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Cooper's Promise (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Vision of Angels (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Courier (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire on the Island (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Timothy Jay Smith is an American author of literature & fiction, gay & lesbian and mystery and thrillers books. He was raised in a small green trailer behind the family car traveling across America. It’s through his childhood adventures that he developed a wanderlust that has seen him travel across the world. Through his adventures across the globe, Timothy has met all caricatures of people from arms dealers, mercenaries, polish cops, Greek fishers to wannabe terrorists and child prostitutes.

The Fourth Courier

In his novel, The Fourth Courier, Timothy Jay Smith introduces us to FBI agent James Jay who’s been sent to Warsaw to investigate why bodies keep piling up on the river bank with each body having a knob of a sixth finger.

The time is 1992, and the Soviet Union has recently crumpled. The main concern that the United States and their allies after this implode is, how secure is the stock of nuclear material the Soviets created during the Cold War? The need to embrace capitalism in the Soviet, now known as Russia, has merged the economy into the hands of the few strong people. In other words, the country has become a mafia state where everything is up for sale. What a better way to make some quick cash than to smuggle the nuclear material to someone power thirsty to use it to gain his way to power?

The person thirsty for power turns to be no other than General Drako Mladic, the man who’s also the head of the Yugoslavia Secret Services who dreams of the immense power that the nuclear weapons could bring him. Drako has contact with a Russian Scientist named Dr. Sergej Ustinov, who has created a nuclear bomb. He also has a connection with Basia Husarska, the Director of Organized Crime and believes that Poland would be the perfect spot for him to exchange whatever he wants. He just needs to get Husarska and Ustinov together.

Husarska is a classic maneater aka femme fatale. She knows that the perfect time to score big is when the country is still struggling to discover its new identity. She is determined to do whatever it takes to escape Poland as long as she can leave with enough money to start a new life in another country. Time isn’t on her side, and her desperation will see her take riskier chances that could either land her in prison or worse leave her dead and if lucky escape away to an island. General Mladic is a conflicted and complicated man who wishes to be with men but despises his desires. But the CIA agent, Kurt Crawford has the perfect recipe for handling Mladic. He is black, gay, dangerous, and well built like the ancient Greek gods. He is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that Mladic doesn’t acquire what he wants.

The Fourth Courier is a classic tale of double-crosses inside double-crosses characterized by plenty of murders. There are plenty of dead couriers with hacked faces, as diabolic schemes start to unravel. Crawford and Porter may be a step ahead of the game, but with each discovery, the board immediately flips. Are they going to lose one of the last main moves of the brutal cold war? Will the ambitious and greed man jeopardize their plans putting the entire world in jeopardy?

Timothy Smith carefully captures the dark atmosphere of the uncertainty of Poland in the crisis of the 1990s. Unique possibilities, opportunities, and the dreams of a bright future are finally opening up for the first time in decades. The author’s depiction of his amoral cast of characters are fully crafted and fleshed out, characters who force other people to change their principles if they have hopes of stopping them.

A Vision of Angels

This is a novel that could easily have become preachy or derailed as the theme covered is one that’s aired daily on the national televisions- the crisis and conflicts that exist between Palestine and Israel. Timothy Smith deals with this volatile subject with a caring and unbiased pen. Many authors would quickly become biased and take sides when covering such sensitive subjects, but Timothy, in this case, conveys in his writing a feeling of familiarity, truth, and understanding.

Unlike other books out there, A Vision of Angels features not one lead character but several, and the story is narrated through multiple points of views which are all equally represented. There is no single hint as to whether Timothy is sided in his beliefs. Through the eyes of the main characters, the reader can understand the history of the region of conflict between Israel and Palestine, what happened and why the crisis still exists. The narration is written in such a way that the reader can empathize with the characters and see through the character’s eyes how complicated and futile life there really is. But for some reader, it may be hard to sympathize with the characters; after all; this is a story about the concept of war. While the characters here are dynamic and complex, they promise to incite either general disdain or empathy emotions.

The story moves at a fast pace; it’s suspenseful, desperate, tragic, and desolate. The crisis at times is lethally confronting, something that everyone needs in the modern day to make us become aware of what’s happening beyond our comfort zone. Unlike what we often see in the media, A Vision of Angels gives the reader a rudimentary human perspective, which we, in most cases, fail to recognize. Overall, it’s a story that gives us a glimpse of how unending conflict between countries can make people lose track of their surroundings and the main reason they’re at war. It also depicts how continuing conflict tears families and at the same time, how it unites them. If you enjoy reading contemporary fiction and international political fiction that gives a better understanding of how all these works, in regards to the characters and the conflicts, its recommended you read the novel.

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