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The flip side of reality cuts across social backgrounds, and transcends cultural and geographical borders. As such, even strong willed people might also be susceptible to the harsh realities. However, bibliophiles can tone down the effects of the day-to-day problems, thanks to the “therapeutic” effect of the series of book titled Timeless series. A form of escapism, this series is not only entertaining but also allows the readers to fantasize.

For starters, Timeless series is the title of a literary series written by an American woman of letters named E. L. Todd. Majority of the books penned by Todd have featured in the bestselling listings of renowned publications. Meet E. L. Todd. Todd was born in New York; however, she grew up in California, wherein the climate was favorable. Did you know that she is vulnerable to extremely cold weather? In the context of undergraduate studies, E. L. Todd schooled at California State University. Furthermore, she has pursued postgraduate studies since.

E. L. Todd has other occupations too. For instance, she serves as an educator in a high school. She is an editor too. There is a considerable number of authors who inspired Todd. Among these authors, who are exclusively female and American nationals, include Georgia Cates, Alyssa Rose Ivy, M. Leighton, Charlotte Abel, and Kristina Renee. The number of books authored by Todd exceeds a hundred. Basically, Todd’s niche is exclusively literary fiction, contemporary romance, and fantasy.

Section on Books
The Timeless series is one of the two most renowned series of books penned by novelist E. L. Todd. Incidentally, the other one is titled Forever and Always series. The Timeless series is neither comprehensive nor extensive like the rest. Generally, there are seven primary works of the Timeless series; there is also a teaser of the first book contained therein. Did you know that the books in the Timeless series are named after the days of the week, ranging from Monday to Sunday?

To begin with, the first book in the Timeless series has five editions. The first edition of the first book (and the most highly rated out of a total of eight works) in that series was originally published in early 2006, titled Monday; and the series of books is shelved under the romance genre, especially the contemporary romance sub-genre.

Another early book that E. L. Todd published in the Timeless series is titled Tuesday. By the way, this is the second book in that series. It is named after Tuesday, which is the second day of the week; there are three editions of the book titled Tuesday. Nevertheless, the first edition of the said book was initially published in mid-2016. Frankie and Hawke are the featured protagonists in the Timeless series.

Meet protagonists Frankie and Hawke. On the one hand, protagonist Frankie is an independent woman, just like the other heroines created by E. L. Todd. She is audacious, confident, determined, contemplative, and considerate. However, she has plumbed the depths of problems. She is an orphan; she was orphaned during her formative years. Her mother died of cancer while her father killed himself. She sponsored herself to college and her free time is spent baking. She and her roommate are employed at a coffee shop. She is looking forward to owning a bakery.

Hawke, who is a tatooed and flingy hero, is a protective Alpha male. Hawke’s father is very abusive while his mother is reluctant to leave the abusive marriage. Hawke is troubled by the prospect of becoming like his father who sees violence as the gateway out of relationship problems; so he simply walks out of his relationship with Frankie.

In the first book in the Timeless series, Monday, Frankie has been seeking solace in Hawke since her parents passed away. Their first date prompts them to believe that their relationship is promising. But Frankie is sad when Hawke friend-zones her and starts avoiding her. They chance upon each other at a thanksgiving ceremony wherein they rekindle their love.

In the second book in the Timeless series, Tuesday, Frankie and Hawke have gone separate ways. Frankie had a hard time trying to forget him but she has finally recovered her balance, two years later. She has also opened her own bakery shop. But when they meet each other by chance two years later, she tries to pretend that he neither broke her heart nor matters to her life.

The Timeless series: Best Books
The following are the best three books in the Timeless series written by E. L. Todd. The first one is titled Monday. The second one is called Tuesday. The third one is named Monday: Teaser. The latter book precedes the first one in the series. Initially published in early 2016, this book revolves around the circumstances under which hero Hawke and heroine Frankie met. Frankie gives scant credence to destiny and fate, and the concept of a soul mate is alien to her too. However, she experienced something the very first time they saw each other. She is disgruntled when she realizes that Hawke is ignoring her and she resolves to go on a charm offensive.

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The third one is called Grayton series and is penned by Jill Sanders. The featured protagonists in this quintet are Cassey and Luke, Shelly and Marcus, Cole and Wendy, and Roman and Marissa. Cassey is a proprietor while Luke is a property developer. Shelly is a prospective boutique owner while Marcus is a sexy but cumbersome contractor working for her. Outwardly, Wendy loathes Cole but cannot help fantasizing about him. Marissa is Roman’s adopted sister. The respective protagonists are in romantic affairs.

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