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Publication Order of DCI Claire Winters Books

For All Our Sins (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Principle of Evil (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trial by Execution (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil’s Letters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Pretty Little Things (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Tania Walsh began writing in 2008 after becoming a victim to the economic slump earlier that year. Her first self-published novels (DCI Claire Winters Seiries) received great enthusiasm from scores of fans and successfully sold numerous copies. HQ – HarperCollins picked up Tania’s subsequent editions in 2015. In 2011, Tania won the Wannabe a Writer Blurb contest supported by Writing Magazine. Tania has also produced digital artwork on a DVD-ROM for FXPosé section in ImagineFX magazine’s 2007 edition, which was published worldwide. Tania is married with one child, a daughter; the family lives in Hertfordshire.

In this review, we shall talk about Tania’s notable published novels

For All Our Sins #1 DCI Claire Winters

Evil reigned in the world of DCI Claire Winters years ago. Now, a perverted killer is on the loose, seething with an urge to kill once more fuelled by revenge. When a priest goes missing and later found brutally murdered, DCI Claire Winters suspects that the victim’s death was long-drawn-out, agonizing and utterly cruel. The killer proves to be a wise ass and leaves no prints and no clues behind. But Claire Winters shows sheer determination to eliminate dangerous murdered roaming about on earth. Looking for answers, she goes digging from the victim’s family. It’s not okay, something’s odd, almost sinister. The number of dead bodies’ increases and Claire is running out of time, as she must solve all the murders reported. With so many secrets and weird surroundings, Claire needs to do something before the assassin strikes again.

DCI Claire Winters wonders what she’s up against. It’s a game of catching me if you can, and the killer understands that he’s on the list of hunted criminals. The piling bodies, too many secrets, and the mystery goes on … Will Claire eventually catch the callous murderer roaming about in her town? More people disappear, as DCI Winters digs into the cases, she uncovers hidden secrets. “For All Our Sins” proves a fantastic kick-off to a riveting new crime series featuring a tough and charming feminine protagonist DCI Claire Winters. The plot is great, with likable, entertaining characters. Overall, it is a brilliant new series.

The Principle Of Evil # 2 DCI Claire Winters

As the second edition featuring DCI Claire Winters, this novel also makes a great single version. The story line provides independent details save for a few mentions and events from the first For All Our Sins. However, to keep up with the overall plot, it’s important that you read the first book. DCI Winters discovers the body of a prostitute in a frozen lake. A wealthy solicitor goes missing and later found dead. Two separate scenarios with little connections to one another, yet, the style of execution seems vivid as Claire tries to find new clues to the recent murders. Claire and her squad realize they are hunting for a shrewd killer who proves to be quite elusive and dangerously skilled. The twisted murderer is intelligent and highly organized as he leaves clean murder scenes. The community response to the murdered prostitute, when compared to the wealthy solicitor, is a reasonable illustration of society’s perception on how we value human life. Naturally, we see more time and consideration accorded to people of a higher social standing in the precedence given to the slain solicitor.

As the killer continues to slay more victims, the book grows tense as DCI Claire struggles to patch up little clues to the faceless murderer. Claire Winters works tirelessly and focuses on one mission, to catch the elusive maniac. As Vulnerabilities lie hidden inside, dreadful nights of terror nightmares keep her from sleeping peacefully, but she is audacious enough to keep going. She has a supportive investigating team that keeps her motivated on the dodgy and dreadful days. When DS Crest joins her team, he openly rebukes and acts hostile towards her, but her reliable teammates immediately put him off, and remind him that Claire’s the Boss. To add to the list of her unwarranted mysteries, Claire’s mom has decided to move in with her daughter for a while. Fletcher and DCI Winter may have a thing going between them, but no one has revealed their emotions to the other.

The connection is visible, though not mentioned in the book. Can Claire handle all these pressures combined? One thing is for sure; Claire makes an excellent protagonist. While she often comes across as distant, she shows her vulnerabilities and caring sides as well. Overall, the book is readable, edgy and filled with mystery scenes. The plot flows effortlessly, with concise writing and the storyline keeps you engaged until the end.

Broken Palace

Everyone has secrets. On occasion, the secret becomes a burden or sometimes it is doubtful. Then there are far more secrets that are sinister. Some prefer to save a loved one from existing painful situations while others make wrong choices for selfish, self-seeking gains, and some only find a ‘Broken Palace’ to bury a dark secret. The mystery involving Earl Mason’s death baffled everyone. As detectives worked round the clock to uncover all the clues, and it’s likely to end p as a cold case for Detective Davis. A new female team member has just joined the Haverbridge CID. She is a tough cookie and won’t stop until the criminals in the district end up behind bars. For Jennifer, who unenthusiastically finds herself in the glare of publicity, she must be cautious about whom to trust.

Jennifer discovers Earl Mason’s body at Highgate Lodge. The late Earl worked at a museum owned by Vivienne. Jennifer prefers working alone, without the glare of interested media journalists all over her looking for a story to tell. She discovers that almost everyone has hidden stories, and in this murder case, Earl’s murder as a cover-up to some terrible secret. However, can Jennifer handle the case without looking over her shoulder? She could be next, as the killer wants his secrets to remain hidden. The book is a short story but a terrific prelude to Tania’s previous books. It’s an easy read and subsequently, mentions the main characters used in her other editions. Short and elaborative, with twisting tales of murder, deceit and every mysterious detail you can think of. What an enjoyable read!

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