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Ever since he was young, Todd Borg has always had two fixations; reading mystery novels and skiing the great mountain ranges that are located in the upper west. The fixation of reading mysteries, gave him enough inspiration and courage to write his very first novel. His second fixation led him together with his wife in the year 1990, to permanently move to Tahoe where they could both ski on actual mountains. As an accomplished author Borg has ma total of 13 mystery novels, which feature the San Francisco ex-homicide inspector, Owen McKenna who practices his investigative trade in Tahoe. Apart from being an accomplished author, many of Todd’s Borg books have received multiple accolades with several outstanding magazine and newspaper reviews. Some of his books have scooped the Best Mystery Award at the Ben Franklin Award and also there are some that have been selected among the mystery of the Year by the library journal.

Tahoe Death fall

While on their sixth birthday disaster strikes when two sisters, Melissa and Jennifer Salazar decide to go hiking with their grandmother. Melissa first gets lost while on the trip. Before they are able to find her, she falls of the rocky slide which is located right above the Emerald bay and dies. Eight years after the occurrence of the incident, fourteen year old Jenifer decides to hire detective Owen Mckenna to look into her sister’s sudden death. Jennifer believes that her sister’s death was not accidental but rather it was a well calculated murder. Once Owen begins the investigation, he discovers another body within the same area that Melissa’s body was found. The body is then take to Owen’s girlfriend who happens to a forensic entomologist. Upon careful examination of the body, Street Casey discovers maggots on the corpse.

Additionally, Owen also uncovers new evidence which eventually takes him to a private island which is located off the coast of Santa Barbra and is owned by a rich man. The owner of the island then directs Owen to an Asylum that is located in the center of Nevada dessert. Despite the fact that the facility is under tight protection, Owen still manages to break into the asylum effortlessly and is able to learn the long buried secret that led to the death of Jennifer’s sister Melisa and other family members. As Owen continues with the investigation he discovers that Jennifer is the next target. Once Owen is able to uncover who the murderer is he decides to return to Lake Tahoe. He heads straight home and takes Great Dane with him to trail the murderer. As an author Borg is not only funny but erudite and has an excellent observation of both art and life.

Additionally, Borg also makes great use of the rugged landscape for the rousing adventure and also brings lots of toys to the action such as planes, boats and cars together with the stunning houses that overlook the beautiful mountain lakes.

Tahoe Blow-Up

After detective Owen successfully escapes being burnt alive in his wooden cabin, the local fire department decides to hire him to look into the issue. With the assistance of his Great Dane dog Sport, together with the search and rescue dog Natasha, Owen is able to discover a body that has been burnt beyond recognition. A few days after the first fire occurred a second fire follows and this time another body is found. Despite the fact that Owen acknowledges the fact that deaths may occur in the event of a fire accident, it becomes evidently clear that the culprit is more than determined to ensure that all his targets do not survive the fire. All in all, before Owen is able to get a breakthrough in the case, the arsonist decides to kidnap Owen’s girlfriend. As time goes by, Owen discovers that he only has a few hours left to ensure that the arsonist does not strike again nor kill his girlfriend.

The characters in this book are all interesting since the author, Borg did an exceptional job in making Owen more than your usual stoic, emotionally stunned man who always gets the man. Instead Owen McKenna is a former policeman became a private investigator and has just come into terms with a specific traumatic experience in his past. He is not only masculine but also sensitive. As a reader you going to enjoy this character because he is very natural. Unlike all the other main characters, Owen comes off as a character who is willing to do what is right at all times. The relationship between Borg and his girlfriend is beautifully portrayed. Just

Like the previous installment, Borg decides to make the girlfriend the anti-thesis. Street is not only smart but also highly invested in her work. The relationship between the two characters is somewhat complicated due to the scars that street has from her early childhood. With that being said this was an excellent read. As a mystery writer, Todd used several elements from fire science to the search and rescue dogs. By using all this elements, Todd was able to develop a finely written story. Todd was able to seed just the right aunt of information for the reader to guess who the true killer is.

Tahoe Ice Grave

Early in the morning on the month of January, a young man by the name Thomas Kahale decides to walk into the icy waters of the local lake and dies a very brutal death. Once the man’s body is discovered, Owen is hired to look into the case. While working on the case, Owen discovers that the man’s family had a secret shrine that was hidden within a cave. Owen decides to travel to the cliffs of Kuaia while working on the case. Upon reaching his destination, Owen is told about a long manuscript that Mark Twain left behind many years ago. The said manuscript is estimated o worth several millions and was rumored to have disappeared during the hurricane. Owen does suspect that there is a possibility that the manuscript was hidden in the cave. As time goes by more and more people die but this time Owen is able to track down the killer who resembles a Viking. Just like all the previous installment, the Tahoe Ice Grave is an excellent read. The author has done an excellent job of maintaining and holding the readers interest throughout the book.

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  1. Tom Meier: 4 weeks ago

    Dear Todd,
    I am now reading my 10th.Owen McKenna mystery, and I want to say how pleased I am with the adventures and entertainment they have given me. I’m a retired teacher and lecturer who has spent my retirement years traveling. I’ve not been to Tahoe except through your stories, so I feel that I have almost traveled there. I always learn some interesting tidbit about an unknown subject, and I look forward to many more adventures and interesting subjects.
    Tom Meier, Cincinnati

  2. Sally Zola: 2 years ago

    Good afternoon today Mr. Borg! I am also in need of getting a copy of the Tahoe Moon. I have been ordering books for a very long time — however Bob Crowell (who I worked with) has passed and now I am lost at not getting any addition books from Tod Borg! Please advise on how I should be trying to get the kindle edition of Tahoe Moon. Thank you very much for your assistance & at some time I would like to meet you personally. Thanks very much – hope all is well!

  3. Karin L.: 2 years ago

    Mr. Borg,
    Thank you for hours of adventure and enjoyment. I always look forward to your next book.
    I’ve learned to read slow to enjoy the the details and savor scenery.
    I only buy my books at the Red Hut when in So. Lake which makes the reading even better.
    Thanks again,

  4. Sally Zola: 2 years ago

    Thank you Todd Borg!


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