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Publication Order of Kebab Kitchen Mystery Books

Hummus and Homicide (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stabbed in the Baklava (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Feta in the Grave (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Lamb (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistletoe, Moussaka, and Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Midnight Hour(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Mountains(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Sea(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Air(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tina Kashian was born and raised in New Jersey Shore, a place where she was actively involved in boogie building, building sand castles and also riding the board walker ferries-wheel. Tina Kashian also had an early introduction to the restaurant business, considering the fact that her Armenian parents owned one of the famous restaurants in New Jersey shore for more than 35 years. After completing her high school education, Tina Kashian worked all type of odd jobs including wiping tables and waitressing. Once Tina Kashian completed her college education, she served as a patent attorney, Deputy Attorney General in New Jersey and even as a mechanical engineer. Tina Kashian’s love for reading fiction assisted her in getting through her high school and college education. The numerous law cases that Tina Kashian handled inspired various inquiring minds of crime and ever since then, Tina Kashian began to get addicted to mysteries.

Tina Kashian is popularly known for the Kebab Mystery series, with the Hummus and Homicide being the most popular book in the series.

Tina Kashian Best Books
Hummus and Homicide
Hummus and Homicide is the first installment in the Kebab-Kitchen Mystery series. In Hummus and Homicide, author Tina Kashian introduces the readers to Lucy Berberian. Lucy Berberian is prompted by rivalry to quit her job and ultimately returns to Ocean Crests, her multicultural home. Before quitting her job, Lucy is involved in a heated argument with one Heather Banks, a former high school mean-girl, who now works as the town’s health inspector. When Lucy was getting ready to leave the town, Heather Banks is poisoned after eating at one of the newest restaurants in Hummus, Kebab Kitchen. Lucy ultimately becomes the main suspect in the murder investigations and in the process; the restaurant loses most of its loyal customers and in the process putting her parent’s retirement plans on hold.

Author Tina Kashian draws on her very own experience in Jersey Shore and in the process can deliver a highly entertaining cozy mystery. The mystery itself is filled with a nostalgic walk on the boardwalk. Tina Kashian molds her protagonist, Lucy into a flawed yet loveable character. Despite the fact that Lucy Berberian is a trained lawyer, she is not an experience sleuth, and in the process leading to several highly predictable hijinks as Lucy steps on a few toes along the way. Nonetheless, author Tina Kashian excels with her assorted cast of characters, and in the process celebrating the exceptional heritage of immigrants, who were not only involved in building America, but also made some extremely delicious food.

Stabbed in the Baklava
Stabbed in the Baklava is the second installment in the Kebab -Kitchen Mystery series by author Tina Kashian. After a rather unsatisfying stint with a leading Philadelphia law firm, Lucy Berberian decided to take over her family’s restaurant. For Lucy, it is extremely great to be back at the extremely old beach town, despite the fact that from time to time, she has to turn into a sleuth. The book Stabbed in the Baklava begins as Lucy is contracted to host a wedding. According to Lucy, the wedding is going to be a walk in the park and also a great source of income for the hotel. Furthermore, the wedding was also going to raise the hotel’s profile. However, things do not go as expected, when the best man turns up dead, a few days before the wedding. Furthermore, Azad Lucy’s extremely handsome, ex-boyfriend, who happens to be the head chef of the restaurant becomes the main suspect in the investigation.

As expected, Lucy Berberian does not care what the cops think. Despite the fact that Azad may look like a killer, he does not have what it takes to take one’s life. Thus, Lucy Berberian begins her investigation to find out who the killer is. Lucy has to prove that Azad is not the killer, right before he goes for the lamb. With that said, Stabbed in the Baklava is a highly entertaining cozy mystery series, which has Tina Kashian’s signature writing style and use of words all over the book. All the characters that Tina Kashian has created are three dimensional and very realistic as well. Despite the fact that Lucy is kind and hardworking, there are moments when she can become very stubborn. Lucy is also quite relentless and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

One Feta in the Grave/Dead as a Dolma
One Feta in the Grave is the third book in the Kebab-Kitchen mystery series by author Tina Kashian. One Feta in the Grave begins, as Lucy is extremely busy, running, her family’s restaurant, the Kebab Kitchen. Lucy is busy ensuring that everything is ready for the upcoming summer beach festival, which will be held in Ocean-Crest, New Jersey. As the day goes by, more and more tourists arrive mainly to surf, enjoy the sun and prepare psychologically for the upcoming festivities that the small town of Ocean Crest has to offer. However, when the body of one of the leading business owners is found beneath the boardwalk, the summer festivities risk being canceled. Lucy Berberian knows that the summer festivals will be a great opportunity for the local businesses and the town people, in general, considering the fact that it will put the town on the map.

Thus, Lucy is more than determined to ensure that the event does not flop or let the local enterprises go under. As expected, Lucy will not wait for the local police to complete the investigation and thus, she dives deep into the case, trying to unfold the mysteries that surround the killing of the local businessman. With that said, One Feta in the Grave/Dead as a Dolma is a highly entertaining novel and a great addition to the Kebab Kitchen mystery series. Author Tina Kashian has done an excellent job of developing the characters that she had introduced in the first two books. The other characters who were introduced in One Feta in the Grave were also quite realistic and quite entertaining as well. With that said, Kebab-Kitchen mystery series is highly recommended for any mystery lover out there.

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