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From Doylestown, PA. Tiffany Schmidt currently spends her time writing, following after 2 impish boys and chasing after the Pugs. She is married to a gentleman only referred to as St. Matt. Tiffany is a former teacher. Tiffany is a young adult author. Her books are profound and always contain a message where in the end; there is a form of hope. However in providing the hope it does not necessarily mean that the characters of her novels have happy endings. Schmidt is uncanny at being able to take what appears to be typical teenage problems and turn them into something for all of us regardless of our ages to learn from. Schmidt takes the passages that the characters must go through and in the end there is always something for the reader to learn. Tiffany uses classic fairy tales to inspire her writing. She has stated that she likes to blend the intrigue and the retelling of a fairy tale to create contemporary writing. She begins her writing being fully aware that the fairy tale would require updating and in many cases major updating. In her study of the retelling of the fairy tales she found the 3 characteristics in both are money, power and rule breaking. The one characteristic in fairy tales she is retelling is how above the law the royal families were. These realizations about the fairy tales and her retelling them were the foundation for her Once Upon a Crime Series, which is a study in thrillers.

The first book in the series Hold me Like a Breath is the story of a young woman, Penelope Landlow whose family is in the black market for body organ transplants. This leaves Penelope to believe that anything and everything has a price tag attached to it. Penelope herself suffers from an autoimmune deficiency that causes her to bruise quite easily and to be treated as if very delicate by her family, who does not want her involved in the family business.
The day comes when Penelope must prove her strength by being alone and staying a matter of steps ahead of the family enemies. During this test of survival Penelope learns about dreams and the consequences they may hold, how betrayals hurt and especially how far you would go to protect the ones that you love.
This book not only mesmerizes but also leaves the reader waiting to turn the page. This 1st book of the series has intrigue and suspense. There are moments in which the reader may become lost as the details of the crime families are often overlooked due to the overshadowing of the fairy tale based life of Penelope. The blend of the fairytale based romance coupled by the dark underworld of crime makes for an interesting read.

Book 2 of the series is scheduled for release on May 16th. This book will continue the adventures of Penelope and the criminality of her family. It is expected that the romance and fairy tale story will continue into this novel as well.

From the start Tiffany Schmidt has proven herself to be a very talented writer. Her first book also works with life changing influences in ones life. It circles around Mia who in the book Send me a Sign had a world that was ideal, until she finds that she has leukemia. What happens to her and the people around her is completely examined in this novel and brings home many facts about the lives of people. Tiffany’s characters have changed their point of views on everything from who they are to who they thought other people are. All of this done through the use of drama and perfectly placed words. Both of which are a standard in Tiffany Schmidt’s repertoire.

Schmidt’s books have caught the attention of critics as well as the consumer market. Not only are the young adults reading her books but those of a different generation as well. Her books are very well read and received on such lists as Good reads. She has received accolades from the NY Times as well as having made the NY Times bestseller list. In a 1992 interview for the promotion of her first book Tiffany describes how she was an avid reader as a child as well as lists some of her favorite books. It was this avaricious appetite for reading that has directed to the heart of young adult reading.

Another point that stands out in the writing of Schmidt is that she does not shy away from strong characters in her writing. There are strong personalities throughout her writings, both through the fairytale (mother, stepmother, etc.) aspect as well as her main characters.

Looking forward to the release of her 2nd novel in the Once upon a Crime series, Tiffany has once again put together her spin on the fairy tale with intrigue.
Reading Schmidt’s books will inspire the YA reader to take worthy chances in their lives. Giving them lessons in friendships, trust and acceptance of the truth as it lies before them. The books will encourage them to dig deep into their pockets of strength and take on what stands in the way of the true self.
At this point in time there is no outward activity as to whether or not any of the Tiffany Schmidt books will a television movie. However, I am sure that somewhere there is just such a discussion. In the meanwhile, we will all have to settle down and be satisfied with the excellent books that have already been offered by Tiffany Schmidt and look forward to any her new ones that may be waiting in the wings.

Tiffany Schmidt is an author worth reading regardless of the age you are. They struggles her characters go through to make things right are admirable and can be related to by anyone. While her characters may sometimes frustrate you, you are in awe at the strength the eventually manage to find from deep within. Passing the Tiffany Schmidt book down to a teen in your family is one of the best things that you can do. It will aid in the reflection as to where there is strength and wonder how they would act if in similar circumstances.

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