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“Titan” is a series of romance novels by young adult fiction, young adult romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and young adult fantasy fiction author Jennifer L Armentrout. Jennifer is an International and New York Times bestselling author from Charles Town Virginia. She first thought of becoming an author while she was attending an algebra class, which perhaps explains why she was so terrible at math. She published her first novel “Daimon.” the first of the “Covenant” series in 2011 and has never looked back since. Jenifer Armentrout’s first novel of the “Titan” series was “The Return” that she published in 2015. Jennifer has since published the “Lux,” “Dark Elements,” “Arum,” “Frigid,” “Wicked Trilogy,” “de Vincent,” “Origin” and “Harbinger” series in addition to several single standing novels. She has won and been nominated for several awards over the years and her “Wicked Trilogy” has been optioned and is set to be made into a movie. She is the owner of the “Origin Event” and “Apollycon” which are annual events being together authors from Adult, New Adult and Young Adult fiction for parties panels and more. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found lounging with her husband, watching bad zombie movies or reading.

As with her other novels, the “Titan” series combines all the features of the best of Armentrout’s series that include plenty of swoon, great story, witty banter, and engaging characters. The lead characters of the series are Seth and Josie that were introduced in the “Covenant” series. Seth has always radiated power and confidence though he never believed that he deserved love or happiness. But despite his confidence, he also shows a vulnerable side to him and struggles in his newfound relationship with Josie, his doomed future and past. However, it seems that he wants to change but only for Josie as he is the same infuriating Apollyon Jackass he has always been with other people. On the other hand, Josie is a spunky and determined woman who is so good that she is unwilling to hurt anyone including the really evil people. However, she is a confident woman who can handle anything thrown at her though she had an unshakeable and undeniable belief in Seth. She loves him and is his number one fan which may just be the thing he needs to save himself from an evil soul. Despite knowing everything about him she has hope that he is going to change. While they could not be any more different with Seth a strong confident, uncaring and arrogant jackass while she is an emotionally tough, and loving person they manage to make it work. Together they bring on the wit, sarcasm, banter and sexy times that makes for some great story. They need each other and are good together and in this Seth finds his salvation while Josie finds someone she can lean on.

“The Return,” the debut novel of the “Titan” series opens to the Fates laughing their asses off. It has been more than a year since Seth pledged his life to the gods in a deal he had to make. So far most of the jobs that have been assigned to him have been bloody and violent though he does not mind. Now that he has proven himself loyal, Apollo has come up with another assignment for him. He has to protect someone without touching them yet he has always had issues with restraint. This is sure to be Seth’s biggest challenge yet. Josie who he is supposed to protect thinks Seth is hot but has no idea what he is all about but she knows that his arrival portends trouble. She had started a new life after she left home but this man is just about to turn her content life into one Olympic sized blender. Either she is in the middle of a nightmare in which some ancient myth is coming true or she is going insane. But it might also be the strong attraction between the mysterious and golden-eyed Seth that might be the end of her. History is about to repeat itself.

The second novel of the “Titan” series is a testament to the fact that strife comes along with any great change. The battleground of the novel is Covenant University, where the half-bloods are fighting to control their destiny, while the purebloods insist that the Breed Order has to be reinstated. It looks like war between the races is inevitable and it could happen at the worst time. Their biggest enemy Hyperion is down but not out and Seth and Josie know it is only a matter of time before he is back. To prepare for the tough times ahead, they need to beat the Titans in locating the other demigods and Josie needs to get up to speed and learn how to control her new supernatural powers. But in the pantheon of the gods is a bigger threat than the warlike Titans. Apollyon is out of control and he may be the enemy inside who weakens them. Meanwhile, Seth is drawn deeper into Josie’s Aether and when love mixes with lust the result is power that may be dangerous not only for Josie but to everyone they come into contact with. He wants to cut it off but his selfish nature just will not allow him. But when chaos finally catches up with them and familiar faces from the past make a comeback, their bond which had been strained becomes even more so. When the danger from the Titan returns with a vengeance, Seth is drawn to the allure of power and even Josie might not be able to bring him back from the abyss this time.

“The Struggle,” the third novel of the “Titan” series continues from where the first novel left off. The war against the Titans is on and there is no going back from the bloody path taken. The Titans have one goal – to cause chaos in the world. However, Seth has a leg up on everyone given that in his possession is something all the gods fear. Now the power resides in one who was not freed from the tombs and he could not have been more dangerous. A great war is coming and everyone fears that the power that Seth has may make him the ultimate determinant of the future of this world. Only Josie still has faith in him and believes that he is still on their side and she may just be the last chance at redemption he has. But destiny can change people and the only way the world will be saved is by all the people banding together. However, it will take more than faith and trust as the situation calls for strength and love so strong to overcome a lot of obstacles. Still, life will never be the same again for Seth and Josie and the gods too as what everyone feared might just happen despite their best efforts.

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