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Hello, Is This Planet Earth? (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ask an Astronaut (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Astronaut Selection Test Book (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Limitless (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cosmic Diary of our Incredible Universe (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Tim Peake

A British pilot, test instructor, astronaut, and now author, Tim Peake has fast become a key voice within his field today. Previously working aboard the International Space Station as a crew member, he’s an important figure with a whole wealth of experience to draw from. Putting his life into his writing, he writes with a great deal of authenticity, drawing readers in and holding them there for the duration. Over time he has established a real profile for himself, reaching a worldwide audience, providing engaging and compelling literature.

With over eighteen years of military service behind him as well, he’s gained over 3000 hours of flight experience in different air-crafts. One of the first British astronauts to conduct a spacewalk, he’s truly a pioneer within his field, pushing at the boundaries in both his life and his work. Publishing books about his experiences, he’s often talked about his life, becoming a permanent fixture on the bookshelves of many in the process. Also writing fiction as well, he’s proven himself to be an engaging and compelling writer with a lot to say and offer readers.

An officer of the British Army Air Corps, he’s also a member of the European Space Agency, and their first astronaut to go into space. Training with the ESA, he would compete for a place against 8000 other applicants for a place among the six other applicants on the training programme. He would also be the second person to bear a United Kingdom flag into space, just after fellow British astronaut Helen Sharman. Now writing on a regular basis, he continues to talk about his experiences, while also continuing to write consistently as well.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1972 on the 7th of April, Timothy Nigel Peake was born in Chichester, West Sussex, and raised in Westbourne there. Studying at Chichester High School for Boys, he would leave in 1990, before going on to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Graduating from there, he would become a second lieutenant serving in the Army Air Corps in 1992 on the 8th of August.

Qualifying in 1994 as a helicopter pilot, he would go on to become an instructor himself just four years later in 1998. In 2004 he was promoted to major, becoming a test pilot and graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) in Flight Dynamics. Leaving the army after seventeen years in 2009, he would go on to train with the ESA, serving as an aquanaut for NASA in 2012, before boarding the International Space Station in 2015, making his mark in history. Currently living with his wife Rebecca, he continues to live active life of outdoor pursuits, as he continues to support the United Kingdom Space Agency.

Writing Career

Publishing his first book back in 2016, Tim Peake would make his literary debut with the title ‘Hello, is this Planet Earth?’ It would run under the subheading of ‘My View from the International Space Station,’ and it would provide an account of his space exploration. He would later follow this up with other non-fiction books, such as ‘Ask an Astronaut’ in 2018, and ‘Limitless: The Autobiography’ in 2020, along with fictional work for children with his ‘Swarm Rising’ series written alongside Steve Cole. Winning awards for his work, he’s also received an honorary fellowship for contribution to space travel from the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Limitless: An Autobiography

Arriving through the ‘Century’ publishing imprint in 2020, this would come out to critical acclaim on the 15th of October. A Sunday Times bestseller, it would instantly be met with huge success, making it a massively important book upon its release. It was a non-fiction memoir and autobiography of everything Tim Peake had achieved up to that point in his life. Using all the logs and diaries from his experiences, the books is authentic and factual, while also relaying many of the emotions he felt in an engaging manner.

Using audio recordings and diaries from his time aboard the ‘International Space Station,’ Tim Peake recollects his time spent there. Looking at how he came to achieve doing the spacewalk, he charts the road he took to get there from the very beginning, and everything that it took. Following his time spent serving in the army and experiencing the Troubles in Northern Island, he discusses a whole range of different experiences. Testing for the space-flight, he’d push himself to the limit, going through extensive training, and finally making it into space.

It’s an exciting book that really captures everything Peake went through as individual, showing exactly what it took for him to achieve his goals. Pushed emotionally, physically, and intellectually, he really brings to life the experience for readers on the page, giving it a definite sense of vitality. Talking about his past leading up to his walking in space, the story of his journey there and his many experiences is also hugely engrossing.

Ask an Astronaut

Once again coming out through the ‘Century’ publishing house, this came out back in 2017, and would be a more straightforward factual book. Collecting together questions and answers, it’s a non-fiction account of Tim Peake’s time spent in space, and everything it involved. Royalties from the book were donated to ‘The Prince’s Trust,’ a charity that Tim Peake has been actively involved in as an ambassador.

Basing the book on his time spent aboard the Principia mission into space, Tim Peake provides his own guide into life up there. Providing the clear facts and science of what living in space entails, he makes the information as clear and accessible as possible. Written in a friendly and engaging style, the book looks at everything, from the spacewalk, to the instruments used and the experiments taken. The questions themselves were garnered from people online using the #askanastronaut hashtag, which he’s collected together with the answers here.

It’s an interesting, fun, and highly informative book that answers everything the reader will want to know about spending time in space. Offering his own unique insight as well, Peake himself is entertaining, making this and engaging book to read. There are also plenty of illustrations, photographs, and diagrams throughout, making the book far easier to digest.

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