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Publication Order of Titan Books

The “Titan” trilogy began in 2014 with the release of “Habit” in the year 2014; this novel was also his first commercially published work. Before that, he had self published his novels, and had done quite well at it. It is written by author T. J. Brearton and is made up of novels, including one (which is called “Black Soul”) that serves as a coda to the series. “Black Soul” is a novel that can be read by itself, although it does make some references to other things from the trilogy. This series is from the crime, detective, thriller, and mystery genres of fiction.

Brearton knew that he was going to write more books, right when he signed with a publisher for the first book. Despite the story being resolved, the door was cracked for him to tell more of the story. Brearton felt like he wanted to get back into Brendan’s mind and see what was going on with him after the events of “Habit”.

“Habit” is the first novel in the “Titan Trilogy” and was released in the year 2014. Brendan Healy (who is a young rookie detective) has just been given his first murder case to work on. A young woman living in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere calls 911 because someone broke into her house, before she is killed.

Brendan Healy is able to find some suspects in the case, but the victim’s brother starts shooting at the police. This makes the police want to shut the case down. But Healy goes on with his own investigation. He finds that there is a human trafficking ring going on that government officials use themselves.

Brendan Healy is on the trail of a possible killer, that has a child hostage. The case is still open and the killer has to be brought to justice.

Fans of the novel found that this was a great mystery, with a character that you will like. Brearton is able to keep the pace going quick, but there is still enough character development. Some felt that their attention was grabbed right off the bat and it was held all the way through the novel. Fans felt that they could not wait to read more books in this series. Some felt that they were not rushing through, already knowing who the killer was, and that they feel everything that Brendan feels. The whole thing makes you feel like you are investigating too.

“Survivors” is the second novel in the “Titan Trilogy” and was released in the year 2014. The case of Rebecca Heilshorn has gotten the attention of the Justice Department. An agent, who is named Jennifer Aiken, is going after the XList, which is the escort service that was implicated in the murder of Rebecca.

Healy learns that one of his old friends has wound up dead; he comes out of hiding to find the killer. The death was not an accident, but it was linked to same thing that Jennifer is looking into (the XList).

Jennifer gets close to identifying who the leader of XList when she is abducted. Jennifer is tortured and interrogated by some ruthless people, and she can only hope that Brendan is going to be able to get to her in time.

Fans of the novel like the way that the author is so vivid in his writing that he makes it so that you can picture the locations in his books. Book two of this trilogy is as good as the first one. This author writes a lot of page turners that force the reader to stay up until early hours of the morning. There are some great twists and turns to the story that make this a great read. Some enjoyed the way that this author writes, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. These characters feel like real people that you are reading about; which makes the whole entire journey feel like something that could actually happen. Once again, this author delivers another winning novel.

“Daybreak” is the third novel in the “Titan Trilogy” and was released in the year 2015. Just months after she was abducted, Special Prosecutor Jennifer Aiken is about to work on a sting for the FBI. It involves going after Nonsystem (which is a hacker group). She has Brendan Healy’s help.

He has been fighting to survive while in Rikers Island, while he waits for his murder trial to start. He killed a man (named Alexander Heilshorn) that is the leader of Titan (which is a multinational organization). Once he gets out, he tries to find Rebecca’s daughter, Leah Heilshorn.

Jennifer has to get through the difficult underworld so that she can get into Nonsystem and figure out what Titan really is and what kind of relationship it has to the country.

Fans of the novel find that this book finishes off the trilogy nicely. Here is a book that is thrilling, fast paced that will keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat throughout. The author is able to articulate his thoughts very well. The events described in the book seem real and plausible enough that they could actually be happening in America today. This author yet again wrote yet another winner. Some wish that there was more from this series, finding that three books about this character is not quite enough.

“Black Soul” is the fourth novel in the “Titan Trilogy” and was released in the year 2015. A father fears that his seventeen year old daughter has been taken by some human traffickers. Investigators William Chase (who is really Brendan Healy) and Hanna Beckett are the only ones who can find her. They have worked with anti-trafficking groups for the last couple years.

Hanna wants to do things by the book, but William just wants to go at the bad guys with full force. They get into trouble, while working on a job, and they have to go to Honduras.

Rotan, Honduras is a favorite place for tourists to go. That being said, there are still muggings, sex trafficking, and killings in this place. The traffickers rule the streets because they have bought off the corrupt cops.

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