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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Shooting Butterflies (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tears of the Cheetah (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Child Of Africa (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nature Of The Lion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cry of the Firebird (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Song of the Starlings (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Avoidable Orphan (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tina M. Clark or T.M. Clark is a renowned Zimbabwean-born Australian author famous for writing thriller, contemporary, and children’s fiction novels. She has written several successful standalone books in her career, including Child of Africa, My Brother But One, Nature of the Lion, Shooting Butterflies, Cry of the Firebird, etc. Tina is also known to have written a short story collection called Christmas Assortment Box in collaboration with authors such as Tabitha Robbins, Mel Teshco, Robyn Grady, and Sara Hantz. She was born as Tina Marie Clark on August 1, 1969, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She completed her initial schooling from a boarding school in her hometown in Bulawayo. Later, Tina completed her senior school graduation from South Africa. She has said about her years in the senior school hostel as similar to her home.

Author Tina started writing fiction after she moved to the United Kingdom. Since then, she has successfully published multiple novels and is still doing great in her area of interest. Currently, Tina resides on an island located near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In her novels, she often combines her interest and passion for different cultures, wildlife, and storytelling with her liking for the wilder locations. For her debut book, Tina was nominated for the 2014 Queensland People’s Choice Award for Literature. In addition to writing novels, Tina runs the Brisbane based CYA Conference that helps the aspiring writers complete their journey towards getting published with ease. During the time Tina lived in Zimbabwe, she had developed an interest in riding horses. She would also explore the ranch owned by her family and spend time with her two pet dogs that would protect her all the time.

As she moved on to senior school in Africa, Tina became involved in sports activities. She played all kinds of sports except swimming as she did not like it. While growing up, she used to be reluctant towards reading even though she used to read numerous stories at a fast pace. Tina had the habit of making mistakes in spelling and often blamed her teachers for her it. When she started to lose confidence thinking that she would never be able to spell words correctly, her English/computer teacher named Mr. Hinchliff motivated her by saying that computers can help her get rid of the bad spellings. Tina is hopeful that readers will take away acceptance and a feeling of hope from her books. She doesn’t believe in the idea of a small family comprising of a couple and their two kids and wants her fans to fall in love and explore it.

Tina also wants readers to visit South Africa and feel the rhythm of the country in their hearts as they go through her books. The authors who have influenced Tina in getting along with her writing interests include Jean M, Auel, Robin Hobb, Tony Park, Wilbur Smith, Katherine Scholes, Beverley Harper, Bryce Courtney, and Frank Coates. She is grateful for the love showered on her novels by the readers and hopes that they continue to do so for all her future books as well. Tina also expresses her gratitude to all those fellow writers and critics who have liked her work and have praised them on various literary platforms. As of now, she is involved in the development of her latest novel and is expected to release it in the coming months.

A popular book written by author Tina M. Clark is entitled ‘My Brother-But-One’. It was released by the Mira publication in 2013. This book features the central characters in the roles of Zol Ndhlovu, Scott Decker, Ashley Twine, Rodney, and several others. The book opens by depicting that Scott and Zol are co-owners of a private game ranch based in Zimbabwe. Their strong bond of friendship was born in South Africa and their brotherhood was way above the color barrier and generation gap. Ashley Twine is introduced as a woman in her thirties. She is a confident business lady and a dynamic achiever. Due to a gender mix-up, Ashley secures a position on the Hwange National Park’s volunteer program. She uses this chance to think about where her life is headed and rework her situation. Scott Decker behaves like a chauvinist, being in charge of the operation, and declares that Ashley is not suitable for the job. Ashley Twine goes on to witness the devastation caused by poachers and holds Scott responsible for it.

Scott finds himself in a dilemma and is unable to choose between his sanity and Ashley’s safety. He tries to persuade her to move out of Africa to stay out of danger, but she doesn’t listen to him. Later, Ashely gets caught in an ambush and taken into captivity by an old enemy of Zol named Rodney. Zol and psychopathic Rodney were engaged in the war several years ago and have since kept their enmity. Due to the change in the situation, the worlds of Zol, Ashley, and Scott get threatened, circumstances take control of their lives and start changing and shaping them forever.

Another mind-blowing book penned by Tina is known as ‘Tears of the Cheetah’. It was also published by Mira in 2015. Tina has mentioned the primary characters in this novel in the form of Mackenzie and Cole. Initially, it is depicted that Mackenzie had come to South Africa to escape her past life’s trauma and find a new future for herself. She doesn’t intend to fall in love and tries to keep herself away from it. But, when Mackenzie comes across Cole, she is unable to control her feelings for the strong-minded man. Cole runs a cheetah game reserve just outside the town. Cole also seems to have developed feelings for Mackenzie and doesn’t keep it a secret from her. But, he does not want to rush Mackenzie into loving him. So, he has made up his mind to wait for the right time.

Neither Cole nor Mackenzie seems to have any idea about the terrifying events that they are about to face. Mackenzie is saved by Cole from a deadly attack, after which a maelstrom of violence is sent into motion. Mackenzie & Cole come to know that someone the population of cheetahs in Africa is getting decimated by someone. And as the poaching threat arrives at their door, they make up their minds to fight back and save the life of the animals that they love. While doing so, they come close enough to accept each other’s love and promise to live the rest of their lives together.

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    I am having a really difficult time finding these books in South Africa. I spent the last 25 years in New Zealand and had no problem getting them there. Is there someone here in SA where I am able to get
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    I really do love Tina’s style of writing and also read 6 of the author’s that she was inspired by. Please continue with your beautiful work, which makes my world a better place.

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