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Publication Order of Tier One Books

By: Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson

Publication Order of Tier One Origins Books

By: Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson

Publication Order of Tier One Shared-World Books

By: Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson

Brian Andrews is an accomplished American author.

He is a veteran of the United States Navy as well as a nuclear engineer and a former submarine officer. He attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with his degree in psychology. He then went on to Cornell and graduated with a Master’s in business. He is a Park Leadership Fellow.

Andrew is also a contributor at the site Career Authors, which is dedicated to helping advance the careers of writers both published and aspiring. He is also one part of the Andrews & Wilson duo, his co-author team that have hit best-selling status on Amazon, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today and are known for their Tier One series of fictional novels. The pair have many different projects that are under development for television and film, including their works Tier One, 4 Minutes, Portal, Dark Intercept, Glitch, and The In Between.

Jeffrey Wilson is a successful published author. He has held many jobs in his time, including working as a firefighter, an actor, jet pilot, diving instructor, Naval officer, and a vascular and trauma surgeon. As a Navy combat surgeon, he has served several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He deployed with a SEAL Team based on the east coast that was part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force.

Wilson has also served as a co-author with Brian Andrews. The pair also write the Nick Foley Thriller series, using the pen name of Alex Ryan. He has written three supernatural thrillers as well that have won awards and wrote the wartime, faith-based novel War Torn. He is married and both he and his wife Wendy were natives of Virginia. They had four children and live in Tampa, Florida. He continues to write and also work as a vascular surgeon and a consultant for the Department of Defense.

Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson are the creators and co-authors of the Tier One Thriller series. The definition of Tier One is that it consists of special mission units that are elite and covert that often have their existence denied. An elite few of these members battle to secure nations’ fates in shadows. John Dempsey is one of them, as a Navy SEAL and a covert warfare specialist. The series first got started in 2016 with the publication of the debut novel, Tier One. The second novel came out in 2017 and is titled War Shadows. The third novel came out the same year and is titled Crusader One. The fourth novel was released in 2018 and is titled American Operator. The fifth novel is Red Specter and came out in 2019. The sixth novel came out the next year and is titled Collateral. The seventh novel followed and is titled Dempsey.

Tier One is the debut novel in the series by the same name, the Tier One Thrillers series by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson. If you’re looking for a good military thriller, give this one a try!

The lines of old have blurred in a world with terror, and it’s time for the new generation of covert ops to take over. Main character John Dempsey is used to his life serving as Jack Kemper, a Tier One Navy SEAL, but his days as an elite military member are over as he knows them.

A terrorist move brings him from a world of orders and moral certainty into the world of espionage, a shadowy place where the only rule is ambiguity. Now his mission is to find the people responsible for the largest tragedy in the US Special Ops history and make sure that they are brought to the justice they deserve.

How can a man that is dealing with his urge to do his duty and find his revenge walk a fine line and keep his soul in the process? Dempsey is dealing with spy games as this case takes him all over the globe so that he can try to prevent a new attack from happening on American soil.

He used to just follow orders. Now John is seeing what’s going on behind the curtain, and one thing remains to be seen in securing the civilized world and making it safe. Can John Dempsey adapt to become an effective and lethal spy? Read this thriller to find out!

War Shadows is the second novel in the Tier One Thrillers series by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson. If you liked the first book in this series, check out the sequel!

Former SEAL and Tier One operator John Dempsey has returned. He’s now serving as an operative for Ember, which is the most covert counterterrorism figure that the United States has. He has to stop an old foe who has become active again after working in the shadows for years. It’s vital that he gets to this person and stops them before they can do any more damage.

Now John Dempsey is finding that he’s got to go all over the world if he wants to keep the country that he loves safe. He has to go everywhere from the deserts in Iraq to the Guatemalan jungles to the suburban streams. He and his Ember team must race against the clock as it’s time that is going to prove to be their greatest enemy. They must do whatever it takes to try and accomplish their mission if they want to be successful, but there is no guarantee that they will come out on top.

Working together with his team, John is going to do whatever it takes to try and stop what appears to be a well-planned series of attacks against the homeland. If they are pulled off, they could be devastating. It is imperative that Dempsey and his crew do what it takes to stop them. Now he is dealing with the biggest challenge that he has had to date where the stakes could not be higher.

Can John Dempsey go from being a Navy SEAL to one of the country’s greatest protectors and get the mission accomplished? Or will he find that this time they’re outmatched and in trouble? Read this military thriller to find out!

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