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The Detective in the Dooryard (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Got Warrants? (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dawn in the Dooryard (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Timothy A. Cotton is an author and a Bangor Police Department detective lieutenant and head of the criminal investigations division. He made his name as an author with the publishing of “The Detective in the Dooryard” his debut novel in 2020.

His writing has won several awards and some have been published in several prestigious publications. Some of the websites and magazines where he has been published include the “Bangor Daily News” and

“Blauer,” the uniform company, hosts several popular podcasts that Cotton usually appears on. He currently makes his home in Bangor, Maine.

A police officer is the last person one would expect to become an author. Timothy A. Cotton got started in his writing career when his superiors put him in charge of providing information to the public. This meant he would be responsible for all the social media pages and handles for the Bangor Maine Police Department.

He set out to make the Facebook Page a contemporary homage to the many papers he grew up reading in the 1970s. What made them very popular was that he usually told of ordinary police work with a mildly sarcastic commentary.

Using hyperbole and more depth, the features became so popular that he started writing three pieces every week. In his debut novel “The Detective in the Dooryard,” he included several of what he deemed the most fun stories.

Timothy A. Cotton never planned to write a novel even though several publishers had contacted him when the features became very popular. Over several years, he had several offers but they just could not agree on a topic. He wanted to write essays or short stories but the publishers did not believe they could sell.
Most of them wanted him to write a longer fiction work that would be either a novel or a novella. It was not until he was contacted by an editor of a large publishing house in New York that he began taking the offers seriously. But nothing came of it as she stopped responding and he believes she could have been fired for suggesting such a ridiculous idea to her superiors.

Things finally started moving when Down East Publishing’s Michael Steere called him several times. He said that he was interested in his work and felt that he could do something with some new stories, old posts and anything else he had into a book.

They met for coffee at Bagel Central and agreed on the format for a book. After compiling and editing the work for several months they finally published “Detective in the Dooryard” in 2020. He has not shown any signs of slowing down soon.

“The Detective in the Dooryard” by Timothy A. Cotton is narrated by an author that has been a police officer for more than three decades. He is a man that was always fascinated by the experiences of the people he met over the years.

He started out as a patrol officer, graduated to homicide detective and then polygraph examiner. Cotton would later rise through the ranks to head the criminal investigation division as a lieutenant. All of this provides an interesting backdrop to the many stories he writes about the settings and people of Maine.

“The Detective in the Yard” has big events, sad stories and sometimes very mundane one all told in sarcastic tones from a lifelong Maine rand seasoned police officer. These are stories that would leave its readers chuckling while some will definitely make the eyes of one water.

Overall, these are stories that will leave one with a profound sense of positivity and hope.

“Got Warrants?” By Timothy Cotton is another fine collection of hilarious stories filed with sarcastic humor that follows on from “The Detective in the Yard.” Timothy began writing some of the stories in this novel when he was in charge of publicity for the Bangor Maine Police Department.

It was here that he used to write the “Got Warrants feature.” The novel is a funny take on the many reports that his department used to receive on a daily basis. The collection of stories that he published on the Bangor Police Departments under the title “Got Warrants?” makes for a good chuckle.

Cotton writes with a regular dose of levity as he pulls from police reports that make for an interesting spin on standard police work and practice. There are several classic warrants from his Facebook features and several others that were never published.

He pokes fun at human nature and turns boring reports into hilarious silliness as he reminds his readers never to take things too seriously.

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