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Timothy John Green or popularly known as Tim Green is one of the America’s most prolific writers. He is also described as a man of many talents. Tim Green has been mostly involved in writing fiction writings but 1997 he gravitated towards non-fiction writing. He started as an American football player to a football commentator to becoming an attorney. However, most of his writing was influence by his career as an American football player; especially his earlier books.

Tim was born on 16th December 1963 in Liverpool, New York. During his studies at Syracuse University, Tim played American football for the varsity; which really shaped and helped him succeed in his football career. He later graduated from the same Syracuse University College of Law in 1994. The 51-year author is married to Illyssa and has four children.

After graduating, Tim spent most of his time working in the sports industry. He is a radio and TV personality. He has worked as a commentator and football analyst. And a columnist on USA today on sports and also contributed much in writing of various sports magazines. His has also worked as an ABC commentator, host of FOX Sports show, Court TV’s Pros and Cons and also as a Comedy Central’s Battle-bots. Tim Green is currently a practicing lawyer with the Hiscock & Barclay law firm in New York State.

His sports career has earned him numerous awards and nominations among other honorary positions. In 1986, Tim was named number 17 by the 1986 NFL Atlanta Falcon Draft. In January 2010 he was named the coach of the University at Skaneateles in New York. In 2011, the University also named Tim Green the winner NCAA Silver Anniversary Award; an award that is given annually to the former student of the University who have shown an exemplary achievements in their career. His books:

Unstoppable: fiction Story

Unstoppable is a fiction stories that rotate around a young man who is dedicated to getting the best out of his love for football. Harrison, a fiction character, out of determination, starts to shine in his football career at an early age. But suddenly the injury that he encounters while playing, leads to a devastation medical diagnosis that puts his already shining career at stake.

Tim Green was inspired to write Unstoppable’ from his interaction with cancer survivors and the untold stories about players that are only known to other players. It is a book that comes as a motivation to everyone who believes in their ability to achieve a certain goal and they choose to over come all hurdles. They choose to be unstoppable. It is a book that has been commented by emeritus Jon Scieszka as a must-read to every guy.

The story is about a young kid who is adopted by a loving and a caring family- and the adoptive father is already a coach of his favorite game. The kid is determined to go beyond any challenge to one day play in the NFL. The dream is short-lived. Harrison’s big build and his amazing determination quickly make him a star running back on the junior high school team. Harrison is unstoppable in the field and he will do all that he can to achieve his desires. However, the routinely injury in the field unveils a devastating diagnosis that bring his career to an emergency halt.

A Man and His Mother A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search is one of the best selling non-fiction writings of Timothy Green. This kindle edition novel relates to the life of Tim while growing just like every other American child. The need to search for his true family identity and the love of his football talent comes out clearly in the book.

From the outside, everyone would perceive Tim Green kid had it all. He was a handsome, 6’2’’ good looking young man with a shinning career in football. He succeeded to become one of the players of the most coveted NFL and latter graduated with a law degree from the Syracuse University. All these events would easily deceive his fans that he would probably have nothing bothering his mind.

What many did not know is that he had a void in his heart that only his biological mother would fill. Tim Green was adopted and raised by a loving family. However, he still felt that he really needed to know, who his real mother was. After his former girl’s mother told him of how she too had given up a son, the need to search his own was lifted higher. With the support encouragement from his parents, he started his journey to locating his own maternal mother. He wanted to meet the woman who brought him into the world and tell her of his life, happiness and success in his football career and education.

A Man and His Mother is a bold search for a biological mother by a person who seems from outside to have what most would call a perfect life. This book is filled with a brilliant approach and heart-wrenching remembrances, growing up with an adoptive family. Tim Green combines slight humor and a compelling outlook of how it feels to be an adopted child (in the arms of loving, caring and supportive adoptive family) and the unending urge to find the real mother. The book brings out the life of Tim, from his determination to become the best football player to making it into the NFL and his success as an attorney. It tries to show the relationship that a family setting has to the life and success of a person. This book qualifies to be a non-fictions book because it directly tells about the life of Tim Green.

Tim is a multi-talented person with outstanding ability to write both fiction and non- fiction stories. He has been able to use all the skills and experience he has gained from his football career to writing some of the best selling game related novels. His life journey has also played a vital role in the success of his writing career.

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