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A Good Deliverance (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Toby Clements
A British writer of mystery and historical novels, Toby Clements is a highly skilled and world renowned author. Hugely successful for his unique brand and style of writing, he’s carved out his own niche in the industry, creating fun and inventive stories. Often writing with a sense-of-humor too, he’s got plenty of wit in his stories as well, making them both engaging and easy to read. This has brought in scores of readers from around the world, as his books are easy to pick up, with an accessible quality to them.

Many of his novels are historical, or use a knowledge of history to drive the story, and this is something that he definitely excels at. Showing close attention to detail, he really makes sure each of his stories feels authentic and true, making the most of the premise. Immersing the reader, he ensures that they can invest themselves in the storyline, getting a feeling of what it was actually like. Keeping the reader guessing with his mysteries too, he’s a master of tension and suspense, as they continue to turn the page.

Contrasting all of this with strong characters as well, he definitely knows how to bring each of his protagonists to life. Resonating with the readers, the characters are well drawn, really feeling like they’re real, allowing the reader to feel like they know them by the end of each book. Creating a number of series too, he makes sure his readers come back for more, as each release is met with anticipation. With a lot more to come he isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon either, as his writing career goes from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life
Born in the United Kingdom, Toby Clements was always interested in literature, showing a strong interest in writing and reading from early on. This would progress over time, as he would come to develop his own voice and style as an author, creating his own distinct approach to the form. Particularly interested in history, he’d begin to focus on this, feeding his interest back into his work, giving him plenty of inspiration.

Reviewing crime novels as well as writing mysteries, he’s studied the genre extensively, learning to find his own voice in the process. Working for a national newspaper, he’s found a large audience, with a worldwide following of his work growing by the day. Currently living in London he continues to write, with a lot more books to come on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career
In 2000 Toby Clements would publish his first novel titled ‘The Asti Spumante Code,’ which was later followed up with ‘The No. 2 Global Detective’ in 2006. This would be the first in the series chronologically, as ‘Global Detective’ would precede ‘Spumante Code’ in terms of events. Both of these books would be parody mystery novels, focusing on the work of Dan Brown and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ as their target.

Particularly interested in history and the War of the Roses, he would start a series called ‘Winter Pilgrims’ in 2014 with a book of the same name. This would draw on his keen fascination with the era, as it would span across a total of four books, taking in details from the period. Epic in both its scope and scale, it would receive a lot of acclaim from both readers and critics alike, ensuring Clements was very much a writer to watch in the years to follow.

The No. 2 Global Detective
Initially brought out through the ‘Canongate UK’ publishing outlet, this would be the second book in the Parody collection from Clements, although it was to be the first chronologically. Released on the 1st of November in 2006, it would be a funny and witty book, and a definite must for fans of crime-fiction. The second book was released prior in 2000 on the 5th of September through the ‘Little, Brown Book Group’ and it was titled ‘The Anti Spumante Code: A Parody.’
With plenty of targets in the world of crime fiction here, from Wallander to Rebus, it’s a book that knows the genre well. Featuring a variety of detectives that readers familiar to the genre will recognize, it’s a clear-cut parody through and through. It’s also its own mystery, with a straightforward story that’s both easy and fun to follow, with plenty of jokes along the way.

A body has been discovered in the library at Cuff College of Transgression and Pathology in Oxford, leaving the police baffled. This leads Tom Hurst, who’s a junior lecturer based there, to follow a long trail of clues, as he’s taken all the way to Botswana. Meeting a host of brilliant detectives along the way, his journey takes him across the world, as he aims to get to the bottom of the mystery. What is the truth behind the murdered victim? Where will Hurst’s journey take him next? What will become of the No. 2 global detective?

Divided Souls
First published in 2016 on the 30th of June, this would originally come out through ‘Century’ publishing label. Looking at the War of the Roses, this would be the third book in the Kingmaker series of novels, all charting the historical era in great detail. Telling a story they all manage to incorporate an increasingly expansive saga, drawing the reader in for the duration of the series.

Taking place on Lent in 1469, it seems that the wars between the House of Lancaster and the House of York are only just over. Sitting on his throne in Westminster is Yorkist King Edward, while meanwhile the Lancastrian claimants are either locked up in the tower, or in exile. Then there’s discord and upset in the York family, with lies and conceit being hidden behind the facade of their smiles. Will the truth finally come out, and will they be able to hold it together? Is the past going to catch up with them all, as arms are taken up for one of the most savage historical wars? What will happen when they all find themselves as divided souls?

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