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Publication Order of Boy Meets Boy Books

Never Been Kissed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
You're a Mean One, Matthew Prince (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Adult (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The (Fake) Dating Game (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Timothy Janovsky

The American author Timothy Janovsky is well regarded for his fun and engaging romantic-comedies that have delighted readers the world over. Writing in a compelling manner, he has captured the attention of audiences worldwide, with his work appealing both nationally and internationally. Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he has managed to create a style that is very much his and his alone. Pushing the boundaries of the rom-com as a genre too, he has a lot to say, taking it in new and interesting directions.

Letting his work speak for itself essentially, Janovsky is also known for his inclusion of LGBTQIA+ themes and ideas. All of this has allowed him to speak his mind with his own distinctive voice and outlook, gaining him a lot of interest the world over. Writing in a compelling manner as well, he keeps readers glued and turning the page, constantly waiting for what comes next. This is something he does exceptionally well when it comes to crafting an entertaining story as well, with plenty of wit along the way.

Another aspect of Janovsky’s writing is his adeptness in creating strong characters, really speaking to readers on a personal level. Many of them feel wholly real, making them all the more engaging, as they’re easy to relate to being fully rounded characters. Down-to-earth and easy to follow, his books are ideal for picking up, yet they’re that much difficult to put down at the same time. With lots more to follow still, he isn’t finishing up any time soon either, as he has a lot more set for release on the horizon yet.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from New Jersey in the United States, Timothy Janovsky would grow up with a natural inclination towards storytelling and writing. This passion of his would develop over time, allowing him to become the well-regarded novelist that he currently is today. Nurturing his talent, he would hone and refine his voice, drawing much of his inspiration from the world around him.

Receiving a Bachelor’s of the Arts degree from Muhlenberg College, which he gained in both theater and dance. Living in Italy for a year, he would also study theater there as well, immersing himself in the craft of Physical Theater at the Commedia dell’Arte. Currently still writing to this very day, he continues to put out work on a regular and consistent basis with more to come.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2022, Timothy Janovsky would release the novel ‘Never Been Kissed,’ and this would be the first in the ‘Boy Meets Boy’ series. He’d later follow it up with ‘You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince’ later the same year, as it would mark the second title in the series. Providing another romantic-comedy they would follow on from each other thematically in terms of their LGTQIA+ friendly context.

Both books would prove to be hugely successful within the first year of Janovsky’s literary career, introducing him to the reading public at large. He’s also published short-stories and is represented by the O’Connor Literary agency, which is based in New York. Maintaining a profile and brand both offline as well as on, he continues growing audience worldwide day-by-day.

Never Been Kissed

The first book in the ‘Boy Meets Boy’ series of novels, this would initially arrive on the 3rd of May in 2022 to much acclaim. With the series featuring a collection of stand-alone romance novels they can be read in no particular order, as they follow on from each other thematically. Released through the ‘Sourcebooks Casablanca’ outlet, it’s a romantic-comedy with a fun and engaging romance at the heart of it.

Never having been kissed, Wren Roland looks to the past and all the loves her almost had, as he sends out emails on the evening before his birthday. Next morning he’s feeling that he might regret, but that’s when one of his past crushes turns up to intern at the drive-in theater he works in. Knowing there’s more to Derick Haverford than just his good looks, Wren feels himself drawn ever closer to the kiss they once shared. Will they finally share that kiss, can they find their way to becoming an item, and what happens given that Wren’s never been kissed?

This novel is a fun and positive story about two people finding each other, as they put the past behind them. Its easy to read with an upbeat pace to it, making it extremely easy to get swept up in, reading it in almost no time at all. There’s plenty of light-hearted and insightful moments making it an absolute pleasure to read the whole way through.

You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince

Originally brought out through the ‘Sourcebooks Casablanca’ publishing imprint, this would arrive in 2022 on the 4th of October. As a festive holiday romantic-comedy with an upbeat LGBTQ friendly narrative it works extremely well for those looking for a quick, casual read. It’s easy to pick up, yet addictive to read, with its fun engaging tone, working as a completely stand-alone title.

Barely noticed by his parents, Matthew Prince feels like he has everything regardless, given the press are constantly obsessed with him and his rich lifestyle. That’s when a basic PR mishap occurs and he’s sent abroad to live with his grandparents in a quiet small-town in the middle of nowhere. Looking to gain the favor of his parents and head home, he takes part in the winter festivities there, and that’s when he gains the eye of Hector Martinez. Will the two of them be able to overcome their differences, can Matthew find some holiday cheer, and what will happen as he’s initially told ‘you’re a mean one, Matthew Prince?’

This rom-com has such a positive and entertaining pace to it, with the book simply flying by in absolutely no time at all. The reader will enjoy it the whole way as the relationship between Matthew and Hector unfolds before them. With strong characters and a well-told story, it really does work on every level, making it an excellent example of the genre.

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