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Tiffany Rosenhan
Tiffany Rosenhan has a degree in political science and often travels the world with her family and her husband, who works as a critical care physician. She lives in Millcreek, Utah.

She is the mother of four daughters, the granddaughter of an Oscar winning actress and author Mary Astor.

She finds the best part about being a writer is creating worlds that otherwise would not exist. To get inspired to write, she absorbs the world around her. Whether it is the sound of her boots on a tenth century marble church floor abroad or the birds chirping in her own backyard.

In order to get through writer’s block, she reads a book that is unrelated to her WIP, as inspiration comes in many forms. Or she takes her daughters for a walk in the mountains, which is easy for her to do, since she lives in Utah.

She finds she writes herself into messes she cannot easily untangle. Then she has to circle all the way back and begin again. Sometimes this proves creatively beneficial, and other times it adds in some unnecessary complications. The biggest surprise she got while writing the book was learning that even though she is free-writing, maintaining order and structure are imperative.

Sophia, the protagonist of “Girl From Nowhere”, had been in Tiffany’s head for a long time. She was nineteen years old and living in Taipei, Taiwan for the summer. Her identical twin sister and she and had gone to the night market to get dinner and they got separated at one point. All of a sudden, Tiffany found herself by herself, on a dark street, in the middle of one heavy rainstorm, not sure where she was or how she would get back home.

While she started running back in the direction she had come, hunting for her sister, Sophia emerged. She started wondering what if she was running from somebody? Who would be chasing her? Why would they be chasing her? What skills would she need to have in order to avoid being caught? Sophia’s story evolved from here.

Over the years, she wrote often and for fun, and over the years (and while she had more daughters) Sophia started to become clearer. This was during a time when she was a stay-at-home mom, raising her four children while her husband was working on his residency. During this time, she never thought of herself as a writer, and never really thought about getting published. Eventually, Tiffany wrote her story. It was therapeutic for her, since she is unable to make her four daughters do every single thing she says, but she can make her characters.

She’s also been fascinated by diplomacy, travel, geography, tradecraft, and linguistics since she was a little girl, all of which influenced the book.

Her kids influenced the way that she wrote the book. Rosenhan, who’s a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, wanted to make sure that she would feel comfortable with her kids reading what she had wrote. To her, this meant keeping things “PG”.

She also knew that she didn’t want to make her heroine the sexualized female character and “femme fatale”, which are common in the spy genre. Instead, she wanted her to use her intellect, her physical body, and her intelligence as a way to solve her problems.

One thing she didn’t foresee was the way Sophia would be viewed differently from a male protagonist in the genre. There’s a lot of backlash when a heroine performs action stunts. But heroines from novels set in dystopian worlds are more easily accepted to have these special abilities or skills due to the fantasy element.

Her character exists in the real world, making it so that the expectations for her is that she isn’t this fast, or able to shoot that well, or couldn’t climb a wall. And male protagonists don’t get this same sort of pushback, which is very unfair to her.

Since she has four daughters, she feels strongly about these qualifiers being placed on female spies. Tiffany feels they should be able to achieve what they want to and not just be boxed into this preexisting paradigm.

Tiffany’s debut novel, called “Girl From Nowhere”, was released in the year 2020, and was published by Bloomsbury Young Adult on July 21, 2020. Her work is from the thriller, young adult, and romance genres.

“Girl From Nowhere” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Thirty-one schools in ninety-four countries. Now it is finally over, or so she believes.

Sophia Hepworth spent her life all over the world, moving fast, never staying too long in one place. She knows she has to look over her shoulder, to be able to fight in order to survive at a moment’s notice. She’s trained to be ready for anything.

Except this. All of a sudden it is over. She is now expected to go to high school in a sleepy Montana town. She is told to just forgot all about the past, however, she is haunted by it. As hard as she tries to be like her new friends and just live a normal life, she cannot shake the feeling that this new normal isn’t going to last.

Then comes silent and strong Aksel, whose skills match Sophia’s, and who appears to know even more about her than he lets on. What if everything Sophia believed she knew about her past is a lie?

This debut stars a fierce heroine that is going to risk everything to save the life she’s built for herself.

Fans found themselves being gripped right from the start, and had a really tough time putting the novel down too long. Every detail is very thoughtful and comes together expertly in the end. Readers liked how the book has thrilling and edge of your seat moments, some romance, and action packed moments. The novel is the perfect summer escape, with characters that explode to life. Fans found Sophia to be a courageous character that readers rooted for throughout.

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