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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Tim Kizer is a noteworthy author of more than 25 standalone novels. He has mostly written novels based on the thriller and suspense genres. Along with the suspenseful novels Kizer has also written numerous short stories in the horror and action thriller genres. Basically, Kizer hails from Los Angeles, California, United States. However, he loves to travel a lot and has visited a number of places abroad and has even lived in different countries for some span of time. Kizer became actively involved from the year 2013 and it is in this year only that most of his novels have been published. He also completed a few other novels and short stories in the following years as well. As of today, Kizer lives in his home in Southern California. He likes to keep himself busy all the time and is currently working on a number of novels. It won’t be wrong to say that his mind works on many plots of novels at a time. He somehow manages to come out with the right plot in the right novel and entertains his readers. In one of his novels named The Vanished, Kizer has described the life of the main character called David Miller, who is the father of a 5 year old daughter. His daughter’s name is Annie, who goes missing on one day. In the initial trials of investigation, the police begin to suspect David to be involved in the disappearance of his daughter. Hence, he is made to pass through a lie detector test. The police begin to suspect him even more when he fails the test. In order to make him tell the truth about the disappearance of his daughter, David is made to undergo a hypnosis session. Later, he confesses of murdering his daughter with a knife. He gives them the information about the location of the knife that he used to kill his daughter. The police finds the murder weapon with stains of Annie’s blood on it and David’s fingerprints. Two weeks later, David receives a call from a man named Ben, who informs him that Annie is alive and in his custody. He tells David that he will let Annie go only if he agrees to do a job for him. However, the intentions of Ben do not seem good and if David agrees to do the job for him, he might land in prison for his whole life. He doubts whether to trust Ben or not and that whether he is real in the first place or not.

One of the standalone novels written by Tim Kizer was published in the year 2011 under the title ‘Intoxication-A Suspense Thriller’. The novel is based on the life story of the main character named Leslie. The plot of the novel opens up with the introduction of Leslie as a working lady. She is always under the suspicion that someone is trying to poison her at work. She has no means to prove her suspicion to be correct, but she does not care about it and does not fear about taking the law into her own hands. She believes that the ones who think that she is paranoid and dismiss her fears deserve a certain punishment. However, before she could punish anyone the matter becomes even more complicated. Leslie begins to question her own suspicions and sanity, and is unable to think about a way to get out of it. The novel shows the story of a young psychopathic lady in a terrifying tale of derangement. She is slowly slipping into madness in trying to fight an enemy who does not really exist. She only dreams of him in her imagination. Even though she makes enough arrangements, including security cameras, constant vigilance and a gun, in order to protect herself from getting killed by his imaginary enemy, she does not think that the arrangements will be enough to fight against him. Hence, she resorts to some desperate measures to survive. The author says that is difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially knowing that the cat is not there in the room. However, Leslie is is determined to find and kill it as she is fueled by her paranoia.

Another novel written by Tim Kizer was published in the year 2012 as a Kindle edition under the title ‘Days of Vengeance’. The plot of the novel is based on a horror story revolving around the main characters Frank and Kelly. In the opening sequence of the plot, Frank is introduced as a struggling man after forgetting about the last 6 years of his life. He has lost his memory due to amnesia caused by a car crash 3 days before, in which his wife Kelly has gone missing. Frank begins to think that he might have murdered his wife. He struggles to remember about Kelly and the way she got disappeared and receives a huge shock from Kelly’s family after learning that they also think that he has murdered Kelly. Soon, he slowly begins to gain his memory back, but is still unable to find out the reason behind killing Kelly. He is also not sure whether he has anything to do with the disappearance of his daughter or not, who has gone missing for the past few months. The things begin to take difficult turns when Frank comes to know that his in-laws will do everything to make him remember what he had done to Kelly.

To make matters worse, Frank begins to get anonymous calls from a blackmailer who claims to know how he had murdered Kelly and demands money for not revealing the truth to anybody. Soon, Frank begins to find it extremely difficult to search for the answers without his memory. He begins to fight for his survival before discovering that the relatives of his wife are serial kidnappers and working for a mysterious boss who has only one leg. He thinks that he cannot come out of the deadly situation as one his in-laws is a multimillionaire while the other is a top cop. However, he still keeps thinking about why his in-laws are so desperate to find Kelly’s dead body. With limited options left with him and his time running out quickly, Frank needs to find his wife dead or alive as soon as possible or he will end up dead. In the race to prove his innocence, Frank is able to collect all the clues related to the puzzle, but does not know how to solve them and come out of this mess. To hos greater shock, he has no idea that the real reason behind his miserable condition is going to turn his life upside down.

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