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Tudor Rose (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose of No Man's Land (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Red Rose (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose Between Two Thorns (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Timepiece” is a series of historical fiction novels by Anne Perry, a popular English author best known for the writing of the “William Monk” and “Thomas Pitt” series. The first novel of the series was “Tudor Rose” that was first published in 2011. Anne was born the daughter of Dr Henry Rainsford Hulme of Blackheath, London, and was named Juliet Marion Hulme. A sickly child, she spent much of her time in South Africa and the Caribbean, where her parents believed the warm weather would help with her tuberculosis. In 1954, she teamed up with her friend Pauline Parker to kill the friend’s mother. She was convicted and served five years in prison and changed her name to Anne Perry after coming from prison. Perry was the name of her step father, which she believed would help put her past behind her. She made her debut with “The Carter Street Hangman” in 1979 when she first used the name Anne Perry. Her novels may generally been considered detective fiction and historical murder mysteries. The lead character of the “Timepiece” series of novels is Rosie who appears in all the novels. This is similar to her other characters that feature the likes of William Monk the private investigator and Thomas Pitt of the Thomas Pitt novels. Anne Perry has more than 50 novels and several short story collections. Her series include “Thomas Pitt”, “William Monk”, “The World War I”, and “The Christmas Stories”.

After she was released from prison in 1959, she worked as a flight attendant before she moved to the United States. She found her spirituality when she became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She moved back home to Scotland and lived with her mother in the small Scottish town of Portmahomack, before she published her first novel about a decade later. She first thought of writing the novels of the “Timepiece” series when she heard of how many of the people in her village did not have the same passion for reading that she had. Anne thought that by writing a novel series that transported people to a fantastic place, they would enjoy the experiences, dreams, laughter, adventure and companionship that she had found in books. Moreover, she felt distressed and angry to learn that there were people in her community that felt unable to express themselves, not good enough, alone, and shut out from their community. By writing about history she was writing so that everybody could get a chance to get back to their roots. It is through history that persons can relive the lives of the heroes of the past including the selflessness and courage that they can possess and use to better their lives. As such, through the novels of the “Timepiece” series and its lead character Rosie, the persons that feel lonely and left out can find and reinvent themselves.

The lead character of the “Timepiece” series of novels is Rose, a very intelligent fifteen year old girl. However, what is bizarre is that with all her intelligence she cannot seem to be able to read. She wants to read but she just cannot. In a school full of bullies she hides her intelligence and fakes stupidity so that she can be part of the clique of stupid students that make fun of all the intelligent kids in school. Her life becomes very interesting when she finds an old mysterious watch that happens to be a time travel piece. She goes back in time to Elizabethan and World War era among several other eras. Her adventures in these era brings her before all manner of interesting characters from historical nurses to spies making for quite some great and exciting adventures. Rosie loves all the excitement and the chase despite some of it being some of the most trying and challenging periods in her life. The novels come with all the great elements we have come to associate with Anne Perry. Full of history, and a great premise and a witty lead character coupled with time travel, and the adventures of a dyslexic girl make for some interesting twists on historical happenings.

“Tudor Rose” is the first novel of the “Timepiece” series of novels by Anne Perry. Rosie loves to make friends with the girls that everyone else in her school is terrified of. She is an intelligent girl that will not give any answers in class as she knows that will make her unpopular among her friends. Nonetheless, she does find some of the reading in class impossible to read despite her intelligence. They are learning about the Spanish Armada and Elizabeth I in school, and she is quite enjoying herself when something strange happens. On her way home she goes into a shop and notices an old timepiece that piques her interest, though she does not have the money to buy it. She gets home to find the shopkeeper had given the watch to her. Sleeping with her new watch she finds herself gone back in time in an Elizabethan court and pursued by a spy. The experience makes her grow and once she comes back home, she no longer is interested with stupid things like belonging to a clique, but rather wants to make herself better.

“Rose of No Man’s Land” is the second exciting novel of the “Timepiece” series of novels featuring Rosie the dyslexic girl. Being a teenage girl with severe dyslexia she suffers her shame in silence having run out of tears and persons to talk to. She cannot read but after a series of strange coincidences finds an old watch to keep her distracted. The timepiece belongs to a nurse from World War I and it takes her back to the War Era. She is on the Belgian streets in 1915 and works as a nurse with the Red Cross, which gives her floor seats on the horrors of World War I. She meets Edith Cavell a nurse that made her name as one of the most beloved of nurses during the war and makes friends with her. It is a great novel with realistic descriptions of historical happenings and real details of historical persons, making for an interesting take on history.

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