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An author with a moderate but ever loyal following, Tim Stevens is a British writer who has been growing in stature recently, as he hones and refines his craft. Primarily writing thriller novels he has produced a number of works from his home near London, with over sixteen novels to date and counting. Focusing on the espionage aspects of the genre, he revels in character and action driven plots, all whilst retaining a sense of subtlety that allows the smaller aspects of the narrative to come through.

Early and Personal Life

Although Tim Stevens is a British born author, his family moved to South Africa during the 1970’s as he spent a large amount of his childhood there. Growing up in the area he found this was to form a major part of who he would become as a writer in his later years. Whilst he did move back to Britain further on down the line, he did spend a lot of his time in South Africa taking in inspiration from his surrounding environment.

It was also here that he went onto further education in Johannesburg where he attended University studying within the medical profession. This was followed by an internship at the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere in a smaller town that was located just outside of the city itself. At the age of just twelve he had decided he wanted to go into the medical profession, something which saw him through to his adult years.

After this he moved back to Britain during the mid-nineties, after witnessing some of the more extreme violence that Africa had suffered during a state of unofficial civil war following the breakup of the apartheid system. This all fed into his writing, as he sought to express some of the horrors he had seen whilst he was working there. When he got to Britain he started to apply himself to the field of psychiatry, something which followed through to this very day as he continues to work in the National Health Service.

Currently he still lives in the United Kingdom where he continues to work in the health service, along with his career as a writer too. All this along with his family commitments, as he also has a wife and three daughters too who take up a large portion of his time. Continuing to write he has many books planned on the horizon, a trend which shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as his career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Writing over eleven espionage and action novels to date and counting, Tim Stevens has managed to produce an impressive backlog of work in a relatively short amount of time. Publishing his first novel Ratcatcher in 2012 he then went onto create the Martin Calvary novels in the same year with the release of Severance Kill. The book Ratcatcher itself begun the John Purkiss franchise which has become a popular series in its own right with readers.

With his books now being translated abroad, such as his novel Ratcatcher being taken to Estonia the country where it was incidentally set. Gaining both critical and commercial success his audience is growing steadily everyday as he gains more and more fans. He has a lot more books set to be released shortly as well, many continuing his already extensive franchises as he builds upon what he’s got taking it even further than ever before.

Alpha Kill

Originally published on the first of September in 2014, this was to be the third book in the Joe Venn series charting the daring exploits of the eponymous protagonist. With his character and background already well established for the reader, this manages to further expand on the style and tone, as well as the overall territory of the genre as a whole. It also manages to create a whole new adventure which challenges the protagonist of Joe Venn like he’s never been challenged before, thus upping the stakes for what’s to come.

Heading the New York Police Departments division of special projects once again, Detective Lieutenant Joe Venn this time find himself up against the elements with his specifically assigned sector that works on project of a political nature. With the ability to pick his own team he has full autonomy over his group and how they are managed, but this sense of control doesn’t extend to his own personal life though, which seems to be in a state of perpetual chaos. After the prison breakout of the notorious criminal Gene Drake and his team of dangerous cohorts, Venn finds himself thrown back together with Dr Beth Colby from the previous novels, as they try to overcome their troubled past and deal with tracking down the criminals. Will they be able to find the criminals before it’s too late? Can they overcome their feelings for one another? What will become of Venn as he finds that he may have to make the alpha kill?


The fourth book in the John Purkiss series, this was initially published on the 29th of May in 2014 to an already eager and well established audience. Continuing the events already set-up beforehand in the previous novels, this manages to bring a whole new element to the franchise, creating a somewhat different style and tone for the characters within. It also works to bring something new to the character of John Purkiss, the intelligence operative who’s sent out to undertake the tasks that only he can manage.

Frank Wyatt, a supposedly retired British Intelligence operative is found in the north-eastern region of Siberia at Yarkovsky Station posing as a research scientist. Sent in to find out more, John Purkiss goes undercover as a journalist in an attempt to find out what it is that he’s doing there, and why exactly has he chosen this location of all places to resurface. That’s when a number of attempts are made on the life of Purkiss, as well as the personnel of the station, as a few people are found murdered there. What exactly is going on? Why is Frank Wyatt working there and what are his intentions? Can John Purkiss keep himself alive long enough to learn the truth of the Tundra?

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