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Publication Order of Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Books

Margaret Mizushima is a published American author.

She is known for being the writer behind the popular and internationally published, as well as award winning, Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series. She is fairly active within the writing community and has been part of several writing groups over the years. She has belonged to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America and has been president of the writing group at one time. Rock Mountain Fiction Writers also elected her the 2019 Writer of the Year. In addition to this, she belongs to the Sisters in Crime, Northern Colorado Writers group, and Women Writing the West group.

Margaret is married. She recently moved along with her husband from Colorado to live in the Pacific Northwest. She was born in Kansas but grew up with her family in Texas and Colorado on cattle ranches. She says that she spent the summers of her childhood horseback riding to herd cows or hanging out in the bottom of a tree reading a book, usually from the library.

When she was in high school, the author says that she volunteered to work with a child that was suffering from cerebral palsy. She would follow the lessons that were set up by the school speech and language therapist. She ended up developing what she describes as an ‘intense interest’ in the intelligent boy who could not talk due to his motor schools. This inspired her to pursue her degree in speech pathology. She received this from Colorado State University after she was done with her undergraduate degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

Margaret would eventually marry her husband, who worked as a veterinarian. The two share two daughters together. She also worked in an acute care hospital as a speech therapist before the author established her very own rehabilitation agency. She eventually sold the company. Once that was done, Margaret made the decision to put her focus onto studying the craft and the art of writing fiction, something that she says opened a wondrous world to her.

Previous to this, she had been driven by looking into and focusing on the science behind speech, language, and communication disorders. Now she had gone into something completely different and was able to now put her focus onto expressing creativity artistically with language. She was also able to use the many years of experience that she had working with people to help her to come up with characters that readers could enjoy. Margaret has said that she reads a lot of crime fiction and watches a lot of crime documentaries, so writing mystery stories seemed like a good way to go.

She credits her husband with helping her to develop her idea for the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series. She says that the premise for Killing Trail, the debut novel in the series, first grew out of a conversation that her spouse had with a client. She does, however, state that the primary characters in the book such as Deputy Mattie Cobb, Robo, and Cole Walker, DVM, were straight from her own imagination, and that she hopes that readers will enjoy the adventures that they go on as much as she does.

Mizushima resides with her husband and their three dogs. She has helped him with the vet clinic that they share while finding time to write as well. She also has helped him manage their Angus cattle herd. She has had her fiction win contest awards, and has appeared in Crossing Colfax, the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers anthology from 2014 with her short story “Hay Hook”. She loves reading as well as doing yoga and hiking. She loves hearing from readers and encourages them to contact her and reach out through her email on her home author page.

Margaret Mizushima is the creator and the author of the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series of novels. The series debuted in 2015 with the release of the first novel, titled Killing Trail. It was followed by the second novel, Stalking Ground. From there came out the 2017 third novel, which was called Hunting Hour. Then the fourth novel was released, titled Burning Ridge. The fifth novel came out in 2019 and is titled Tracking Game, while the sixth novel was titled Hanging Falls. The seventh book in the series is called Striking Range, while the eighth novel is called Standing Dead.

Killing Trail is the first novel in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series by Margaret Mizushima. If you have been looking for an interesting new mystery story to read, check this one out!

Main character Officer Mattie Cobb lives in Colorado and works cases with the help of her K-9 police dog named Robo. The two have yet another case cut out for them when a new victim is found in the mountains just outside Timber Creek. In this instance, it’s a young girl who has died. Mattie has been a resident of the area for quite some time and, having been assigned to the case, is determined to get to the bottom of this case.

The poor girl being found dead has sent waves through this small town in Colorado. Mattie is trying to find the person responsible before another victim is claimed. Helping her is single father and local vet Cole Walker. But the more that she looks into things, the more she begins to realize her hometown has more secrets than she knew.

It turns out that the key to solving this case might be Cole’s daughter, who may know more than she is currently divulging. Mattie’s got to get to the bottom of this along with Robo so they are not next! Can they find the culprit? Read this book to find out!

Stalking Ground is the second novel in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series by Margaret Mizushima. If you liked the first book, check this one out too!

Mattie Cobb and Robo are back again with another case. This time, Chief Deputy Ken Brody’s sweetheart has somehow vanished, gone from the mountainous area outside Timber Creek. However, it’s the middle of October and a snowstorm is coming in. They try to do what they can, but they’re too late. They find her body and the storm breaks, with lots of snow coming down.

The Chief Deputy hikes to get the forensic team, and Cole Walker goes to get supplies to help protect them all from the storm. Mattie is alone with her trusty K-9 friend Robo as they look after the gravesite overnight. As the investigation goes on, all four of them discover that they may be more in the killer’s scope than expected.

Can they solve a case and save future lives? Read this book to find out!

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  1. Sandra Martinez: 4 months ago

    I started reading the first book in the series when our local library promoted a February event called Date with a book. They wrap them and you choose a book to read. Fell in love with it and have read 8 books in the series. It’s written about Colorado my home state. I hope she continues to write more in the series. The characters and suspense are great. Hooray for Margaret Mizushima awesome writer.


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