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Tim Garvin is a reputed American writer of mystery, thriller, coming of age, children’s book, adult fiction, and young adult stories. He has recently started his new series called The Seb Creek Mysteries series. He has just finished the writing part of the first book of this series and put it up for publication. Previously, Garvin has written and published a couple of single novels. Author Garvin was born and brought up in Arizona, then in the Alaskan wilderness just north of the town of Juneau. He feels proud in saying that he lived in a house that had bears in its back yard and whales in its front yard. Garvin used to undertake various adventures in his hometown, including rafting with rafts made of empty cans. Now, Garvin resides near Durham, North Carolina. He has a beautiful wife in the form of Cynthia and a lovely dog named Blue. Both of them are his excellent companions.

Garvin has constructed a cabin for himself next to the creek, where he goes every morning to write his novels. During the afternoons, he returns to live with his family, throw garden, pots, read, and discuss life, characters, pace, and plot with his wife Cynthia. Sometimes, he takes Blue and Cynthia to boating trips on his small sailboat. Garvin has just finished writing the second Seb Creek book and is currently in talks with publishers to get it published. The particular interests of author Garvin in his spare time include making pots with pottery. He is very much interested in this craft and has earned his living for 40 years by making porcelain jewelry. Some of his work is available at the blue-bus studio store. In his new mystery series, Garvin has introduced a new chief protagonist created by him, Seb Creek.

Seb is described as a sheriff’s detective living in Swann County, North Carolina. When two investigations begin at the same time, Seb Creek becomes a part of both the investigations. One investigation is carried out by the FBI and the other is under the charge of the sheriff. During a recent helicopter crash, 3 Stinger missiles went missing and the FBI agents want to find out who took them. And the case that has come to sheriff’s department is that if the hanging of a black former con inside a well. While working out the two investigations, Seb Creek fights through secrets, lies, and murder. He tries his best to locate a killer and catch him before he commits another crime.

Seb Creek attempts to unravel the mysteries revolving around an ax murder committed long ago, gas chamber located outdoor, combat’s ravages, a final killing, and a mystery lying at a well’s bottom. In the book that introduced Seb Creek, author Garvin has described a story that with the powerful themes of justice, war, race, and healing. He has stressed on explaining that sometimes justice takes time and sometimes it is served instantly. Garvin is known to introduce well-developed characters in his books. He creates complex plots and intriguing storylines that tend to make readers sit on the edge of their seats. Garvin’s characters often show a three-dimensional approach.

There are multiple in Garvin’s stories that make them much more interesting to read. These aspects and elements have helped his books to become widely successful and loved by numerous readers throughout the globe. Garvin has always expressed his gratitude to critics, fellow writers, and reviewers for giving good comments to her work. He has shown appreciation for the praise he has received from various readers. Garvin intends to come up with numerous other interesting stories in the future and make them available to his fans so that they can read and enjoy them.

A successful book penned by author Tim Garvin is entitled ‘Bhajan’. It was released in 2015 by the Blue Bus publication. Garvin has mentioned the lead characters in this novel as Bluey Macintosh, Bhajan, JJ, and a few others. The book opens by showing that Bluey Macintosh owns a mobile zoo. He buys a Bengal tiger and adds him to his zoo. The tiger is named Bhajan and his presence tends to change several minds as well as the hearts of a few people. However, Bhajan seems to have some other plans. He has been raised by a master of Indian origin, who is referred to as a god-intoxicated. Bhajan thinks of changing the world and succeeds in this effort to a great extent. He purrs for 6 hours every night, however, tigers are not known to carry out this phenomenon. The sound of the purr mesmerizes the inner being of the ones hearing it, including the animals in Macintosh’s zoo. When Bluey Macintosh joins a crew of 4 members to go on an adventurous journey, he and everybody else come to confront widening courage, love, and deepening consciousness. The need of the hour is that they gather all the courage and love that they can find to deal with an Iraqi war veteran who seems to have gone mad. This man is known as JJ and his arrival in the zoo’s compound tends to change everything.

Another excellent book written by Garvin is known as ‘Killer Whale Rock’. This novel revolves around the adventure of a boy in the wilderness of Alaska. It was published by CreateSpace in 2015. Garvin has created the lead characters in this book in the roles of Sam Jefferson, Roy Jefferson, and several others. Initially, it is said that Sam Jefferson is a 12-year-old boy, who travels from Alaska from his hometown in Arizona. As he arrives at his destination, he sees that there are whales in the house’s front yard and the backyard has bears. Sam is accompanied by his brother on the journey. Together, they start exploring the wilderness’ sudden danger and breathtaking beauty. With the help of a group of eccentric Alaskans, the brothers fight against a brown bear. A giant halibut nearly tows out Sam to the sea. After that, he participates in a woodshed play that seems quite hilarious. Finally, Roy and Sam go on to confront the Killer Whale Rock. The adventure makes them understand that courage is not just in the physical form.

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