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Master of the Game (By: Sidney Sheldon) (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistress of the Game (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Adored (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Showdown (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Do Not Disturb (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flawless (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scandalous (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Darkness (With: Sidney Sheldon) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fame (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of the Dark (With: Sidney Sheldon) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Friends and Rivals (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tides of Memory (With: Sidney Sheldon) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Summer's Afternoon (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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as M.B. Shaw
Murder at the Mill (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Castle (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born Matilda Emily N. Bagshawe on 12th June in the year 1973 in Lambeth Hospital in London, England, to Nicholas Wilfrid Bagshawe as the father and Daphne Margaret nee Triggs as her mother, Matilda had a brother, James and two sisters Loise bagshawe, the elder sister and another sister Alice. With a pen name Tilly Bagshawe, she however, has a long and a renowned family tree that spans of a catholic gentry to artist and stockbrokers to begbrokers as well as to the co-founders of the renowned Westminster Cathedral. Interestingly, her elder sister Louise Bagshawe Mensch also happens to be a Chick-Lit author as well as a former conservative member of parliament.

However, that said, Tilly Bagshawe is known to have attended a local and all girls Catholic school, The Woldingham School, located near her family home in Surrey and while there, she unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 17 to the chagrin of the nuns in that school. Although expelled, she was undaunted and thus proceeded to give birth to a beautiful baby girl Persephone also known as Sefi. Moving on, Tilly Bagshawe went on to finish her studies and at just at the age of 18, she progressed to St. John’s College, in Cambridge University together with her then 10 month old baby in tow. Currently, she is married to Robin Nydes, a US businessman with whom they trade between their two homes in Los Angele’s and in London.They are currently blesses with other two sons together with her daughter Sefi.

However, before fulfilling her dream as a writer, Tilly Bagshawe had a successful career in finance while in the city. However, as fate and dreams would have it, Tilly Bagshawe moved on to pursue her career as a journalist and of course her dream as a writer. It is during this time as journalist that she proceeded to enjoy her beautiful career in London and of course to contribute regularly to the Sunday times and the Daily mail as well as to the Evening standard before eventually opting to try her hand in novels. Actually, now as a free lancer journalist and as a novelist Tilly Bagshawe not only contributes regularly to numerous other publications, newspapers and magazines such as the Cosmopolitan and the Glamour to Elle to The Sunday Times and The Times as well as The Daily Mail but she is also now more dedicated to her novelist dream than before.

Therefore, following in her elder sisters footsteps as a writer and focusing mainly in novels, Tilly Bagshawe’s first novel Adored was an instant and a smash hit, both the USA and in England and ever since her debut novel, she has never looked back. Which has since seen her receive numerous accolades from from various quarters, that is as a New York times best selling author from some of her books such as the Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow and the Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory to the Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark as well as the Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness not to mention the Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game.

Besides the series novels Tilly Bagshawe also wrote numerous other other novels like the Adored to the Showdown and the Do not disturb to mention but a few of them. Her Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game series was a nice ride as well. Published in the in the year 2009, this series is a sequel to the Sidney Sheldon’s, a critically acclaimed novel Master of the game of the 1982, which was not only a New York times best seller and also one of her books that was also adapted into the 1984 television miniseries.

Well, this novel Mistress of the Game simply continues with the story of a powerful Blackwell family, even as the life long conflict between the twins Alexandra and Eve extends to the children. In this book the character Kate blackwell has since died and left the company in the ownership of her granddaughters who apparently are both pregnant, Alexandra Blackwell Templeton and Eve Blackwell Webster. Eve is secretly determined to revenge against her husband who evidently and deliberately destroyed her face during a plastic surgery session so that she would never have to abandon him, plus she is also up to revenge against Alexandra’s family with whom she believes destroyed her plan of acquiring the total control of Kruger Brent Ltd, a family company.

Later on Eve painstakingly gives birth to Max, her son, while Alexandra gives birth to Lexi. Lexi grows while loved with every family member while Max is taught to hate his cousins as well as his father and with an aim of controlling the family company Kruger Brent Ltd.It is during their joint 18 birthday that Max puts it blatantly that he hates Lexi, that is after Lexi winning over the company’s board members, despite max bid to charm them and thus vows to make the company all his. Robie, Lexi’s elder brother is however a successful pianist, who is barely interested in the ownership of the company and thus gives all his shares to Lexi allowing Lexi 2/3 control of the firm when she turns 25

Eve sends her son Max to seduce Lexi,into a romantic relationship successfully. She lets her guard down and provides Max with the code to the safe, where Max find and leaks some of her college days racy pictures. Lexi is terminated by board members on that account and Max takes full control. However, years down the line Lexi’s new firm Templeton not only restores Lexi’s reputation but also outshines Kruger Brent, which Max’s unsteady control has seen on the downward trend

When Lexi opens a branch in Africa, the firms conflicts with the Phoenix Industries, her distant relative, Gabriel McGregor’s company. Although, first attracted to Gabriel, Lexi is hesitant to pursue him after realizing he has a family, and is thus content as a business partners. However, after Gabriels family is murdered,they slowly form a relationship. Despite Gabriel attempt to sway her from taking back Kruger Brent with the notion that have enough to be happy of, Lexi promises to, but does not let go. She buying off most of Kruger Brent companies, while secretly swindling from Gabriel’s charity fund to finance this plan. Kruger Brent eventually goes bankrupt and Max kills himself. The board members resolves to sell Kruger Brent, to their amazement when Lexi purchases it and brings it back to its foot. Just when she is about to inform Gabriel the sweet news that she is expecting his child, they coincidentally breaks up, after him discovering his charity fund scam. After Gabriel gets finds out about the pregnancy the love is reignited and they reconciles marrying after the birth Maxine their daughter.

Eve is meanwhile on her deathbed, haunted by the ghosts from her past evil deeds. She sends a threatening note to Lexi and to the police declaring to knows what Lexi did. Lexi is taken to the police station after the wedding, but Robbie,Gabriel and 2 of her loyal servants sees her escape to Maldives, far from the police jurisdiction, and she gets reunited with her family and now Lexi is more hopeful for the future than Eve.

On another Tilly Bagshawe’s series is the Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the dark, This is also another fast paced narrative that is characterized with excitement, mystery, glamor and spectacular twists. It is a story of a first big, most violent and bloodiest murder case that a violent crime LAPD detective officer Danny McGuire would ever encounter. In the story, an elderly multimillionaire art dealer, Andrew Jakes has been murdered in his home in Hollywood and his lifeless body tied to his raped and beaten naked young wife Angela Jakes, who has barely survived the beatings.

Danny swore to want to find the psychopath that is behind such a barbaric act, but the investigation takes a twist when after Angela’s release from the hospital she vanishes.For almost ten years Danny ould not forget the stunning face of Angela and the terrible crime that brought her life down, Danny obsesion with Angela almost causes him his sanity.While in France, with a new life and a new job with the Interpol and thousand of miles from the past and of course a ravishing and a happy new life, Danny meets Matt Daley, Andrew Jakes estranged son.

Very curious and inquisitive about his Dad’s murder, he seems to have been digging into this cold case and has since made some very shocking revelations. 3 killings that are almost identical to his Dad’s has happened across the globe, the victims were all newly wed millionaires ,were both elderly and in all the incidences their wives were assaulted and in ever case the sole beneficiary, the widow for that matter donated their newly found wealth to charities and disappeared. If the same killer is still at large and has struck again, Danny now clearly knows that he must tread carefully lest he lose every detail for ever.

Both Matt and Danny joins forces to pursue this psychopath, in a tantalizing game of the mouse and the cats that is filled with some very frustrating dead ends and some very promising leads. Danny is determined to unearth this sinister individual before this cleaver killer strikes another time.This is a fast paced and a thrilling story and which truly is quite an interesting read.

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