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Publication Order of Titan Books

Titan is a collection of novels from Cristin Harber that combines the military genre with romance. The books have garnered Crispin quite a few accolades.

+The Story

The Titan series follows the exploits of the Titan group. Titan is a security firm that takes contracts to carry out difficult jobs around the world. The Titan Group is the best in the business. They use top of the line technology to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Titan pretty much does everything. It doesn’t matter whether you need a hostage negotiator, a paramilitary operative or even a law enforcement agent. The privately owned company boasts the skills and experience to deliver a successful result.

The strength of the Titan Group lies in his personnel, a collection of men and women that have survived brutal training to become unparalleled operatives capable of contending with all manner of enemies.

The series kicks off by introducing Colby Winters, an elite member of the Titan Group. Colby is hired to recover a critical document. His attempts at accomplishing his mission take a complicated turn when a Military Psychologist by the names of Mia Kensington comes into the picture.

Mia has a mission of her own and she doesn’t appreciate Colby’s intrusive presence. But he won’t leave her alone. And it isn’t long before the walls between them come down and they are forced to give into the passion brewing between them.

This tone is more or less replicated throughout the rest of the Titan series. Colby comes off as overly confident and cold-hearted. Mia is so consumed by her own objectives that she is too dismissive of Colby.

As the violent nature of their situation forces them to depend on each other, Mia and Colby probe one another’s lives. They realize that there is more than meets the eye behind each of their unpleasant attitudes. Love and sex are not too far off.

The subsequent books in the Titan series essentially introduce new versions of Mia and Colby. Each new story from Cristin Harber gives readers a new member of the Titan group, typically an alpha male with astounding physical abilities and a penchant for getting into trouble.

It is in the process of carrying out their various missions for the Titan Group that each of the heroes of the Titan series meets the heroine. Cristin’s heroines are designed to counter the tropes.

While they are initially introduced as damsels in distress, the Titan Group operatives they encounter quickly realize that the women they are saving are actually far more capable than they realize.

And it doesn’t take the heroes long to learn that they have to tangle with the heroines and bring them to heel before they can save the day by accomplishing their mission. And in typical romance genre fashion, it is these very men who end up coming to heel, quickly finding that they have been cowed and humbled by their respective heroines.

Cristin Harber’s Titan series doesn’t do anything especially new. The books she writes are a perfect blend of military fiction and romance. Her stories revolve around high stakes missions to save the world.

There are plenty of flying bullets and explosions. Crispin has admitted that she has an undying love for action movies. And she was inspired to pursue the Titan series partly because of her devotion to characters like Jason Bourne and John McLane.

However, Crispin is also an unabashed fan of romance. Love stories are all she ever reads, and there is a powerful infusion of love in the Titan series. Her alpha males are written to be strong, sexy, unyielding men.

Crispin’s heroines are amazing women that boast both brains and beauty. They hold the key to igniting the passion in the heroes. But when push comes to shove and the bullets start flying, these women will take up arms and fight alongside their men.

The Titan series has plenty of fans, though there are a few detractors. The books do not always make sense. Some of the actions Crispin’s characters take do not make sense, primarily because they are designed to put the heroes and heroines in situations where they can interact and fall in love.

For instance, in ‘Winter’s Heat’, the first book in the series, when Colby Winters is escaping from a deadly cartel with Mia Kensington, he decides to hide out at his home with the orphaned baby girl he adopted instead of going to the supposedly impenetrable Titan Group compound.

This decision is just one among many that have been known to leave readers scratching their heads. But most of Crispin Harber’s fans are more than happy to overlook such issues so long as the story they reading delivers the right amount of action, adventure, and sex.

+Westin’s Chase

Jared Westin is the best in the business. His company, the Titan Group, has no rival because Jared runs a tight ship. There is no mission his people cannot complete.

Jared Westin thought he was the toughest operative on the block. Then he met ATF Agent Lilly Chase, a woman that is as tough as she is sexy. Seeing a female counterpart to him, Jared was immediately drawn to the undercover agent.

When Lilly loses her job for helping Titan, she goes on a mission to Afghanistan with Jared’s rival. Things go wrong and Lilly is left to die on a mountainside.

Despite their history, Jared makes it his mission to save her. But that puts him on a collision course with his nemesis. If that wasn’t bad enough, Lilly fights Jared every step of the way, determined to make it on her own. Jared must decide if he’s willing to risk everything to save her.

+Savage Secrets

Caterina Cruz has revenge on her mind. Nothing else matters. She will do anything, torture anyone to get what she wants. And she is more than happy to walk alongside her new husband, a Titan Group operative, to sate her desires.

Rocco Savage only recently became the second-in-command at the Titan Group, and he doesn’t want anyone knowing that a drug has compromised him with distracting hallucinations.

Rocco was already off his game. Now he has a wife with secrets to worry about. The pair must maneuver an elaborative ruse even as they attempt to control the passion boiling between them.

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