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One Step Too Far (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Serpentine Affair aka When We Were Friends (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Honeymoon (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home Truths (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hope Close (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tina Seskis
Tina Seskis is an English author of thriller, mystery, contemporary novels best known for her debut novel One Step Too Far. The book has been published in close to twenty languages and is among the best-selling books of all time. She spent her childhood in Hampshire before relocating to Bath City and later to London, where she has lived ever since with her family.

One Step Too Far
One Step Too Far is the story of Emily, a young woman who seems to be on a lucky streak. Emily is married to a loving man named Ben, and the two are parents to an adorable young man. To make things better, Emily is pregnant again. The family is set to grow bigger soon. This perfect life takes an exciting twist when Emily walks away from her marriage, and all she has known. To show that she is not coming back, Emily leaves her wedding ring behind. Emily moves into a rundown flat and lives with a handful of roommates who look like they are yet to figure out what they want with their lives. So, what would make a woman who looks like she has everything going on for her leave like this? Could this impulsive decision have anything to do with her twin sister?

Caroline is Emily’s twin sister. Unlike Emily, she had always been a problem. She makes enemies wherever she goes, and that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. This is a story of self-discovery. Emily has a secret that she will no share with anyone as well as talents that she never thought she had. While Emily’s secret came with devastating effects on some of the characters, Emily is on a mission to find herself again. After bottling in her traumas for the longest time, she decides to handle them once and for all.

Emily changes her name to Cat and starts her new life away from her family. She gets a job and begins to discover new things about herself. Unfortunately, Cat also picks a drug and shoplifting habit that will later come with dire consequences. Her flat mate Angel is equally messed up, and these two partners in crime are going to be in a lot of trouble at some point.

This story is mostly told from Cat’s point of view. There are other chapters where the reader gets to hear Cat’s story from her father, mother, sister, Ben, and her flat mate Angel. The different points of view give the tale a rounded perspective. Caroline’s perspective springs the reader a different version of the story. The woman who has pissed off so many people in her life finally gets to tell her truth. In the end, you will understand where she is coming from and possibly think that the world is too harsh to her. Caroline also helps bring out some of the vulnerable people she has encountered in her life journey, which goes to show that underneath her crusty exterior, she is a sympathetic person.

One Step Too Far is a solid story of family and tragedy. The book shows just how fragile connections are and the many things that can go wrong at any time. Get to meet Emily and her sister Caroline and see how life pushes these two to take unorthodox measures. The book also touches on other members of the family. The narration is just right, and the unforced twists and turns will keep you glued till you get to the last page.
Home Truths
Home Truths is the story of Eleanor, an American nanny who meets the love of her life in the most unexpected way. Eleanor goes to report a stalker in the London police station. At the station, Eleanor meets Alex Moffat. Alex is on duty when distressed. Eleanor gets to the station, and he immediately falls in love with her. Alex wants nothing but to protect Eleanor from her stalker or any other danger that may befall her.

As Eleanor and Alex are settling in their new romance, Christie and Paul have a couple of issues. Christie has already proven that Paul is a decent guy, but she has been so hurt in the past. She has also heard that one should never trust their husbands. A work trip threatens to come between this formidable duo, but the two solve their differences.

Ten years later, the two couples are still together. However, resentments and doubts are coming to the surface. All parties are beginning to think that they made a mistake. So, what is the link between these two couples? Well, this is something you will have to keep on guessing to the end. This is a three-part story that starts on a happy note. The first section sets the pace for the story. The second part is the longest and shows how the couples go through life and its challenges. It also shows how they try to overcome issues that threaten to tear them apart. The third and final part contains the revelations. Though the revelations are shocking, the book ends well.

This is a suspense-filled story that spans over twenty years. The book comes in four chapters, with each of the four characters talking about their ups and downs in relationships. The two couples paint a clear picture of what happens in marriage. At first, two people in love only see the best in each other. Soon enough, their weaknesses start to show, and this is where they begin to question whether they made the right choices.

If you are looking for a story that revolves around marriage and relationships, Home Truths is ideal. The narrative is quite intriguing, and the suspense is on another level. All the characters are easy to identify with, and you will be rooting for them to work out their issues. Just like other couples, the four characters in this story lie and go to extra lengths to conceal the truth. However, they have deep feelings for each other and have all the potential to live happily ever after.

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