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Publication Order of Akira and Deane Thriller Books

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Tim Jopling is a published author of fiction novels.

Tim Jopling was born in the United States in Croydon. The author was born on June 26, 1977. He enjoys reading or watching television series or films that are based on or inclusive of espionage and spying. He says that people say that you should write abut what you already know, and even though he has not had experience personally spying, he has read a lot of novels on the subject.

He’s also watches a lot of films and television shows involving spies– as many as he can! He worked for sixteen years in the I.T. sector and says that you cannot beat the original James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. He is a big fan of the James Bond series. He does say that he is more of a fan of the grittier movies involving Daniel Craig and not the ones that are more like spoofs. His favorite actor so far to play the Bond character is Timothy Dalton, and not just because of the fact that they share the same name!

Tim Jopling also has really enjoyed watching the hit action television show ’24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland and has watched and loved all of its seasons that have come out. The author recounts that when he first started writing, there were a lot of things contributing to his trying it out and wanting to do it. One of them was watching one of the editions of the Mission Impossible movies as well as a movie starring the character of James Bond. He actually thought the movies could have been written better.

He also recalls that around this same time, he saw a scene with the minor character of Paulson that struck a chord with him. It really started to get his creative juices going and he started to write! He has enjoyed writing his plots and stories featuring the main characters of Olsen and Deane (and says that he enjoys the other supporting characters as well).

Tim Jopling is the creator and the author of the Akira and Deane Thriller series of fiction. The debut novel in this series first became available for readers to enjoy in 2015. It was quickly followed by the second novel in this series, which is titled Underground Murmurs.

Out of the Shadows is the exciting and thrilling first novel in the Akira and Deane series! If you have been looking for an intriguing book to read, check this one out.

When it comes to appearances, sometimes you’ve got to remember that not all is what it appears to be sometimes. You should never turn around and lower your guard when it comes to anything or anyone. That being said, readers get to meet the main character of Akira– who disregards all the rules completely whenever he wants.

This man is dangerous, there is no question. But it is not something inherent to his nature that causes him to be so dangerous. The facts of the matter are that he has lost a lot– everything that is important to him in his life. At this point in time, there is nothing that he has remaining to lose.

Akira has been through the death of Madeline, his wife. He loved her very much and now that she is dead, his need for revenge is the only thing driving him. The only thing that he wants in the world is to take revenge out on the people that took her away from his side. Now his mission is so strong that it is the only thing that he can see.

His goal is to get the West and its corruption out of the world, along with everything that it symbolizes. With one man that he particularly wants set in sight, Akira is out to wreak utter havoc. When it comes to Thomas Deane, this agent is everything that Akira hates.

He is a loyal agent to MI6 and belongs to half of a partnership that is totally elite. His patriotism means that he is totally devoted to serving his country at any cost. The MI6 team will be assisted by undercover operation agents, but even they do not have any idea of what is coming down the line.

Can they be successful in their goal of pulling Akira and bringing him slowly out from the shadows? You are going to have to check out the suspenseful first book in this series to find out!

Underground Murmurs is the second novel in the Akira and Deane fictional series. When it comes to getting revenge, the way to get even is not always easy.

Akira still craves getting vengeance. Even though he has already been stopped, the desire and hunger that he has for change to happen all over the world becomes strong and grows even more powerful with every passing day.

Now he has the assistance of a top political puppet and is going down a path that is fairly dangerous. He’s attempting to revive a superpower and bring it back from its deadened state so that it can help him to get at the West and strike at its very central heat.

Main character Thomas Deane has been dispatched to try and help settle things. Given a new partner and dealing with Russia broiling in turmoil, he’s been assigned to stop a political uprising. But he also has no idea that at the same time, he’s walking into what’s sure to be a trap.

Now his health is going out on him, and he’s drawing on his experience to try and make it through. The only thing that could stop him would be Akira. It is clear that his enemy doesn’t want to stop at anything when it comes to revenge.

He will have it or he will have nothing at all. When MI6 is hit with an attack, it must do whatever it can to reactive its covert operations forces. Together they’ve got to prevent a home soil attack from happening. It is being run by allies close to Akira, and now SUCO has to stop them.

As Sam leads the team into the network of the London Underground, can they stop the attack before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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