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Tiffany Tsao is a renowned American-born Australian author and literary translator. She is popular for writing science fiction, young adult, mystery, fantasy, fiction, urban fantasy, and speculative fiction stories. The most popular work that she has come up with so far in her writing career is The Oddfits book series. Another widely famous book of author Tsao is known as The Majesties, also called Under Your Wings in Australia. As a literary translator, Tsao is known for translating Indonesian stories into English. A worldwide example of that is the poetry collection of Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Sergius Seeks Bacchus. Other popular translations of Tsao include Paper Boats by Dee Lestari and The Birdwoman’s Palate by Laksmi Pamuntjak. Tsao has won the English PEN Translates and English PEN Presents awards for translating Norman Erikson’s poetry.

Tsao’s birth had happened in San Diego, California, United. During her childhood and early adulthood years, she has lived in Indonesia and Singapore. She completed her graduation from Wellesley College and then obtained a Ph.D. in her favorite subject of English from California Berkeley University. Tsao has taken up teaching jobs at different universities during the early days of her career. They include Berkeley; Newcastle University, Australia; and Georgia Institute of Technology. While teaching, she was also involved in researching literature. Author Tsao is affiliated with Sydney University’s Indonesian Studies Department. The wide range of literary works done by Tsao includes poetry, short fiction, translations, and literary criticism. They have been published in many popular literary magazines including Mascara Literary Review, LONTAR, Translational Literature, Comparative Literature, Asymptote, Contemporary Asian-Australian Poetry (anthology), and Literature & Theology.

As of today, Tsao resides in Sydney, Australia. She is happily married and loves the company of her loving husband and cute son in her free time. Author Tsao is quite satisfied with the way her career has spanned out so far. She wishes to keep doing the good work with more dedication and earn more success in the times to come. Many prominent critics have become her fan after going through her work. They have given excellent reviews to her books on various online and offline platforms. Tsao’s fellow writers have also helped in promoting her books by praising them genuinely. Numerous readers across the globe have become Tsao’s fans and have helped her in developing a large fan following for herself. She hopes to see their support for all her future works and make many more fans till that time.

The Oddfits series written by author Tiffany Tsao started in 2016. It consists of the important characters in the roles of Murgatroyd Floyd, Ann Hsu, and several others. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘The Oddfits’. It was released by Amazon Crossing in 2016. This book introduces Murgatroyd Floyd as an 8-year-old, who doesn’t seem to fit in. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and lives in Singapore. His parents are expatriates and he remains aloof with them. Murgatroyd does not go to school. The reason for remaining aloof with his parents that they do things that he doesn’t like and feels that his life is being made much harder because of their actions. Murgatroyd doesn’t seem to know that there is a specific reason for him being the odd boy out and labeled as an Oddfit. He belongs to a rare category of humans, who have access to a land called More Known World that is not visible to normal people.

Despite being a special kid, unfortunate circumstances keep giving him a hard time in the normal world. As he feels stranded in spite of being surrounded by people all the time, Murgatroyd feels that something extraordinary is waiting to happen and is beyond his reach at the moment. That extraordinary finally arrives 17 years later when Murgatroyd is invited to join a mission by a secret organization that is dedicated to exploring the invisible More Known World. As Murgatroyd Floyd grows up to become the Oddfit that he was supposed to be, the normal world starts making plans to exterminate him. Having an underachieving life is something that he is used to, but when people start looking to thwart his exciting destiny, he becomes dedicated enough to exceed expectations and force them to come to their knees, thereby, stopping everything that they are planning to do with the other world that he is a part of.

The second volume of this science fiction/fantasy series is known as ‘The More Known World’. It was also published in 2017 by Amazon Crossing publication. This novel starts two years after Floyd became a member of the Quest to explore the More Known World. After understanding and cataloging the various wonders of this world, the blue-eyed, rash-prone Oddfit starts experiencing doubts about his skills as an explorer. This causes a temporary halt to the workings of the Quest and makes Floyd’s mentor, Ann Hsu, wonder why he has started behaving strangely recently. Shortly after, a series of brutal murders force Floyd and Ann Hsu to visit an unknown region to investigate and put the Quest aside for some time. The strange territory that the mentor and her disciple visit, Cambodia-Abscond, turns out to be a region covered in red shades. Its garnet soil and crimson trees tend to make the outsiders crazy.

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