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Tim Tigner, a bestselling American author, was born in Toledo, OH in The United States. He grew up in Midwest, studied and graduated with a BA in philosophy and mathematics from the Hanover College. Tim Tiger then joined the US Army special forces where he worked with the Green Berets as a Soviet Counterintelligence officer. He then left the military searching for an MBA in international studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton. Besides this, Tim Tigner worked as a financial analyst and foreign exchange trader. Tim Tigner began his interest in thriller writing in the year 1996. Till date, his passion for creative and thrilling write-ups grows. When free, Tim liked climbing the peaks of Mount Olympus, hand gliding in the cliffs of Rio de Janeiro and ballooning in Belgium. He also learned ski diving in Slovenia. Other occupations Tim Tiger sought after leaving the military to include running the Serengeti with a warrior, acted in Portugal, taught negotiations in Germany and Holland, chaired the healthcare conference. So to say, Tim Tiger is a jack of all trades.

Justifying this, he studied radiology in England, psychology in France, philosophy in Greece, enjoyed ballet in Bolshoi, the symphony in Vienna and the opera in Lake Como. He also does marathon, yogi and a triathlete. Tim Tigner writes fast-paced conspiracy thrillers. He draws his imaginations from the vast experience gained from many careers he was involved with, primarily in the military and interactions with many people in various countries he visited or worked. Some of the bestselling Tim Tigers books include Betrayal, Flash, Coercion and the Kyle Achilles book series with multiple installments.


The Flash is a standalone thriller novel by Tim Tigner. The book features two main characters, Troy and Emmy surrounded by mythically unexplainable occurrences. Troy is a former military surgeon based in Afghanistan while Emmy lived in the streets of Los Angeles. The scene begins where the two, though strangers, wake covered by blood, with a dead or rather murdered cop. Beside them was a smoking gun, showing signs of recent use. Both complain of raging headaches. Besides, they have no idea where they are. According to Troy, he thinks he is still in Afghanistan as a combat surgeon fighting terrorists thinking it is 2001. On the other hand, Emmy thinks she is grifting along the streets of Los Angeles in the year 2002.

Bonded by this shared mystery, the two seek to find out where they are and the circumstances that brought them there. First things first, they discover that they are lost in years. Both are brought to the understanding that they have lost six years of their lives. With such a long period, they sought to discover who they really are. On the other hand, the Cayman police are more than convinced that the two are behind the murder of their colleague. They, therefore, have to escape from the police so as to answer the pending questions. Along the search, a secret memory loss drug known as 456 is introduced. It is believed that this drug causes serious amnesia. Corrupt politicians and attorneys are believed to be using this drug to keep interested parties out of their cognitive memory. Could this be the drug that deleted the memory of Emmy and Troy?

The Flash is written to elicit the real crime thriller actions. Written in a bold and cynical tone, this novel will certainly keep you on toes all through. From the start, you will be seeking to find out if Troy and Emmy are archenemies or coconspirators. Other questions including how the memory loss occurred, why were they caught up in the cop death mess among others will certainly be revealed slowly in the write-up. All in all, one certain thing is that they will spend quite a lifetime in prison if caught by police.


Coercion is the other non-stop page thriller by Tim Tiger’s book that proves his witty and undisputable writing experience. It highlights the plight of the human life in reality, especially men in uniforms. Tim Tiger could relate this considering his previous experience as a Green Beret associate during the cold war. To begin, imagine being forced to do something despicable! Or being asked to betray your family to save your child, commit treason or undercut your employ. Simple phone call kicks off the action. Coercion features various powerful and ill-missioned individuals fighting for personal gains. Mikhail Gorbachev, the hero of the west, is wanted dead by various wealthy persons. This is because the Soviet Union wants their powers back, grabbed by Gorbachev.The mastermind behind this mission is Vasily Karpov, a KGB general. Karpov intends to build an economic empire by sabotaging the US developments and intellect. How he intends to do this is factually thrilling, imaginative and chilling.

Actually, this is what makes the novel outstanding. The mastermind, Karpov, intends to assassinate Gorbachev and frame this to an American ex-CIA agent. After, using the available resources and great wealth, he becomes Russia’s new leader. However, the hero of this write-up is Alex Ferris, a former CIA agent currently a private investigator. The framed ex-CIA agent after Gorbachev’s assassination is Alex’s twin brother. Alex receives a call that his brother needs help. However, he travels late and finds him dead. Police try to convince him that his brother’s death is a suicidal mission, but Alex is skeptical.He decides to dig up and find answers. Racing from San Francisco to Siberia, he encounters several ambushes, assassins, poison pills and exposure to death as he sought for answers. Alex catches the eye of a woman, Anna Zaitseva, a doctor also seeking for answers after his brother’s death in the hands of Karpov.

Like other Tim Tiger’s thriller novels, the coercion does not disappoint. Get ready for an overly exciting escapade within your thoughts as you read the book. It is certainly a good read with well-developed characters and a sheer thoughtful plot. With this said, the former Green Beret and counterintelligence officer nailed it when it comes to thriller novels. Based on his personal experience, Tim Tiger narrates what many people think actually, does not happen.

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    Love love your books. Thank you never stop writing. Looking forward to your next book very anxiously.

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    Mr Tigner, I enjoy your books a great deal. I’ll be blunt and not waste your time. I’ve been a police officer for 25 years working in child abuse and domestic violence. I’m now a psychologist and would love an opportunity to discuss a book with you. I’m sure you get requests like this all the time. However, I’m very serious and I was hoping I peaked your Curiosity enough to write back. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sylvia

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    I am thrilled to have discovered your books. They keep me thinking and wondering and completely engaged. Keep writing terrific stories. I am indeed a fan.


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