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Publication Order of Titus Crow Books

The Burrowers Beneath (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Transition of Titus Crow (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Clock of Dreams (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spawn of the Winds (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Moons of Borea (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elysia (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Titus Crow Collections

The Compleat Crow (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brian Lumley is an English author of fiction. He was born near Newcastle in County Durham in the United Kingdom on December 2, 1937. He is known for writing novels in the fiction genre of science fiction. He was given the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 2010.

He served as a military policeman for 2 years, serving in such Cold War hotspots such as Berlin and Cyprus. He became a Sergeant-Major before deciding to retire to Devon in order to be able to write full-time. It paid off and Brian Lumley first saw his work published in 1970 with the release of the first book in his Vampire series, Necroscope. The series has since been translated into at least ten languages and have sold over a million copies.

Brian Lumley is the author of the Titus Crow series. The series started off with the release of the first book in the series in 1974, The Burrowers Beneath. The second book came out shortly after and was titled The Transition of Titus Crow. There were soon more novels to follow with the third book, The Clock of Dreams, and ending with the sixth novel in the series, Elysia.

The Titus Crow series of fiction are classic adventure horror novels. Brian Lumley’s characters are at times brave and noble and other times malevolent and unpredictable. His novels are full of lush descriptions of exotic locations as well as other planes of existence. The main character Titus Crow along with his companion and record keeper work to fight the darkness and evil wherever it pops up.

They have to deal with a considerable amount of obstacles along the way. Their menaces are the Elder Gods that sprang from the science fiction writings of famous author H.P. Lovecraft. Now Cthulu and his horde of minions are dead set on doing everything that they can to take over the Earth or if they can’t take it over, then destroy it for good.

While you may not think that a few weak human beings could not stand up to the evil gods, Titus Crow is not your average person. He is someone that is willing to take on the monsters and push them back into the darkness back to where they came from in the first place. These classic works of fiction all make up the popular Titus Crow series by celebrated author Brian Lumley.

The Burrowers Beneath is the debut novel in Brian Lumley’s Crow series. Could human beings have been the first smart ones to make themselves the true masters of the planet? Or were there other intelligent life forms that existed here before? That is the eternal question that has been facing mankind for some time now, and it is a mystery that has never truly been able to be solved in any cohesive way.

This novel asks what happened before human beings came out of the primeval jungles of old and parted the ferns to start a new life and a new niche in the food chain. Before this, could not have other beings have come to dominated the planet? Maybe the human race just came around at the right time after the time period where other beings dominated it and used it for what they wanted, being able to send messages from the stars safely from their lush green seat and a new home planet– Earth?

It’s anyone’s guess in this exciting and thought-provoking novel from Brian Lumley. Lumley now follows in the footsteps by such classic science fiction authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and more. Human beings may be the first intelligent organic beings to walk the planet Earth in such a royal and hierarchical fashion, or they may be second or even further down on the list of species to hold the throne on the life-giving blue and green marble planet.

Could human beings be the first people ever to emerge in the leader role above all other animals? Or will some men accidentally wake up the landlords that first occupied the Earth long before humans had even evolved? Some animals hibernate, but only until they are hungry– or woken up by trespassers into their dens.

This first book in the Titus Crow series will have you turning the pages to see what happens next in this science fiction horror extravaganza. If you want to be on the edge of your seat too, then go ahead and pick up The Burrowers Beneath to get a taste of what true classic science fiction writing can be like, courtesy of Brian Lumley!

The Transition of Titus Crow is the second novel in the Titus Crow series by the talented author Brian Lumley. This novel was dedicated to Howard Philips Lovecraft, whom Lumley describes as the ‘greatest macabre author’ ever. He also dedicates the novel to the concept of Cthulu and its now-famous mythos. He also wrote an episode on the television show The Hunger and appeared as himself in an H.P. Lovecraft documentary movie.

This second novel is as out there and inventive as the first novel and takes up with the character of Titus once more in the middle of a zany adventure. This time he is fleeing from deadly Hounds of Tindalos. He is almost completely wrecked when his Clock crashes, but then he is able to be recreated again from cells that have survived. Since his memories were all stored up in the clock for decades as a cyborg, he is essentially himself now.

He is a cyborg now, but as a result, he has powers that enable him to deal with the monsters even better than before. The robot who made him a cyborg and recreated him through that robots were creations of organic beings long ago.

Titus Crow is an adventurous man that spends a lot of money on commodities. The rest he stores safely in the bank. He also owns several objects related to the Cthulu Mythos. This includes the time-space machine The Clock which is shaped like a coffin and was owned by Randolph Carter and de Marigny’s father. What will happen in this exciting science fiction sequel by Brian Lumley? Pick up this second book in the series to find out!

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