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Tigris Eden is an indie published American author that writes contemporary, dark fantasy, and paranormal romance. She is known for works like the Shadow Unit Series.

Tigris Eden was in sixth grade when she first sat down to write. She titled the novel she wrote ‘The case of the Missing Pepperoni’. Her teacher asked her to read it aloud and she was glad for it because the sensation she experienced in that moment convinced her that she was destined to write and publish fiction.

Like most authors, Tigris hoped that publishing success would automatically come knocking on her door when she was ready. However, things were not so straightforward. She had to learn firsthand that no dream could be achieved without fervent perseverance and determination on the part of the dreamer.

Fortunately, if there was one thing Tigris Eden had in spades, it was determination. The author was a military brat. Her childhood was characterized by frequent traveling. She learned early on to develop a self-reliant attitude that helped her forge stability whenever she changed schools and neighborhoods.

Tigris was also fortunate to have a vivid imagination. Even when she contemplated changing dreams, the voices in her head would not let her move on. They would always scream and chatter the days and nights away, throwing ideas at her that she would always jot down in her dream journals, waiting for the day her opportunity came.

A lot of her fans erroneously believe that Tigris Eden was an avid blogger and book reviewer before she became a published author but that isn’t true. Tigris started blogging in 2009.

But she had been writing long before her first blog post ever hit the web. When she wasn’t crafting novels, the author could be found attending conferences and taking online writing classes, the idea being to hone and perfect her writing abilities.

It is true, though, that by 2009, Tigris had no published novels on the market. She started blogging merely as a hobby. And after a while, she saw some merit in doing book reviews.

However, once her publishing career took off, she decided to abandon the blogs and the book reviews. Tigris believes that if she had continued to do book reviews even as she produced her own original novels, some of her readers would find an excuse to suggest that she was drawing her ideas from the books she reviewed.

Tigris Eden does not want that. All her stories are original creations. The ideas come directly from her wacky brain. In fact, Tigris generally avoids reading novels in the genres within which she happens to be working.

Tigris does not want comparisons between the novels she has written and the books she has read to arise. She is especially wary of subconsciously borrowing ideas from authors she likes.

As far as her decision to become an indie author is concerned, Tigris Eden is drawn to the freedom. She has nothing bad to say about traditional publishing. But she appreciates the fact that indie publishing allows her to publish whatever books she wants whenever she wants.

She admits that the avenue brings with it a lot of challenges. She expends a lot of time and effort dealing with the business side of indie publishing, this including hiring editors and proofreaders.

At the very least, Tigris enjoys doing the cover art for her novels. When it comes to the writing, Tigris doesn’t follow any particular process. She has a library of notebooks filled with stories she has jotted down over the years.

The author finds inspiration in ordinary life. She will listen to a song, watch a movie, interact with a friend or even eavesdrop on a conversation and that will spark an idea.

Every idea that the author gets she writes down, no matter how silly it might sound. And then, from time to time, she will return to it in her notebooks and expand upon the potential plot threads.

That is, more or less, the way the average Tigris Eden novel starts. She has bits and pieces of ideas that get thrown into a pot, are mixed together and eventually emerge as a cohesive story.

The author’s novels typically feature dark, brooding philandering heroes looking for a woman to tame them and beautiful heroines that have been burned on multiple occasions and who only want a chance at true love.

Tigris Eden counts people like Shayla Black and Larissa Ione among her favorite authors. She likes photography. There are so many things in the world that the author considers beautiful but which others might not.

And it is those things that she endeavors to photograph when she isn’t writing. This is on top of listening to music and hanging out with her husband and three boys. The author is active on social media. She frequently engages with her fans.

+Enslaved in Shadows
Agent Draven Stone is good at his job. As a member of the Shadow unit, the werewolf spends his days policing his own kind. Things take a strange turn when he goes to tropical Belize on an ordinary assignment and ends up saddled with a lovely human he must protect but who also makes frequent appearances in his darkest fantasies.

Jesminda Zealand spent one magical night with Draven. Then he simply disappeared, living her saddled with the consequences. She tried to find security in the arms of another man but she was met with the sort of abuse that left her scarred.

Five years later, Jesminda has no intention of letting Draven back into her life no matter how hard her body yearns for his.

+Redeemed in Shadows
Gabe joined the Shadow Unit to make atonement. The harbinger of death took a life without cause. After two hundred years, he found a new purpose, this on top of making an unexpected friend.

But now Gabe is about to go home. In two weeks, his punishment will end and he will leave his teammates behind. But first, he must train a replacement.

When Gabe and Hale meet, he looks at their night together merely as a means of working her out of his system. But then a spark ignites and Gabe finds his heart swayed even as loyalties at the Shadow Unit Headquarters are tested.

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