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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Cherokee Rose (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Flyer (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Ties That Bind (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House on Diamond Hill (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tales from the Haunted South (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dawn of Detroit (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
All That She Carried (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Girls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tiya Miles is a published American author of fiction and non-fiction novels. If you are looking for a new author to read and enjoy, check her works out and see what you think.

The author hails from the state of Ohio, a place described as at ‘the heart of it all’. She also spends some time during the summer in Montana, which is her husband’s native state.

Born in Cincinnati, that is where Tiya grew up. Most of her family still lives there. She currently resides in the Bay State, living on a street lined with trees along with her husband, their twin daughters, and their young son. When her daughters were young, she read feminist mysteries. She loves old houses, eating chocolate-chip ice cream, and shades of violet.

Tiya attended Harvard University and graduated with her A.B. in African-American studies in 1992. She then attended Emory University, graduating in 1995 with her M.A. in Women’s Studies. She attended University of Minnesota in 2000 graduating with her degree in American Studies.

At the time, she was writing a dissertation thanks to support from the Ford Foundation and the Dartmouth College Thurgood Marshall Dissertation Fellowship. She had a residence at Dartmouth and while there, she co-organized the first-ever national conference on African-American and Native American relations.

Tia also taught ethnic studies at the University of California Berkely, eventually moving on to the University of Michigan in 2002. She taught there for sixteen years as a professor focusing on American culture, history, Afro-American and African studies, Native American studies, and women’s studies. She has served as a chair of the Department of Afro-American and African studies. She also served as a director of Native American studies. She is also a history professor at Harvard University.

Her first novel came out in 2005 and is titled Ties That Bind. It was very well received and won four awards from various associations. This included the Frederick Jackson Turner Prize.

Her research interests involve looking into the histories of American women, Native American and African American history, lives, and literature, in addition to public history, and public and environmental humanities. She has been concerned about climate change and environmental issues since Hurrican Katrina, so she developed ECO Girls, a self-esteem building project for girls that focuses on awareness of the environment.

She also received a Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship, using it to go to Montana State University and working on and eventually completing two of her books.

She has also had different personal essays published on topics such as race, identity and feminism, and academic articles having to deal with women’s history and black and Native experience. She received the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 2011.

Miles has also appeared on National Public Radio to discuss research and talk about various topics. She has written commentary for publications such as CNN in America, the Huffington Post, and more. Tiya Miles was picked to be part of the Power 100 by Ebony Magazine in 2011. She has lectured in many public and university venues, some of which can be seen on YouTube.

Miles says that part of her work has involved finding different stories from history. She was able to write several non-fiction books based off of this, but it was not until she sat down to write a fiction book that she was able to combine her research with her imagination.

Tiya enjoys reading good books, letting her children play outside, going to old houses and spending time there, walking on forest trails, and drinking hot chocolate. She also loves trees and wishes she could speak French. She hopes to go to the Caribbean one day.

Ties That Bind is a non-fiction book written by Tiya Miles. This tells the tale of an American family. In here, the author recounts the lives of a famous Cherokee warrior and farmer named Shoe Boots as well as Doll. Doll was an African slave that he owned and acquired sometime during the eighteenth century (1790’s).

For three decades, the two lived together as partners too. Together they experienced many moments in American history. They even went on to have descendants who then had children of their own.

This is the tale of their lives together. Culled from various sources, this book gives the reader a bit of an insight into the Shoe Boots family. Doll’s life is cobbled together from various records, such as her purchase, marriage, and her children’s loss, as well as her petitioning the government in order to get her pension for being a widow.

This book gives readers a great picture of the complex life of various people in the nineteenth century’s first half. It is unique and probably not like any other book you have read before. Full of historical details that make it compelling, interesting, and factually accurate, this is a great book that you may want to read twice. Check it out and see what you think!

The Cherokee Rose is a fictional book written by Tiya Miles. This work explores America’s past slaveholding done by Southern Creeks and Cherokees and how it plays out in the three young women who come to the Georgia plantation where scenes of cruelty and compassion have been played out. The book is based on historical sources about the Chief Vann House Historic Site in Chatsworth, Georgia.

The characters in this book are Jinx, a historian that is researching the racial history of her tribe. There is also Ruth, a woman whose mother dealt with her troubled marriage by going into the garden and building a cosmetic empire from its bounty.

There’s also Cheyenne, a southern black debutante trying to connect with her personal history. There’s also the spirit of Mary Ann Batis, a young woman that was thought to have burned a mission to the ground (and disappeared from tribal records). Follow along with these women and see what they discover about themselves and a Cherokee plantation. Check out this book and see what you think about it!

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