds, it would be a bonus for the case. Can the Thursday club hunt down the killer and find the diamonds before the killer locates them?

Affection is evident among the members as their enthusiasm and good humor shows the best humanity for the old and people of all ages.

When one is attacked while walking close to their retirement home complex, they come together to find out who is behind it. The TMC joins forces to help protect her faithless but charming ex-husband after stealing from Martin Lomax, which has put his life at stake.
They are ready to do whatever it takes to get the diamonds back. Chris and Donna carry out the surveillance on a local drug and crime queen pin, Connie Jackson, but she seems to be running rings around them, and soon they opt to look for help from London detectives.
The mystery surrounding this case is compelling and thrilling as the reader wonders what will happen next.

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